The Epilogue

Official Hint Book

On page 43 of the Pathways Into Darkness Official Hint Book there is an "Epilogue". It reads as follows:

Shortly after Sergeant Eddings's return, a research team was sent to investigate the area, outside the small radiation zone, to determine any possible affects the Pyramid had on its surroundings. The investigators found a tribe of Native Americans, the Tlecoatcha, that lived near the Pyramid, perhaps for centuries. The tribe, unknown to the world at large, was recognized by several of the researchers. In addition, a large portion of the tribe members had been educated in the larger cities of Mexico, or in the United States.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Eddings, in front of several members of the military's top brass, as well as a large number of the military's scientists, demonstrated what he termed his "Ice Crystal." Eddings had frozen several objects solid, when the crystal suddenly shattered, almost into fine powder. Eddings is recorded as smiling, saying "Show's over. That's the last of the crystals." and walking away. He also described several bizarre creatures.

A few of these descriptions were soon confirmed, when nearly half the Tlecoatchan tribe told of seeing Eddings's "Headlesses," "Zombies," and "Ghouls." There were no significant differences in any of the accounts, including the Sergeant's. In addition, many of the Tlecoatcha gave detailed scientific descriptions, which were also consistent.

A short time later after his "demonstration," Sergeant Eddings disappeared for a few days. He claimed, and still maintains, that he went on vacation. It is suspected that he somehow smuggled the other crystals, and perhaps other artifacts, out of the Pyramid, and used these few days to hide or destroy them. Sergeant Eddings has denied this repeatedly.

In February '97 I had the opportunity to ask Jason Jones about this additional story text and the reasoning behind adding it to the Official Hint Book. Jason offered this interesting insight:

the pathways hintbook was written by a friend of mine, and i wasn't closely involved in the project. we thought it'd be a cool idea to write the hintbook like it was the journal of the hero of pathways, written after the fact. i think we made several mistakes, naming the player character being one of them, but the overall effect was something like we intended.

the important thing about the hint book epilogue was to make all the player character's artifacts from the pyramid disappear from circulation before the marathon story begins. curious to know where they were in 2472, though, or who was really responsible for the projection in the spring of 1994.

Curious indeed.

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