Never Stop Firing
The Pyramid, Elevation: 2.7m

General comments:

Never Stop Firing... actually don't even bother starting until you meet the Zombies up at the top of the map. With good timing and skillful footwork however you can take a Zombie out with the knife. You may have to do this later so why not practice now. You'll find seven full Walther P4 magazines lying around on this level, there is also an eighth magazine with three rounds missing giving you a total 61 9mm Parabellum rounds. You might reasonably wonder why the Germans were dropping so many full or partially full P4 magazines. But more on that later.

The objective of this level is to open a room at the top of the map containing the Yellow Crystal. The door to the room is opened by pulling two chains. Each chain will open the door half way. Find and pull each chain.

Once you have the Yellow Crystal head back down to the Ground Floor.

Items to find:

Yellow Crystal (you get 2 points for this).
Eight Walther P4 Magazines (one is well hidden behind a rock).

Points to note:

There are no dead people on this level. How many of the 25 levels in the game don't have dead guys? You get one guess! ;-)

Hmmm... the Yellow Crystal doesn't weigh anything!

Monsters to kill:

Headless and a few Zombies.

Decision to make:

You see a ladder going down. Descending to Ground Floor.