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Forum... talk to the Dead

  Story Introduction (from the Manual)

The Pyramid
  Ground Floor
  Never Stop Firing
  Ground Floor: Reprise I
  They May Be Slow...
  ...But They're Hungry (left way)
  ...But They're Hungry (right way)
  Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!
  Ground Floor: Reprise II

The Catacombs
  Wrong Way!
  Welcome, Tasty Primate
  Wrong Way!: Reprise I
  Welcome, Tasty Primate: Reprise
  Wrong Way!: Reprise II
  We Can See In The Dark... Can You?
  Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
  Feel The Power
  A Plague of Demons
  Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares
  The Labyrinth
  Need A Light?

The Pit
  Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate
  Watch Your Step
  Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate: Reprise
  I'd Rather Be Surfing
  Warning: Earthquake Zone

The Hole
  Don't Get Poisoned
  Please Excuse Our Dust
  But Wait!- That's Not All!
  Where Only Fools Dare Tread
  Ok, Who Else Wants Some?
The Way Out
  I'd Rather Be Surfing: Reprise
  Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares: Reprise
  Ground Floor: Reprise III

  Epilogue (from the Official Hint Book)


  Conversations with the Dead
  What's in a Name
  The Pyramid
  The Alien Pipes
  Muller's Mission
  The Cuban Conundrum
  The Easter Egg
  Official Screenshots
  The Number Seven
  Original Level Names
  The Jjaro
  The Demon
  The Dreaming God
  Multiple Endings
  Death Messages
  41 or 42?
  Early plot-lines
  Demo Version A1
  Demo v2.0
  Undocumented Features
  Pathways Into Darkness v1.0
  The Gas Mask
  Dates & Times 
  Heights & Depths
  The Red Velvet Bag
  The Sentinel
  Staff of Malebranche & other Oddities
  Toadkiller Dog
  The Stalker
  The Gold Mystery
  Pathways Into Cheating v1.0 (not v1.0.1)
  Release Dates
  The Cedar Box
  Heights and Depths


  Manual (Original) (PDF version)
  Manual (No passwords)(PDF version)
  Official Hint Book (PDF version)
  Official Hint Book (page images)
  Pathways Hint Book: Raw and Uncensored!
  Demo Version A1 (953K)
  Demo v2.0 "Power Pathways" demo (900K)
  Bungie's old Pathways Into Darkness Tech Support page
  Version 1.0 press release '93
  Version 2.0 press release '94
  PID box '93 (front)
  PID box '93 (back)
  PID box '94 (front)
  PID box '94 (back)
  PID box '94 (bottom bar code) Note the reference to a bundled Hint Book
  PID CD (front cover + CD)
  PID CD (back cover) 
  PID v2.0 Release Notes Stuff that never made it into the manual
  Bungie Order Form from early 1994 Hint Book for $11
  Pathways Registration card comments
  Pathways Into Darkness ad (Inside Mac Games)
  Pathways Into Darkness ad (MacConnection)
  Development comments from the Pathways into Darkness source code  (thanks to Bruce Morrison)
  String resources for Demo vA1 (thank to Hopper)
  String resources for Demo v2.0 (thank to Hopper)
  String resources for PID v2.0 (thank to Hopper)

Developemnt comments from the Pathways into Darkness source code
  AOL Chat with Alex Seropian (Aug 27, 1993)
  IMG's interview with Jason Jones (Oct '93)

Press related
  IMG's Sneak Peak of Pathways Into Darkness (June '93)
  IMG's Review of Pathways Into Darkness (Sept '93)
  IMG's The Making of: Pathways Into Darkness (Dec '93)
  Macworld Hall of Fame Award 1993 by Steven Levy (311K)

Strategy and Hints
  IMG's Hints, Tips, & Tricks: Pathways Into Darkness (Oct '93)
  IMG's Strategy & Tactics: Pathways Into Darkness (Nov '93)
  IMG's Hints, Tips, & Tricks: Pathways Into Darkness (Sept '94)
  Pou Lee's PID Basic Survival Guide
  David Reevely's Pathways into Darkness FAQ Sheet/Walkthrough
  Colin Law's Pathways Guide v1.1
  Russ Taylor's Pathways point totals (with corrections from Ron Hunsinger)

  Alain Roy's Pathways Into Cheating v1.0.1 Save game editor (37K)
  Richard Drysdall's ACE! 1.8.2 Save game editor (643K)
  Micah Anderson's Pathways Into Darkness "Howto" cheat file
  Pou Lee's PID Demo Superdude Saved Game File (7 Aug '93)
  Pou Lee's PID Superdude Saved Game File (16 Aug '93)

Story related
  Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts Description
  Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 1/2)
  Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 2/2)
  Matt Heath's Pathways Into Darkness - Namedroppers
  Dead Scripts Demo vA1   (some interesting bits!)
  Dead Scripts Full Game v1.1  (The original uncensored version)
  Dead Scripts Demo v2.0   (Pretty much the same as the full game v2.0)
  Dead Scripts Full Game v2.0   (Yes, they are slightly different from v1.1)

  Ben Semmler's Torch 0.9.1 (Map editor) 551K
  Loren Petrich's PID map sectors
  Loren Petrich's PID_Docs.sit (51K)
  Loren Petrich's Shapes File Identification List
  Alan Earhart's PID Maps
  topsnark's PID item locations (291K)
  Raul Bonilla's Pathways Into Darkness end animation movie 256x136 (301K .mov format)
  Raul Bonilla's Pathways Into Darkness end animation movie 512x272 (1843K .mov format)
  Speaker-To-Animals' PID 2.0 and PID A1 Demo Shapes Dump
  Hopper's PID images in transparent PNG format
  Hopper's PID Shapes in Aleph One format
  Hopper's PID Maps
  President People's PID Sounds
  Ron Hunsinger's PiD Item Specs

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  Pathways Into Darkness for Mac OS X
  Hopper's Annotated PID Maps
  HB's Pathways Into Darkness Walkthrough
  Niklas Jansson's Marathon and Pathways Into Darkness Artwork
  Loren Pertich's Pathways Into Darkness Page
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