But Wait!- That's Not All!
The Hole, Elevation: -327.2m

General comments:

Oh no not another little room (see map). This one has a Saved Game rune and two doors. Only one will open so not much of a choice here. If you happen to take the teleporter back to "Please Excuse Our Dust" note where you arrive. How odd.

Anyway head through the door that opens and... oh no... the door closes behind you and you find yourself in another of those rooms with teleporters (see map). Since the doors won't open I guess you have to use the teleporters. If you take the ones at either end (top or bottom of map) you end up in yet another, almost identical, teleporter room (see map). Note the orientation of this second room. If you're confused between the two rooms drop a different item in each room to identify it.

Once you've sorted yourself out you'll realise that four of the eight teleporters (the ones at either end of the two rooms) just move you between each room. This is actually the same pattern as previous levels but on a somewhat larger scale. The whole effect is obviously meant to mess with your mind. Perhaps the Dreaming God realises that monsters alone aren't going to stop you!

So four teleporters to explore. Which one to take? In the "General Hints" section of the Official Hint Book it makes reference to an old 3D adventure game tip called the Left-Wall-RuleTM. Basically the idea is that if you start off in a given direction and follow along the left wall you'll eventually come back to where you started. You might ask what relevance this has here? Well none actually... apart from the fact that if you use the Left-Wall-RuleTM as soon as you arrive you'll get to the next level in about 30 seconds flat. :-)

Of course if you do that you'll end up missing a handy collection of potions.

The four teleporters take you to four separate areas each leading back to the teleporter room you started out from. Here's the general layout and the potions you'll find in each area:

area 1 (One Bubbling Red Potion)
area 2 (One Pale Violet Potion)
area 3 (One Bubbling Red Potion)
area 4 (Two Clear Blue Potions)

Note that the door you come back through is opposite the teleporter you originally took. The exit teleporter is on area 4.

Items to find:

One Pale Violet Potion
Two Bubbling Red Potions
Two Clear Blue Potions

Monsters to kill:

Venomous Skitters, Greater Nightmares, and Ghasts.

Decision to make:

You see a teleporter. Teleporting to Where Only Fools Dare Tread.