Conversations with the Dead title

Gunther on Lock&Load (top left of map)

Gunther on Lock&Load

First meeting remark

You handle that P4 well, for a foreigner.


It's obvious from the way you talk that
you're not from Germany, or even Europe.
You must be from the States.

talk (or) States

You have a Yankee accent.


My name is Gunther, I think. It's so hard to
remember things, with so much time alone
to think...


It's horrible, being conscious but deprived of
nearly all your senses like this. I wonder
how long it will last...


I was leading a group of four men and we
stumbled on five of those long-tongued
monsters. Hans and Behrens ran, and I died
trying to give Joachim time to escape- he
was wounded.

long-tongued (or) monsters

Those headless things disgust me. There
were so many of them after a while that we
started killing them with our knives, to
conserve ammunition. The zombies were a
different story...


The only way to stop those zombies is to
shoot them until they dissolve.


Hans was in charge of carrying most of our
ammunition, because he couldn't shoot
straight. He wasn't with the group when
they came back, so if you can find him ask
him what he did with all of it.


I don't remember Behrens very well, he
mostly kept to himself.


Joachim and I were good friends, I hope he
made it out.


Nobody liked Muller. I was no exception. He
didn't even tell us why we were here. I
hardly even know where I am.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

Say that again?

I don't follow you.

I don't understand, what do you mean?

Additional Notes

There doesn't appear to be a second meeting remark associated with Gunther yet Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts extracted from the 'scri' resources would suggest otherwise. The Dead Scripts give this conversation under scri 130.

Hello again. I hope the P4 is still working well. If it's not, take mine.

Since Gunther says "Hello again" it would suggest a second meeting remark. Gunther also refers to the Walther P4 as he did in the first meeting remark. How this conversation is triggered is as yet unknown.

Interesting to note that asking about the P4 will trigger the same conversation that the word Hans does. However it seems more appropriate to trigger this after Gunther gives the names of his four man team.