Conversations with the Dead title

Behrens on Wrong Way! (see map)

Behrens on Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!

First meeting remark

You scared me, I thought you were one of
those big rock-throwing monsters. They
still bother me, even now.


Behrens, I think my name is Behrens. It's
hard not to forget, over all this time.

forget (or) time
Death isn't final and abrupt, like I expected.
You're only truly dead when you've forgotten
everything- when you remember nothing of
your former self.


My skull was crushed by one of those huge
ghouls. They're not very tough to kill, but
they sure hit hard. I saw Muller killed two
with his knife.

Muller (or) knife
I saw Muller unload an entire clip from his
machine pistol into a group of those
monsters, and then kill the last two with
his knife.

machine (or) pistol
Yes, the MP-41. We had several of them.
The group took mine when they left.

There were eighteen of us, I think, and I
doubt anyone left alive. I never saw anyone
come back this way.

If Muller hadn't let us use all the grenades
early, on those pathetic headless creatures,
I might still be alive now.
Gunther (or) Hans (or) Joachim
He's dead.


I didn't know Friedrich very well.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

I don't understand you.

What? You're not making sense.

Additional Notes

This conversation contains one of the largest threads in the game. Starting from death it goes to Muller to machine pistol to group to alive.

The word trigger big rock-throwing monsters well also elicit the standard death response.

No response to the name Gunther again! What was wrong with Gunther?

There is no second meeting remark.