Wrong Way!
The Catacombs, Elevation: -2.4m

General comments:

The first thing you'll notice when you descend to this level is how dark it is... the second thing will be a rock. ;-)

Keep moving. If you stand around waiting for the Ghouls to appear out of the darkness you'll be an easy target. Don't be fooled by the initial size of this level (see map)... it gets bigger.

If your're running low on ammo there are 61 Parabellum rounds available down here (seven full Walther P4 Magazines and an eighth with three rounds missing).

Oh yeah! You're going down under the Pyramid now. The upper levels were an appetitizer... the main course is about to start... and you're it! ;-)

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with Behrens.

Behrens is one of the three Germans mentioned by Gunther. He reveals a number of interesting things.

Firstly, there were apparently eighteen Germans on the mission to the Pyramid (Muller and seventeen others).

Secondly, no one came back up alive... according to Behrens anyway.

Thirdly, the Germans had machine guns!

Yes, the MP-41. We had several of them.
The group took mine when they left.

Remember we found a MP-41 Magazine on "Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!". Hopefully you kept it.

Fourthly, Behrens tips you off about using your knife against the Ghouls.

My skull was crushed by one of those huge
ghouls. They're not very tough to kill, but
they sure hit hard. I saw Muller killed two
with his knife.

So you can save ammo by using your knife.

Items to find:

Walther P4 Pistol.
Eight Walther P4 Magazines (one loaded in the pistol).

Points to note:

Three locked silver doors and four crystal ladders going down... hmmm.

Monsters to kill:

Ghouls and a few Zombies.

Decision to make:

You see crystal ladders going down. Descending to Welcome, Tasty Primate.