... But They're Hungry     (right way)
The Pyramid, Elevation: 9.0m

General comments:

The other half of this level (see map) is a little more fun than the left way. It has a Dead German, a secret teleporter and more ammo. What could the Dead german have to tell us?

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier (top right of map).

The opening remark of the Dead german is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, it introduces a new name for the Phantasms. Secondly, it uses the phrase "they're everywhere" again, Hans used it as well. As we shall see this will become a commonly repeated phrase in the game. :-)

Items to find:

Seven Walther P4 Magazines (one behind a rock, look carefully)

Points to note:

If you're quick you can trap the Phantasm in the first room.

Note the room near the start with five columns... or is it four? If you found the secret teleporter on They May Be Slow... this is where you come out.

We now have three additional names for Phantasms: Shades, Banshees and Specters. Why four names for the same monster?

The dead German has no Walther P4 Pistol. Could he have lost it on Lock&Load?

Monsters to kill:

Headless, Zombies and a Phantasm (Banshee)

Decisions to make:

You see a ladder going up. Ascending to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!.