The folowing is taken from Bungie's Electronic Press Kit dated May 5, 1995.

From Those Who Know

Some choice comments taken from Pathways Registration cards:

"Finally!" -
M.A., Tampa, FL

"Evil, wicked, addictive, nasty game from Hell. Do it again."
- C.S., Washington, DC

"The best action/adventure game for the Macintosh to date. I wish more companies
would produce this high level of quality games for the Mac
instead of offering us bad quality IBM ports."
- T.R., Scarborough, Canada

"I'm enjoying your exciting game and it puzzles my brains"
- H.M., Okayama, Japan

"As a programmer, I would like to say that this was one of the best all-around
programs I have had the pleasure of playing"
- D.L., Salt Lake City, UT

"Hey - good job! Thank God someone's making good games for the Mac!"
- S.M., Evanston, IL

"This game kicks major, monster-booty ass!!! Well done, Bungie"
- J. D., Dearborn, MI

"When I play Pathways Into Darkness I rant, curse, howl and scream.
My wife thinks I'm going crazy. I love the game! Definitely deserves
the Macworld 1993 award." -H.H., Virginia Beach, VA

"Love it! Keep 'em coming!" - C.W., St. Paul, MN

"Pathways Into Darkness is probably the best game ever for the Macintosh. I look
forward to more games of that type and the good 'virtual reality'
- E.S., Goteborg, Sweden

"It's hard to work while I've got Pathways to play"
- T.H., Huntsville, AL