PID Shapes in Aleph One format

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Hopper <> writes:

These PiD shapes were extracted from the original Shapes resources and converted as faithfully as possible to Aleph One collections. The files are:

PID_Shapes_set1: first 32 collections from full PiD 2.0
PID_Shapes_set2: remaining 18 collections from full PiD 2.0
Demo_A1_Shapes: all 17 collections from A1 demo
Demo_2_Shapes: all 22 collections from 2.0 Power Macintosh demo

Unfortunately, the Pathways into Darkness file formats are not very similar to Marathon's, so some information was lost, and some useful information (like Marathon-style sequences) is not present in the PiD file.

In the "Developers" folder, I included the Perl scripts used for the conversion. (The conversion was done in two parts, with XML as an intermediate format for ease of debugging.) They're hardly commented, but might be interesting to future hackers. Some other scripts in this family are thrown in just for fun.

I had fun learning about another old file format (thanks to Loren Petrich and others who've gone before), and maybe someone out there will find this data useful.

You can get them here (.zip format).

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