Ground Floor: Reprise I
The Pyramid, Elevation: 0m

General comments:

Back on the Ground Floor (see map). Time to use the Yellow Crystal to talk to the dead German soldier. Read the Conversations with the Dead section for help on this. Remember the word triggers.

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier.

This is the first of many informative Conversations with the Dead. The German soldier tells you how two of the locked doors on this level can be opened. Muller, the leader of the expedition, brought a "strange musical instrument" from Germany. It is described as a "bizarre brass device covered with a green cloth". Odd how Muller knew to bring this? Did someone tell him?

There are two external word triggers in this Conversation Mission and Friends. You might be forgiven for missing these since you've not spoken to anyone else yet.

Muller obviously didn't trust his men enough to tell them what their mission was at the pyramid. The manual gives us a clue however:

Apparently the Nazis were looking for a "secret weapon"...

Hmmm... a secret weapon... in this place?!!!

Decision to make:

You see a ladder going up. Ascending to Lock&Load.