Please Excuse Our Dust
The Hole, Elevation: -102.5m

General comments:

Surpise... surprise! Yes that lone Greater Nightmare is waiting for you when you arrive and there's very little you can do to avoid taking damage. (For an update on this see 'points to note' below).

Oh and look at the mess down here. It looks like this place had visitors. Javier and Carlos perhaps?

Hang on a minute! Check that elevation. We're now only 102.5m below ground. The last level was 1042.4m below the surface. Why are we heading back up?

Watch the wide open spaces on this level (see map). If you get caught out in the open by Greater Nightmares and Ghasts you're going to get some! The two teleports on this part of the level take you to a small teleporter room with three teleporters. Great more choices!

The left and right teleporters take you back but the middle teleporter takes you on to another small teleporter room. The middle teleporter in this room takes you back to the first small teleporter room. Rather similar to the previous level.

If you take the left or right teleporters in the second small teleporter room you end up on another large open area level (see map) which contains something rather bizarre!

The Official Hint Book even comments upon it:

Hey's what does that circle of dead Ghasts do?

Nothing, as far as anybody's been able to figure out.

It's simply described as a "Circle of dead Ghast dust". Oh yeah those are piles of dust just in case you were wondering. Please excuse the dust no doubt. Of course what isn't stated is that it just happens to be seven piles of dust. Why a ring of seven dead Ghasts? Well that's another story.

The theme of this whole level is pretty similar to "Don't Get Poisoned". Explore, pick up the potions, and avoid taking too many hits. You should aim to use not more than one Clear Blue Potion per each section this will ensure that you come away with a gain of two Clear Blue Potions and one Bubbling Red Potion. There is obviously a purpose for these. ;-) The auto-mapping feature resets itself again everytime you visit a different section. Note that the only Save Game rune is at the beginning of the level.

Items to find:

Four Clear Blue Potions
One Bubbling Red Potion

Points to note:

Want to avoid taking a hit from the Greater Nightmare at the start of this level? Well Earthtopus <> offers this tip:

Greater Nightmares are immune to most forms of physical weapon--but not my tired old Orange Crystal. Right out of the teleporter one pop with that freezes the beast allowing you to back up in the square you're in (you appear to move back through the teleporter but since you stay in the same sector you don't retrigger it) allowing you a brief moment in which to safely blast him.

The Blue and Violet Crystals will also do the same job.

Ron Hunsinger <> writes:

You don't need a crystal at all. The important thing is to back up as soon as you arrive, and fire before he has a chance to move. You're just barely in his damage radius, just a tiny step away from safety.

Fancy footwork, that's all. :)

Monsters to kill:

Venomous Skitters, Greater Nightmares, and Ghasts.

Decision to make:

You see a teleporter. Teleporting to But Wait!- That's Not All!.