Lock & Load
The Pyramid, Elevation: 2.7m

General comments:

As the name suggests this level is just littered with ammo to pick up. You'll find ten P4 Magazines scattered about the floor (one is loaded in a discarded Walther P4 Pistol). There's a further twelve Magazines to be found on the bodies of the two dead Germans (see map). This all adds up to a handsome total of 160 Parabellum rounds. Not bad for one level. This might tempt you to start shooting at everything that moves. Don't do it just yet. Continue to take the Headless out with your knife if you can.

Things are starting to get interesting on this level since there are two dead German soldiers to talk to. What might we learn?

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier (bottom right of map).

Read the Conversation with Gunther (top left of map).

Gunther is the first of the named Germans. He passes on some important information about Hans who was carrying most of the ammunition. If you meet up with Hans don't forget to ask him about the ammunition.

If you've been killing the Headless with your P4 you'd do well to listen to Gunther. Use your knife and conserve ammunition.

After talking to Gunther you now know the names of five Germans: Muller, Gunther, Hans, Behrens and Joachim. Remember the names.

We get the same story about Muller from Gunther. Is this a pattern? ;-)

This is a good one. Take note of Gunther's response to the name Joachim:

Joachim and I were good friends, I hope he
made it out.

Why? You'll see later on! ;-)

Items to find:

Three Walther P4 Pistols.
22 Walther P4 Magazines (three loaded in the pistols).
Emerald (you get one point for this and it's also worth $11.9K).

Points to note:

The Emerald is your first piece of treasure you find in the game. It's worth $11.9K. Examining it doesn't reveal much. Remember the sub-directive of your mission from the story introduction:

A sub-directive of your mission is to collect any artifacts or treasure you may come across. These items will be studied by top archaeologists and may provide answers to the origins of the Universe.

Yeah right! When you pick up the Emerald your points total rises to four. If you check your Health indicator you might note that your health has risen from 6 to 8 units. For every 4 point increase in your score your health increases by 2 units. Grab those points! :-)

Two P4 Magazines are obscured, one by a rock the other by a skull. Start walking over all debris.

Monsters to kill:

Headless and Zombies. No sweat!

Decision to make:

You see a ladder going up. Ascending to They May Be Slow....