Conversations with the Dead title

Anonymous German soldier on ...But They're Hungry (top right of map)

Dead German Soldier on ...But They're Hungry.

First meeting remark

Watch out for the specters, they're

I hate those translucent things. Run from
them, it's all you can do.


I don't have a name. Not anymore.

Names don't matter now.


I was running from a specter when I met
three of those ghastly zombie creatures.
They surrounded me and clubbed me with
their bones.

I much preferred the headless things, which
stopped spitting at you when you shot them.
The only way to stop a zombie is to kill it.

We were all covered with their green goo by
the time we got this far. It smelled

It was really easy to dodge the zombie
bones, if you had space to move around. I
was trapped.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following reply:

Watch out for the specters, they're

Additional Notes

The German will respond to Specters, Phantasms and Banshees but not Shades even though Muller called them Shades.

Although this guy is somewhat talkative he won't respond to the name Muller or any other Dead German's name.

No second meeting remark.