From: Chuck Gray <>
Subject: PiD Dead Scripts (Part 2/2)
Date: 29 Jan 1994 07:45:17 GMT
Organization: The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
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-----scri 143 "Friedrich"-----
Be careful, don!t step on those arrows painted on the floor.  You
don!t want to find out what!s behind those doors!

My name is Friedrich.

Muller, our commander, opened those doors by stepping on that painted
rune.  At least twenty monsters came pouring out.
the rune caused the three doors on the far wall to open.

They killed us all.  The last four members of the expedition, unless
Walter and whoever went with him survived.
there was someplace on Earth like this ...
pyramid and it!s dungeons for what Muller described to me as !a small
glass vial of immense power.!
but he was convinced that it contained the essence of an imprisoned
massive scale.  Muller wanted to use it for the war, of course.  It
was all nonsense.
the glory he would win for the Fatherland.

of gold and a strange wooden box.
didn!t tell me what it was supposed to do, or what it had to do with
the gold.
gold! other than his greed! but I never quite believed him.

Germany, of course.  Sometimes I wonder what happened after the war
was started.  It was 1938 when we came to Mexico.
came to Mexico.
revealed few of his plans to me, however.

-----scri 144 "Muller"-----
I knew that someone would eventually follow us.  It!s been over fifty
years, hasn!t it?  Is the war still going on?


People have told you about the cedar box?  It is an art object of
great value, but is otherwise useless.

Friedrich?  I!ll kill him ...

I gave Walter a gold key, and told him he was looking for a fortune in
gold, but I was only appealing to his sense of greed.  There is no
archaeological artifact.  You!d have no interest in it.
be interested in.

You probably already know how to use the pipes.  The doors at the base
of the pyramid are almost always sealed and there!s no other way to
get down.

you and open the treasure room.  We killed all the monsters inside,
there!s no danger.

Friedrich was my second in command.  He was the only one who stood by
me and at the end.  All the others tried to run.

I thought the war might continue for a great length of time.  How are
your people holding off the invasion of the States?
you that the war is over?  You must be losing, Yankee, or you would
not lie like that.
being fought?

university in Munich on an archaeological expedition.
was from Germany.

We were attacked by many strange monsters, and my men panicked and we
were killed.
discovered here.  We were entirely unprepared.
bigger guns if we!d known what we!d find here.

What war?  The second great war.

There is a fortune in ancient relics behind these doors.  We almost
retrieved them, but died after we had killed all the monsters guarding
about the crystals.

Hans was a fool.
to use their grenades early, and it didn!t leave us any for later,
like we needed.

-----scri 145 "Thomas"-----
Don!t open those doors, leave now!  Leave while you still can!

My name is Thomas.

before there were only four of us left.  We all wanted him to.

Do you need one?  They!re all over this room, but we!ve used most of
the ammunition, sorry.

Muller hardly even warned us before he opened the doors.  I think he
knew what was going to happen, which makes him even more
killed us all.
person with a machine pistol covering each door it was hopeless.
kinds of monsters.  Those ghastly pale humanoids, the flying beasts,
the slimes.  It was too much.  We only killed a few.
hundreds of monsters in there, and they come swarming out and surround
you.  There!s no way to kill them all!

Especially when using the MP-41, you can run out of ammunition really
quick in this place.

-----scri 146 "John"-----
Hey man, we all thought you were dead!  How!d you get down this far by
yourself?  Never mind.  I!m glad to see you, but hurry up and catch
the others.
place to hell!

You know my name, come on.  I!m John, remember?  You!re joking,
for it.

After we!d been wandering around here for a few minutes, we were
attacked by these invisible creatures.  Two of them got me.

things are fast!  Be careful.
infra-red goggles, but it didn!t help when they attacked.  I got hurt
bad, the guys stayed with me until I died.
extraction beacons, but they took it after I died.  They left my
broken M-16.
didn!t open, never mind.   I wish I had mine to give you.

Steven was carrying the bomb when they left.  But man, they!re in
serious trouble.  You could see it.  They were losing hope.
was getting tired! nobody expected to be fighting the things we!ve
been meeting.  It!s too weird.  Hurry up and find them, they need
what it is.
course, it just seems like he could live through anything.

-----scri 147 "Ed"-----
We gave you up for dead after the drop, I!m glad you made it.  I wish
I could help you.


bottom of this hole.
and only got worse.  We had a hell of a time getting this far down,
and it only gets worse.

This is Ed, who do I look like?  Sorry, I guess it might be sort of
hard to tell.

ladder.  One of those green things cooked me.  The guys carried me
doors in this place.  Half of them don!t open, but the half that does
open makes you wish they!d all stay shut.

Yeah, one of those killed me.  I!ll never see Anna again.  Promise me
you!ll call her when you get back ...
call her.
now.  Don!t forget.

Steven was furious after your !chute didn!t open.  It set the tone for
the whole mission.
starting to forget lots of things.
left, I saw Greg come running through here.  He was carrying the
that matter.
don!t know where they are now.

Jason, Darren and Sean.  Greg was the only one I ever saw again.

You remember the mission, don!t you?  Don!t mess with me, man ...

-----scri 148 "Darren"-----
I ran, I ran all the way back here.  But it followed me.  It killed
everyone else.

My name doesn!t matter.  Yours won!t either, in a moment.
That!s my name, but don!t tell him!
You!ll find out fast enough, you!re locked in here too, just like we

Everyone!s dead.  Greg, Steven, Ed.  You too.  You shouldn!t have come
down here.  You!ll never leave now.
he died somewhere else.  Everyone did.

Forget that, man!  Try to get out of here, maybe you can make it, who
knows.  But forget that!

-----scri 149 "Sean"-----
Beware the flames!  You need to find Greg.  How!d you get down the
ladder at the base of the pyramid?  Those doors shut behind us.

any sense.

him around the corner into that dead end.
the thing, and I don!t think he was fully aware of what was happening
even when he died.
soon enough.

I hope you can find an intact beacon, or you!re really toast.
the bomb.  You need to find him and complete the mission.  Steven
changed the code, I don!t know what it is.

Yes, the mission.  Don!t tell me you don!t remember the mission ...

a bit.  Be careful.
close to Steven!s body, so watch out.
reached this level.  It saved him the trouble of dying here, with the
rest of us.
goggles to see those snakes a few levels ago.

The first few doors we walked through in this damn pyramid sealed
behind us, and we had no way to go but down.

-----scri 150 "Jason"-----
Flames, I see flames everywhere.

My name doesn!t matter anymore.

That huge, blue grinning thing torched us all.
at it.  Back up around a corner, fire, back up, fire.  It!s gotta be
hurting.  You can kill it.
hurting it! but it didn!t seem to care.

we!ll make MacWorld on August 3rd?

-----scri 151 "Steven"-----
Wow, we all thought you were dead.  It!s a good thing you made it,
you!re probably the last hope now.
find Greg and the bomb and bring this whole place down.  Don!t worry
about us.

recognize me.

You!ll see soon enough, I can!t really describe what happened.
this huge blue creature around the corner, watch out.  I was the first
one to get burned.  I!m glad we left Greg outside the door.

I!ve got a beacon, and I think it survived the fire.  I hope it still
that sliding door, we tried to stop it from closing but it was too
strong.  Find him, he needs your help.

digits of the code from !287! to !658! because you were separated from

We lost john a day ago when we were attacked by these invisible
right after I did.

-----scri 152 "Greg"-----
Hey, welcome back from the dead.  I was wondering why you weren!t
around when I showed up.  Is everybody else dead?  I thought so.
you plant the bomb already?  Did you even find it?  There isn!t much
time, man, move it!

I don!t understand what you mean.
that again?

Man, I hate those zombie things.  You!ve got to nail them as soon as
they appear to stop them from causing an earthquake.  They can use
that power even when they can!t see you, so watch out!

This is Greg, dude.  I guess maybe it!s hard to recognize me in this
state, that!s ok.

Those spider things were all around me, but I didn!t stop firing until
I ran out of bullets.  Then something hit me like a dish washer! it
must have been one of those zombies.
from three stories or something.  I don!t even remember getting hit
before that.  I was spanking them until I died.
play Street Fighter again.  But Jason always beat me after I got that
big bruise on my brain, so I guess it!s no big loss.

Spiders.  They!re everywhere.  Can!t stand !em.

I don!t have a beacon.  I got cut off from the rest of the group two
levels ago, and they had all three.  I hope you found one, you!ll need
of here, right before I died.  Somehow it just enveloped it, without
blowing up.
bomb! or the monsters for that matter! don!t set them off.
changed the code after you were lost, but I never knew what it was. 
Did you find Steven?  Did he tell you?
You!re the last hope.  You!ve got to find the bomb and detonate it.

Ninjas, too.  They!re everywhere.

-----scri 153 "Pedro"-----
I don!t understand how you can still be alive, I just don!t understand
just like me.  The doors won!t open for hours.

Somehow my companions got through, before the door shut, but I was
trapped inside.
slammed shut right as I was about to pass out of the room, trapping
me.  They tried, I heard them, but there was no way to open the door.

My name is Pedro.

I was trapped here, like you, and suffocated.  It was very painful. 
You should consider ... the alternatives.
all the oxygen in this tiny room, the doors will open.  Just like they
did after I died.  They will open and wait for someone else ...

I can only remember Juan, who was slowly dying of a snakebite in the
jungle, Javier and Carlos.
recognized in the jungle, a day before we found the pyramid.  He
slowly got worse and worse, but he outlived me ...
leader of our little group.  It was his idea to come here.
know Carlos very well.

-----scri 154 "Juan"-----
Who are you?  What!s happening?  I thought I was dead! are you just a
dream?  I haven!t seen a living person in years.
back as often as you like.  I!m so lonely.

I don!t understand what you mean.

Javier was obsessed with power.  From what he said, I gathered the
type he was looking for was of the destructive sort.

interested in me but they fell on my companions and devoured them. 
Maybe it!s because I was weak with poison and hardly moved.


him out, but we couldn!t move the door, so we left.  I wonder what
happened ...

made it or not.

days later, I suddenly became weak and collapsed.  I died quickly.

I was part of a six-man group looking for some sort of enchanted
bottle! I never really believed it.  But we were ambushed here, and
all died. 
everyone but myself.  For some reason they completely ignored me, and
took my friends.
their weapons were left.

Maybe Javier and Carlos escaped, but I doubt it.  I ran back here and
taking them.  It!s nearby.

thing!s chest and disappear.

was a very slow venom, finally becoming potent right before our group
was ambushed.

Do dead men dream?
passed through here.

It was all Javier!s idea.  He said the bottle held great power, and
that we would find much gold on the way.
I doubt Javier ever found his bottle.  We were too greedy.
why I died.

-----scri 155 "Javier"-----
Uncorking that vial was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.

was powerful, I just didn!t understand what he meant.
friend!s grandfather.  When he was young, a group of Germans camped
near his village and he spied on them ...
vial that killed me.  He stole their maps and copied them.  He gave
them to us forty years later.
were mostly useless, anyway, but they told us the only way to escape
this place.

The old man said it contained the trapped spirit of some powerful
being.  I didn!t know how right he was.

death.  And the others, too.
because of me and this stupid, useless bottle.

We took the gold key from a dead body, far above us, but we never
found the gold door which it opened.

Juan and Pedro both died far above us.  It!s all my fault.

base of the pyramid was with an alien gemstone.
bottom of the pyramid!s dungeons, supposedly.  We never found it.

All I can do is think that I am responsible for their deaths.

know what it was.  I hardly got a glimpse of it.
old man never followed the Germans himself.  Now I guess we know.

-----scri 156-----
Mumble, mumble.  I don!t have a script, sorry. 

Chuck Gray