File: Chat Log 8/27/93
Date: 8/27/93
Start Time: 6:57:06 PM

Lines: 453
Chat length: 25742 bytes
Number of participants: 52
Participants: AaronK3571, AFA FunBob, AFC Alice, AFC Tuncer, AFL Rod, Alex WH, 
AlexArt, BenSpazz, BrianM3239, BSWAIL, BungieSoft, Captain22, Carmex, CRUDE, Cyjack, 
D Jones, David, DimaT, Fuzwuz, GAMEBOYBOB, GaryL 033, HEALER G, HUNTnGATHR, IowaJayne, 
JeremyC743, JKROBIN, John D3929, JonB9, KevinVann, LuckSinger, MarkA38, MARKOVICH, 
MichaelD29, Mr Big 69, Nishka, NOSREG, OnlineHost, PRA, PTeevan, RayDunakin, Rekoil, 
Ross Rubin, Sacred Bod, ScottS7220, SimStar, StephenK1, SteveM007, SusanH8, TonyS33, 
VeeJayBee, Visionary2, Willie 44

GaryL 033  : how was Dig. Mess.?
Fuzwuz     : like It?
GaryL 033  : What exactly is it?
Fuzwuz     : ??
BenSpazz   : Ya, it was fun but seemed buggy. Every time I started I fight it would unexpectedly quit.
Fuzwuz     : good question
BenSpazz   : It Top view, you move around a big world, then you go into various castles and fight monsters.
GaryL 033  : graphics any good?
Fuzwuz     : very!!
AFC Alice  : Did you give it extra memory, BenSpazz?
Fuzwuz     : excallent sound!
BenSpazz   : No, I'll have to try that
Ross Rubin : Anyone know of anyone working on a Street Fighter-type game for the Mac?
BenSpazz   : The MOD was great
BrianM3239 : Hey!
Fuzwuz     : kung fu chivalary kung fu chivalary=street fighter
Ross Rubin : Hey Bob, the Game Boy got a little plug in next month's IMG.
Fuzwuz     : or so I've herd
GaryL 033  : Someone on my local BBS said he was trying to create a St. Fighter game, but I never heard from him since 
Ross Rubin : I thought Kung Fu Chivalry was more of a scrolling game
John D3929 : Prince  Of Persia Ruls!
Ross Rubin : Like Creepy Castle
CRUDE      : anyone know of a game like 'Journeyman Project' ?
BungieSoft : ... about the new game GA
AFL Rod    : GA JeremyC
GaryL 033  : ?
JeremyC743 : 1. Is the PiD technology any more advanced than Wolf3D?  2. What levels should I use the knife on?
StephenK1  : Hi all!!
BungieSoft : PiD does lots that Wolf 3D can't (i.e. Depth Shading, Panning Stereo Sound, objects, conversations...
Ross Rubin : !
BungieSoft : 2.  Use the knife on the headless monsters  GA
AFL Rod    : Queue = Ross Rubin, GaryL
JeremyC743 : (BTW, Ascension was REALLY cool!)
AFL Rod    : GA Ross, your comment then your question
Ross Rubin : First, just wanted to comment that PID has much more of a plot than the shoot-shoot-shoot Wolf3D
StephenK1  : Hi all!
JeremyC743 : !
Ross Rubin : Second, as no one who expects to finish PiD anytime soon, how long can I use the flashlight continuously? GA
BungieSoft : I wouldn't worry about the flashlight.  I don't think it has run out on anybody yet GA
Ross Rubin : no one=someone GA
AFL Rod    : Jeremy your comment
PRA        : ?
JeremyC743 : I agree with Ross...  The plot had me glued all night...  Geez..This games cool
AFL Rod    : GA GaryL
GaryL 033  : Brief description of how texture-mapping was achieved? GA
MichaelD29 : anybody know about hidden rooms and such... besides the one on the level below acesion
BungieSoft : Lot's of hard work!!!!   :)  GA
AFL Rod    : GA PRA
PRA        : How long did PID take to develop?
BungieSoft : About One Year GA
GaryL 033  : !
AFL Rod    : GA gameboybob
GAMEBOYBOB : How many megs does it take up on the HD
BungieSoft : 3  GA
AFL Rod    : GaryL your comment
MichaelD29 : ?
GaryL 033  : fair enough Bungie!  B-)
AFL Rod    : GA Michael Queue = empty
JeremyC743 : ?
MichaelD29 : what kinda neat stuff can i go back and look for now that i've solved it  (twice)
BungieSoft : Find the Easter Egg  GA  :)
AFL Rod    : GA Jeremy
MichaelD29 : ?
JeremyC743 : When do I get a "big" gun (i.e. not WP4)?
BungieSoft : The MP-41 is on Happy Happy Carnage Carnage GA
AlexArt    : I am going on a 17 hour plane ride.  Taking my PB180. Any games i should buy tomorrow?
AFL Rod    : GA MichaelD
GaryL 033  : ?
D Jones    : ?
MichaelD29 : okay, i'll bite.....where is the easter egg?  anyone?
David      : !
AFA FunBob : GaryL 033 is next.
BungieSoft : Can't Tell GA
AFL Rod    : GA David, your comment
David      : 17 Hours Alex?  I hope you have 17 batteries. :)
MichaelD29 : ?
AFA FunBob : GA GaryL 033
GaryL 033  : What was the inspiration behind PID?
BungieSoft : The main motivation for PID, was the need to create a game that took complete advantage of Mac Hardwar GA
AFA FunBob : GA D Jones
D Jones    : 1. In general, should you finish one level before the next? WHen I took the right sided ladder to ... the level one or two below ascension only to be trapped there. Thus I was unable to go back...
AFA FunBob : D Jones is next. oops, Michael D29 is next.
D Jones    : and search at the left sided ladder which goes to a level with the same name. Am I able to go back? GA
MichaelD29 : Will Bungie be providing an editor to allow for a more pleasureable playing experience? 
Ross Rubin : ?
MichaelD29 : niece is 6 and having problems with the game
BungieSoft : I think you can go back if you go back to Ground Level first, and then go back up from there...
BungieSoft : ... but in general it is probably best to finish a level before going to the next... ... although there are a few levels you can't finish unless you go forward and then back  GA
GAMEBOYBOB : Is there a clue book available for it
BungieSoft : We do have a Hint Book available\
JeremyC743 : bye all...great game bungie
AFA FunBob : Ross Rubin is next....sorry. 
BungieSoft : GA
Ross Rubin : Origin of the company name? GA
BungieSoft : Can't say GA 
AFA FunBob : GA MichaelD29
Willie 44  : I heard about this cool game.  It's called Michael Jackson.  The object is to molest as many young boy as you can before the time runs out
MARKOVICH  : not cool
BungieSoft : Willie's a bozo
Ross Rubin : DUH!
Willie 44  : Bungie SOFT is a softie
Ross Rubin : Rod, can we bag this loser?
AFA FunBob : GA Markovich
MARKOVICH  : ok , thanks, just got here, how does it compare to the Ultima series?
BungieSoft : Gee I don't know the Ultima series that well, sorry GA
HUNTnGATHR : I had to send my 40Mhz accel. back for a few days.  Is there any other way to speed it up on an LCII? Besides low resolution?
AFA FunBob : Markovich....Pathways is nothing like Ultima.....
BungieSoft : On an LCII, you probably should run in low res mode, and try adjusting the window size GA
Ross Rubin : !
AFA FunBob : GA Markovich
MARKOVICH  : Ok, how about to Might and Magic 3, i was  dissapointed with  that game, too slow
HUNTnGATHR : How do I get the window smaller than the default size?
BungieSoft : To HUNT:  Resize just like a regular window in the lower right corner
Visionary2 : ?
BungieSoft : To: Marko:  PID is much much much faster than MM3 ...
AFA FunBob : Nothing like MM3 or any other traditional's a live action RPG with a look ahead perspective.
MARKOVICH  : ?last one
BungieSoft : ... PID is continuous motion like Spectre and Hellcats GA
AFA FunBob : GA Visionary2
VeeJayBee  : ?
Visionary2 : How the heck do you get past the point where you step on the green runes?
BungieSoft : Green Runes?  where?
Visionary2 : The arrows, pointing out in a circle...
HEALER G   : Hi, What are we talking about 
Visionary2 : on one of the low levels.
BungieSoft : on Happy Happy Carnage Carnage?
Visionary2 : YEAH! That's it. My husband and I keep dying and it's getting us crabby.
BungieSoft : You need to have an object, don't want to spoil it for the group  GA
AFA FunBob : GA Markovich
MARKOVICH  : Well I use an LC with 13 RGB...will I be slow ?
BungieSoft : It will run good in low res mode on an LC  GA
MARKOVICH  : Thanks:)
Ross Rubin : FWIW, I've found low-res mode still very nice. Great job on a BREAKTHROUGH game.
AFA FunBob : VeeJayBee
MARKOVICH  : Thanks for supporting the Mac
BrianM3239 : ?
VeeJayBee  : Can replacing the saved game with a prior version be the cause of my copy prot. not stopping ?
AFA FunBob : Bye Markovich. BrianM3239 is next.
BrianM3239 : will it run on a LC II W/ a 12" 
BungieSoft : Could be, try throwing out your pathways prefs file. It will re-ask 3 times but not again GA
VeeJayBee  : Thanks !
AFA FunBob : ? Panning stereo, does Pathway really make much use of it yet?
BungieSoft : YES!,  The shipping copy comes with Sound Manager 3.0 which makes the stereo sound possible  GA
Alex WH    : ?
AFA FunBob : However, you have our chops licking for a CD-ROM version that would have a more extensive use of sound to take advantage of it.
Ross Rubin : @ !
AFA FunBob : Alex WH GA
Alex WH    : How much does PID cost? 
BungieSoft : The mail order places have it for 39 I think GA 
KevinVann  : Something is wrong with my sound!
AFA FunBob : Ross Rubin GA
Alex WH    : Bye.
Ross Rubin : Oh, I just wanted to say that I think FunBob is asking for MORE SOUND! GA
AFA FunBob : <-- always asking for more CDs....won a Toshiba 3401 at the MacWeek Volume Buyers conference
LuckSinger : l;kjhfg;lhf 
AFA FunBob : this past MacWorld Expo....came with eight but I ate them up fast ;-)
Sacred Bod : Hello?
KevinVann  : So what are we talking about?
VeeJayBee  : !
AFA FunBob : We are talking about Pathways in the Darkness Sacred Bod, if you have a question, type ? VeeJayBee GA
ScottS7220 : ?
VeeJayBee  : Love the game !  Only one that's had my head moving while trying to duck around corners !
D Jones    : ?
AFA FunBob : ScottS7220 GA
ScottS7220 : Is there a way to know where secret passages are?
SimStar    : ?
Sacred Bod : !
LuckSinger : Is the game in stores yet?
BungieSoft : Talking to the dead guys will point you to some secret passages GA
AFA FunBob : SimStar GA
SimStar    : AWESOME GAME...  sorry of you've already discussed this but what is some of the technical background? 
AFA FunBob : D Jones is next. 
BungieSoft : To LuckSinger:  The mail order houses have it Gee simStar that's a fairly vague question GA
ScottS7220 : ?
SimStar    : hard with 2 lines :^(  what language, any "innovative" programming techniques, etc
AFA FunBob : D Jones GA
D Jones    : Is there only one blue crystal? If not, any way to deal with the Banshees once its gone besides run!GA
BungieSoft : to simstar:  written in C and assembler
Sacred Bod : I downloaded the demo on a BBS and was totally blown away!!! How did you DO that?! What's next?
BungieSoft : to dJones: There is only one blue crystal, if it shattered on you too soon, that means... ... you used it too much GA
D Jones    : Just on Banshees
SimStar    : ?
D Jones    : and occasionally when the ammo was low ;)
Sacred Bod : ?
D Jones    : GA
AFA FunBob : ScottS7220 GA
ScottS7220 : Does every level have a secret passage and if so, do all the dead soldiers know of them?
BungieSoft : There are only a few secret passages, definitely not one per level GA'
AFL Rod    : When Sacred Bod asks his question we will stop and give away a few hours.
AFA FunBob : SimStar GA
SimStar    : how high are you off the ground at the highest point (hard to tell how far I'm through)
Sacred Bod : What will your next game be?
BungieSoft : Gee, I don't recall, but check the player window - it gives your current elevation GA
IowaJayne  : hi is there a topic?
AaronK3571 : Hello I am Aaron
Sacred Bod : we know :) 
AaronK3571 : What?
AFA FunBob : Hello IowaJayne and AaronK3571....we are talking about Pathways in the Darkness, if you have a
BungieSoft : Next game will be out in Q1 1994  GA 
AFA FunBob : question, type ? to be entered into the queue.
ScottS7220 : ?
AFL Rod    : OK time for a break
SimStar    : let's wrap this up before it gets ugly!
AFL Rod    : We are going to give away some free hours on AOL.
AaronK3571 : You are ugly.
AFA FunBob : If you have general game questions, send me e-mail at AFA FunBob and I will answer them for you later tonight.
AaronK3571 : My Friend Typed That
Sacred Bod : I gotta go!
AFL Rod    : We're going to have a roll-off to decide who wins tonight's PRIZE. We're going to use AOL's dice
AaronK3571 : Use the toilet 
AFL Rod    : rolling function and whoever rolls the highest number wins! If there is a tie, we'll have a roll-off When I say GO!, please type this:      //roll Do not type anything else and only type it once. Anyone typing it more than once, or typing it before I say GO!, will be disqualified. You can only win once and you must have a paying account. Please take a moment to read these instructions. They won't be repeated. :) OK, Ready SET GO
OnlineHost : BungieSoft rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  2 VeeJayBee rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  6 PTeevan rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  5 ScottS7220 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  3 Don Haupt rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  5 Ross Rubin rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  2 SimStar rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  5 D Jones rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  1 MarkA38 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  5 
D Jones    : Low roll wins!
AFL Rod    : any more rollers?
OnlineHost : JonB9 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  6 SusanH8 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  2
BungieSoft : Gotta go, BYE!  and thanks...
Ross Rubin : Bye!
AFL Rod    : Then VeeJayBee and Mark A38 each win 2 hours  
ScottS7220 : bye
AFL Rod    : Thanks Alexander.
MarkA38    : way cool!
AFL Rod    : nite
GAMEBOYBOB : Thanks for the info
PTeevan    : huh?
VeeJayBee  : Thank you all !
D Jones    : Shouldn't that be PTeenvan not VEEJAYBEE?
PTeevan    : I want a recount
VeeJayBee  : I thought so... not a problem..  ;)
AFL Rod    : OPPS you are right.
AFC Alice  : Congrats. :) 
PTeevan    : Thanx VeeJay 
AFL Rod    : my eyes are crossed.
SusanH8    : It took me the whole hour to download the game.  Hope to see you all next time.
AFL Rod    : I will give VJB one hour and you two.
VeeJayBee  : S'alright 
PTeevan    : Gotta go get the demo now... 
JonB9      : hehe
AFL Rod    : PTeevan get 2 hours
D Jones    : Just get the game, bag the demo!
AFL Rod    : as does Mark 
PTeevan    : Thanx Rod
VeeJayBee  : <---- Can't believe his luck !
AFL Rod    : the demo will just make you want the game.
SusanH8    : wish I'd known
D Jones    : Goodnight all...
VeeJayBee  : Game is _well_ worth it !
JKROBIN    : any suggestions for Iron Helix...
PTeevan    : Yeah but everytime I come here i want to buy the game... get's expensive
GAMEBOYBOB : take care all
SteveM007  : something supposed to happen here at 10:00 ???
VeeJayBee  : G'night all !
JKROBIN    : hello...?
AFL Rod    : Steve 10 has come and gone (AOL time = Eastern)
AFA FunBob : Just wrapping things up Steve,
PTeevan    : G'nite
AFA FunBob : but if you have any questions, we would be happy to stay and perhaps even answer them ;-)
JKROBIN    : nite nite
SteveM007  : Bummer!!!!!!
AFL Rod    : Steve a log of the chat will be posted in a couple of days.
SteveM007  : ok are there any Truly live games on AOL with Graphics?????
AFA FunBob : <--- only for PC users...sniffle, sniffle 
SteveM007  : with out graphics?????
AFC Alice  : Steve, only role-playing games, no graphics.
SteveM007  : why only PC
AFA FunBob : I am not sure Steve, but there are probably dozens of local BBSs that have games without graphics....
SteveM007  : is that true only PC??
AFA FunBob : where are you calling from?
AFL Rod    : will be soon.  probably monday 
JonB9      : ah no problem, I'll live:-)
AFC Alice  : I don't know why they didn't do a Mac version, but they do know we want one.
AFA FunBob : The PC folks have a MONDO RPG game from the SSI folks for multiple players.
SteveM007  : can you give me an example of what kind of role plaing games
MarkA38    : nite all
JonB9      : night Mark
AFC Alice  : They are just normal games like AD&D, but they meet in chat rooms.
SteveM007  : maybe the software does not exist???????
JKROBIN    : greetings all
AFA FunBob : The special software exists for the PC folks, they have to download it (and it costs a few bucks)
SteveM007  : greetings earthling
AFA FunBob : if they want to join a game. Live action RPG game.
JKROBIN    : Gotta' question...
AFA FunBob : Are you interested in freeware/shareware RPG games for the Mac?
AFL Rod    : greetings Ray.
AFA FunBob : Ask away JKROBING
RayDunakin : hello!
SteveM007  : Depends... but yes
JKROBIN    : having problems with getting around in Iron Helix
AFA FunBob : as in getting terminated
JKROBIN    : that's the one... any suggs. for avoiding the Defender robot?
AFA FunBob : To be honest, I have not gotten far in that game...because I sent it off to our CD-ROM reviewer But, I think familiarity with the surroundings is the key, not hesitating, knowing all the levels...
JKROBIN    : I can't seem to stay alive more thatn 5-10 min 
AFA FunBob : i.e. expect to get killed a number of times in the early times, so save your game.
JKROBIN    : will do. thanx
AFC Tuncer : Alex leave?
AFA FunBob : That's not much help, JKROBIN, I found it a bit tedious overall, but at least the game has a fast response time...perhaps too fast ;-)
JKROBIN    : for what it is, it's my fav. CD-ROM game...
AFA FunBob : Tuncer, when are you ordering those mailers...are they from a local company? And do they have a blank face?
JKROBIN    : g'nite all...and thanx
AFA FunBob : see you....
AFL Rod    : nite all. gotta run. thanks Bob
AFC Alice  : Goodnight.
RayDunakin : Looks like I missed most of the action tonight. My computer was tied up with a data transfer.
AFA FunBob : Hello Carmex and NOSREG. Any questions?
Carmex     : Yeah... Is Andrew Welch coming out with a new game any time soon?  (like Maelstrom)
AFA FunBob : I know he is working on a new game, but I have no idea what the release date is.
Carmex     : ok
AFA FunBob : He claims it's better than Maelstrom!
Carmex     : cool
AFA FunBob : And knowing Andrew, it will probably be a doozy!
RayDunakin : yeah, Andrew is incredibly talented!
AFA FunBob : Hello Cyjack, any questions?
Cyjack     : HI, are you still discussing Pathways?
AFA FunBob : I am a big fan of his Oracle a wise-saying upon startup. Most of the real veteran PID fans have vacated the joint.
Carmex     : also... will there be a sequel to Out of This World? It's an awesome game, but I've finished it.
Cyjack     : Is Andrew Welch  an AOL member?
AFA FunBob : Haven't heard of a sequel. Yes, he stops by here frequently.
Carmex     : I noticed that OOTW is incompatible with Soundmanger 3.0.  Maybe there will be an update. (hope)
AFA FunBob : Well folks, I am going to take off to look after my own BBS. Have a great weekend. If you have any questions about games or would like some dl recommendations, send me some e-mail to:
RayDunakin : Bye Bob!
AFC Alice  : Hi, NOSREG. What's up? Bye, Bob. :)
Carmex     : bye 
AFA FunBob : AFA FunBob. I have download or uploaded nearly everything here at one time or another.
RayDunakin : Well Alic, looks like it's just you and me now. I wonder about Director, if there's a lot of overhead.
AFC Alice  : Yep. I've never used Director. The price intimidated me. HyperCard needs at least a reader, but maybe you could include that in the upload.
RayDunakin : Neither have I. I think I have it though, a friend gave me a huge pile of software, and I think one of them is Macromind director.
AFC Alice  : Wow. I'd try it then, if I were you. Of course, ResGenie allows QuickTime to be put into Hypercard.
RayDunakin : Yeah, when I get a chance I should take a look at it again. I did once, briefly, but didn't figure it out enough to understand it. Gotta give it another try.
AFC Alice  : Which? ResGenie or Director? 
RayDunakin : Director 
AFC Alice  : Hi, Nishka. :)
RayDunakin : Never heard of ResGenie
Nishka     : I am new to this system. What does one do on a conference
AFC Alice  : It's available here on AOL. Integrates color and QT more easily than if you had to script all that. Conferences are where we hold live chats. Just talk.
Nishka     : Can I talk about anything I want? 
RayDunakin : Nishka -- we're just having a little chat! :) Hi Dima
DimaT      : Hi guys
AFC Alice  : Sure. This is the games forum, so most people talk about games, but the formal chat's over, so anything goes.
RayDunakin : Speaking of which, I gotta go too. Buenos nachos!
AFC Alice  : Goodnight. See you.
Nishka     : I just looked at the Mac hardware 2.01 update.  Is it worth it to spend 78 minutes downloading
RayDunakin : bye!
DimaT      : Will see You Next Time
AFC Alice  : What machine are you running and what system software?
Nishka     : Mac IIVx and 7.01
DimaT      : Is that for me
AFC Alice  : If you are not running 7.1, I don't believe you need it. No, sorry, Was talking to Nishka. Hi, Captain22. Hi, Tony. 
Nishka     : O.K. When I download a graphic, I can't bring it up on my screen.  What do I do
Captain22  : HI
TonyS33    : Hmmm...  Is the 7 oclock conference still going on?
AFC Alice  : OK, have you unstuffed it if it was compressed?
Nishka     : Yes 
AFC Alice  : No, Tony, this is just an informal thing now.
TonyS33    : Has anyone here ever played Movod II?
AFC Alice  : What type of file is it? GIF?
Nishka     : How do I tell
TonyS33    : Shareware game?
AFC Alice  : Never played it.
TonyS33    : Nishka?
AFC Alice  : What is the name of the file?
TonyS33    : Its called Movod II
AFC Alice  : Sorry, was asking Nishka.
Nishka     : I tried one called Grand Canyong and another that was a startup screen DS 9 (a trekkie picture)
TonyS33    : Anyway, on September 5, I'm releasing my newest Mac game.  Its called Quagmire.  Its like a color... Dark Castle.
AFC Alice  : Really? Great.:) By the 5th?
TonyS33    : Yeah.  Its pretty cool.  It has full color, multi-channel sound, 50 levels, animated movies... and a bunch of other cool things!
AFC Alice  : Nishka, you need to get a file called GifConverter or another one called Imagery.
TonyS33    : $10 shareware, of course! 
AFC Alice  : Either one can open almost any graphic. $10 is not much for that.
Nishka     : Can i get GifConverter or Imagery from AOL.  If so, where
TonyS33    : Do you play shareware mac games at all?
AFC Alice  : They are both here. I'll walk you through it, OK. The first thing to do is go to keyword Quickfind. Sure.
Nishka     : Keep going
AFC Alice  : What did you write it in?
TonyS33    : Me?
Nishka     : Alice, I don't understand
AFC Alice  : OK, have you found quickfind?
Nishka     : Yes 
AFC Alice  : Yes. What did you use, Tony?
TonyS33    : Microsoft Basic...  naw, just kidding.  Think Pascal. :) What type of computer do you have, Alice? 
AFC Alice  : :) I'm learning Think Pascal.IIsi 17/80
TonyS33    : What type of programming are you interested in?  Games?
AFC Alice  : Nishka, now you want to do a search for Imagery or GifConverter using those as keywords. Games and funky utilities.
Nishka     : O.K. thanks for your help.  Is that all?
AFC Alice  : When you find it, just download it, unstuff it and you're ready to open most graphics.
Nishka     : Thanks, bye
AFC Alice  : Have you messed with C at all? Or C++?
TonyS33    : Anyway, when you ready, Cellusoft animation Routines should help you.  I wrote them myself. Yeah, I'm just starting to learn C++ (with Dave Mark's book)  I need to have a C Bask for college. I'll be a freshman in a month. Bask = base
AFC Alice  : Great. :) Where?
TonyS33    : Stanford Univ.
AFC Alice  : I've been thinking of taking programming at UCLA.
TonyS33    : Yeah!  I live in the LA area.  I started by taking a summer course in pascal at UCLA! It didn't get Mac-specific though but they have a great book store!
Nishka     : Alice, what was the other program.  Imagery was one , what was the other one.
AFC Alice  : Hi, Rekoil.
TonyS33    : Would you like to see the beta version of my color Dark Castle game, Alice?  (Its a long download)
AFC Alice  : GifConverter. I'd love to see it!
Nishka     : Do you people know each other
Rekoil     : Anyone here play MUDs?
TonyS33    : (Its an hour download)  Would you promise not to distribute it and give me lots of feedback?
AFC Alice  : No, we all just met. No Internet access, so no MUDs for me.
Nishka     : Bye
AFC Alice  : I promise. Full NDA and I'll give you lots of comments.
Mr Big 69  : hello
Rekoil     : I'm looking for some...I've only found one so far.
Mr Big 69  : any cool games worth downloading
TonyS33    : There you go
AFC Alice  : What kind of games do you like?
Mr Big 69  : any realy
TonyS33    : My color Dark Castle/like game will be available Sept. 5.  Look for it!
Mr Big 69  : adventure game
AFC Alice  : Do you prefer shareware or demos of commercial games?
TonyS33    : bye.
AFC Alice  : Bye. :)
Mr Big 69  : is there any games you can play while online
AFC Alice  : Not for the Mac on AOL. There are some games you can play over a modem to others, though. Bolo is one. Hi, BSWAIL
BSWAIL     : hello
Mr Big 69  : can you do any thing on aol without downloading it
AFC Alice  : You can look in the message boards for a folder on it. You can play regular role-playing games.
Mr Big 69  : how
AFC Alice  : In chat rooms.
Mr Big 69  : but do they show picts
AFC Alice  : Go to keyword RPG. They have a list. It's a whole forum for that. No, no picts, that's what I meant by regular.
Mr Big 69  : can i see graphics online 
AFC Alice  : Unfortunately, not while playing a game. That may happen in the future if enough people ask for it.
Mr Big 69  : do you recomend any games to download
AFC Alice  : Yes. Any of these. Maelstrom, Pathways into Darkness, Another Fine Mess, CheckerMania or JewelBox.
Mr Big 69  : how long do they take
AFC Alice  : Pretty long because of size and/or color. Color Rescue! is also good. It's Star Trek and it doesn't take as long.
Mr Big 69  : what is star trek
AFC Alice  : You can check how long the download will take by looking in the file descriptions. Rescue! is a Star Trek based game. You rescue stranded colonists from enemy attacks. Is that the kind of game you were looking for? It's an arcade.