Where Only Fools Dare Tread
The Hole, Elevation: -326.7m

General comments:

Hang on a minute! What's up with the elevation here? Last level was -327.2m below ground. This level says -326.7m. We've gone back up .5 of a metre (or 1 foot 7.7 inches). Tight squeeze if these levels are stacked one on top of the other down here. Of course for all we know we could have teleported to Tau Ceti. ;-)

Oddly at the beginning of this level (see map) there are two Saved Games runes. Why two so close together?

At the lower left-hand corner of the map there's a room with two dead bodies and the infamous Glass Vial. If you remember, Friedrich (Muller's second in command) revealed the following about the glass vial:

We were searching the pyramid and it's
dungeons for what Muller described to me as
"a small glass vial of immense power."


He wouldn't want me to tell you this, but he
was convinced that it contained the essence
of an imprisoned demon.


If it was ever released, it would cause
destruction on a massive scale. Muller
wanted to use it for the war, of course. It
was all nonsense.

Oh dear... the glass vial is... empty!

You can only talk to one of the dead guys here, the other has lost his head. Let's see what he has to say.

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with Javier.

Whoa! First alien pipes now an alien gemstone! Javier reveals this important piece of information:

The German's notes said that the only way
to open the exit at the base of the pyramid
was with an alien gemstone.

The Germans sure knew alot about this place. They had Alien Pipes which Muller brought from Germany, they knew about the Glass Vial supposedly containing the "essence of an imprisoned demon", they knew about the duplicating properties of the Cedar Box, they knew about the twelve gold ingots in a locked room, they had maps of the pyramid, and they knew about the alien gemstone that would open the exit at the base of the pyramid. But where did they get all this information? Where they set up?

Too bad you never asked them at the time.

While it's not possible to establish a conversation with Carlos according to Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 2/2) there is a text associated with him, namely:

-----scri 156-----
Mumble, mumble. I don!t have a script, sorry.

Here's what it actually looks like.

Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts are based on version 1.1 of Pathways Into Darkness and scri 156 is given as size 91 (bytes?). However in version 2.0 the size of scri 156 is only 14. That's a decrease of 77. ;-)

On Javier's body you'll find the Gold Key (worth one point) which Walter mentioned on Feel The Power:

I had the key, but someone took it. A group
of people passed by, speaking Spanish, and
their leader took it.

This no doubt opens the Gold Door on Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares. Unfortunately at this stage you have no way of getting back.

Javier's body also carries a number of AK-47 HE Magazines. They're is also one lying beside him. These High Explosive rounds while powerful do not harm Greater Nightmares. Carlos is only carrying a standard AK-47 magazine with seven rounds left. Oddly there are no SABOT rounds or empty AK-47 SABOT Magazines lying around. So who killed the Greater Nightmares down here? Without SABOT rounds Javier and Carlos couldn't have done it.

Near the top of the map you'll find the Black Crystal (worth two points). Not something you'd want to handle for any length of time. The Official Hint Book has this to say about the effect of the Black Crystal:

One discharge automatically petrifies one monster. The monster gets turned to stone and is out of your way for good.

Matt Heath <PoetOTR@aol.com> made an interesting observation when he asked:

How is it that the Black Crystal can freeze into stone the flying Nightmares, but they stay suspended in the air, without crashing to the ground?

There are obviously many things which we do not understand, and may never be able to. ;-) Pertrified monsters also don't block your path. You can walk right through them? So are they really stone?

Apart from being very powerful the Black Crystal recharges very quickly (wear the Ruby Ring for even faster recharging). However it's only good for ten discharges so use with care.

Near the top of the map you'll find a Saved Game rune and a teleporter. Save your game, take a deep breath and walk into the telepor... WAIT... WAIT...

Too late... but you'll be back... again and... again. This is the final Save Game rune prior to meeting... well we'll come to WHO later on. You'll soon learn that it's a good idea to duplicate plenty of ammo prior to saving your game and taking that teleporter. No harm in sorting out your Inventory as well. Get all those important crystals and potions together for easy access.

The teleporter takes you to a little room (see map) with four teleporters and a waiting Greater Nightmare. These teleporters take you to other similar rooms. A total of four rooms each with four teleporters (16 teleporters in all). One giant teleporter maze. Finding your way through takes patience and some ingenuity.

Update Feb 10, 2012: Jason Jones in comp.sys.mac.games post in December 1993 gave this advice on how to get though the teleporter maze. So it's... right, forward, back. RFB... Right F****** B****** easy to remember since it's probably what you repeatedly called Jason Jones, while going through the maze... again... and again... and again. ;)

Check the What's in a Nane section for the two versions of this level's name.

Items to find:

Gold Key (worth one point and 1.1K).
Black Crystal
One Clear Blue Potion
Ornate Glass Vial
One AK-47 Assault Rifle (with AK-47 HE Magazine (x21))
One AK-47 Assault Rifle (with AK-47 Magazine (x7))
Three AK-47 HE Magazines (x30)
One AK-47 Magazine (x30)

Monsters to kill:

Venomous Skitters, Greater Nightmares, and Ghasts.

Decision to make:

You see a teleporter. Teleporting to Ok, Who Else Wants Some?.