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Pathways Into Darkness, Brings Texture Mapping to the Mac
The First Continuous-Motion, Texture Mapped 3D Game for the Macintosh®

"The alien projection appeared in the early Spring of 1993, flickering suddenly into existence deep within the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The hologram of the Jjaro diplomat interrupted, quite deliberately, an important briefing of the President by his senior military staff. It told them they had six days to save the world..."

       CHICAGO, IL - Bungie Software is pleased to announce Pathways Into Darkness, a new adventure game for the Macintosh. Pathways Into Darkness has a three dimensional, continuous motion graphics system that utilizes texture mapping. Pathways Into Darkness will raise the standards of Macintosh entertainment and finally bring the Mac and PC game markets in league with each other.

       Unlike traditional 3-D game designs that employ polygon graphics, Pathways Into Darkness offers texture mapping. Real-time texture mapping creates very realistic three dimensional scenes which transport you directly into the action. It's the closest you can get to virtual reality without a helmet. In addition to its advanced technologies, Pathways Into Darkness has an easy to use, mouse-driven interface.

"...Sixty-four million years ago, a large extra-terrestrial object struck the Earth in what would later be called southeastern Mexico. The object was buried thousands of feet below ground, its nearly two kilometer length remarkably intact. It remained there, motionless, for thousands of years before it finally began to stir-- and to dream. It was a member of a race whose history began when the Milky Way was still a formless collection of dust and gas-- a powerful race of immortals which had quickly grown bored of their tiny universe and nearly exterminated themselves in war..."

       Pathways Into Darkness takes place in an ancient Pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula. As a member of a secret special forces team, you have been dropped by parachute to the site of a pre-historic asteroid impact. During your parachute drop you are separated from the rest of your team. Unable to locate them, you assume they are lost, or worse, and embark on your mission to save the world, alone.

"...Though this immortal being can never be killed, the projection of the Jjaro dignitary told us here on Earth that if we acted quickly we could prevent it from awaking. To do this, however, someone was going to have to carry a low-yield nuclear device down to the demon's body and detonate it there."

       During your journey into Pathways, you will encounter a wide variety of monsters and intriguing characters. You'll discover mysterious magical items and weaponry that will help you on your mission. There are more than 4,000,000 square feet of passageways and catacombs with danger and terror lurking around every corner. Pathways Into Darkness has many special features including automapping and active panning stereo sound.

       Pathways Into Darkness is designed to run on any 256 color capable macintosh. The graphics window is resizable to fit on any size monitor. A special "performance mode" makes the game run faster on slower computers. Pathways Into Darkness has a retail price of $69.99. It requires an 8-Bit (256 color) color equipped Macintosh with system 6.0.5 or better and a hard disk.