String Resources for Pathways Into Darkness v2.0

Thanks to Hopper for extracting these. First posted in the What's New section on March 5, 2012.

  <string index="27309">You need a Macintosh equipped with a PowerPC processor to run this application.</string>
  <stringset index="128">
    <string index="0">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness requires a 68020 processor or higher.</string>
    <string index="1">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness requires Color QuickDraw.</string>
    <string index="2">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness requires System Software 6.0.5 or higher.</string>
    <string index="3">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness requires at least 2000k of free RAM.</string>
    <string index="4">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness requires a monitor which can be set to 256 colors or grays.</string>
    <string index="5">Pathways Into Darkness only works in 256 colors or grays.  Please reset your monitor.</string>
    <string index="6">Sorry, some sort of disk error occurred while accessing your “Saved Games” file.</string>
    <string index="7">The disk containing your “Saved Games” file is too full to complete the requested action.  Free some space and try again.</string>
    <string index="8">Pathways was unable to create a “Saved Games” file.  At least 300k of free hard disk space is required.</string>
    <string index="9">Sorry, either the volume containing the “Saved Games” file or the “Saved Games” file itself is locked.  Please unlock the volume or file and try again.</string>
    <string index="10">Your “Maps” file appears to be corrupted or otherwise unreadable.</string>
    <string index="11">Please be sure the files “Maps”, “Shapes”, and “Sounds” are in the same folder as the Pathways Into Darkness application and try again.</string>
    <string index="12">Sorry, that player is out of date and can’t be used with this version of Pathways Into Darkness.</string>
    <string index="13">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness couldn’t allocate any sound channels (they may be in use by other applications).  There will be no sound.</string>
    <string index="14">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness couldn’t allocate three sound channels (some may be in use by other applications).  There will only be one-channel sound.</string>
    <string index="15">Your “Saved Games” file was corrupted but has been repaired.  Unfortunately, one or more saved games may have been lost in the process.  We apologize for the inconvenience.</string>
    <string index="16">Sorry, Pathways Into Darkness does not run on a write-protected volume.  Please copy the Pathways Demo folder to your hard drive and try again.</string>
  <stringset index="1000">
    <string index="0">You’re so encumbered with objects that you can’t move.  Try dropping something heavy.</string>
    <string index="1">You can’t move the ^1 into itself!  The consistency of the universe is at stake here— knock it off!</string>
    <string index="2">Sorry, the ^1 won’t fit into the ^2.</string>
    <string index="3">You don’t seem to be able to do anything interesting with the ^1.</string>
    <string index="4">You can’t drop the ^1 here, move somewhere else and try again.</string>
    <string index="5">The ^1 cannot be used while inside a container.  Move it to the top level and try again.</string>
    <string index="6">You can’t ready the ^1 because you don’t have any ammunition for it.</string>
    <string index="7">Sorry, there’s no room left on this level to drop the ^1 (so much for virtual reality, huh?).</string>
  <stringset index="1001">
    <string index="0">The pen and paper are used to keep a map of your journey into the catacombs.

To view the map, which is updated automatically, double-click on it.</string>
    <string index="1">This digital watch is a standard U.S. Special Forces issue timekeeping device.

Double-click on the watch to take it off or put it back on.</string>
    <string index="2">On the side of this flashlight is a label promising the batteries will last for six days of constant operation.

Double-click on the flashlight to turn it on and off.</string>
    <string index="3">When worn, these infra-red goggles will extend your vision into the infra-red spectrum.  Using light-amplification technology, they also extend the range of your normal vision.

Double-click on the infra-red goggles to wear or remove them.</string>
    <string index="4">This gas mask is of Cuban manufacture, and would probably fit you.

Double-click on the gas mask to put it on or take it off.</string>
    <string index="5"></string>
    <string index="6">You don’t notice anything interesting about the canvas bag.</string>
    <string index="7">This LAW can penetrate five inches if tank armor.  Be sure not to fire it in an enclosed space.

Double-click on the LAW to ready it for combat.</string>
    <string index="8">Besides its aromatic smell in this foul place, you notice the inside of the box is warm to the touch.  Hmmmm...</string>
    <string index="9">This bag is made from a plush red velvet, tied with a gold rope.  It seems unusually light.</string>
    <string index="10">The lead box is extremely heavy.  Its lock is rusted and useless, but it still shuts tightly.</string>
    <string index="11"></string>
    <string index="12">This elaborate vial seems to glow softly from within, though its seal is broken and the glass is cracked in several places.  It appears to be empty.</string>
    <string index="13"></string>
    <string index="14">You don’t notice anything interesting about the red cloak.

Double-click on the cloak to put it on or take it off.</string>
    <string index="15"></string>
    <string index="16">This is the five kiloton nuclear device carried into the catacombs by the other members of your special forces team.

Double-click on the device to begin its detonation sequence.</string>
    <string index="17">This is one of the three radio beacons your special forces team was to use to signal the extraction team.

Double-click on the beacon to trigger it.  Doing this inside the dungeon will be useless, however, as your signal will not reach the surface.</string>
    <string index="18">This vial contains a pale blue liquid, and smells very strongly of a spice unfamiliar to you.

Double-click on the potion to drink it.</string>
    <string index="19">This vial contains a bubbling red liquid, and smells almost alcoholic.  The tiny whiff you got while uncorking the potion made your head spin.

Double-click on the potion to drink it.</string>
    <string index="20">This vial contains a brown liquid so thick that you originally thought it was solid.  Its sharp smell reminds you of fresh road tar.

Double-click on the potion to spoon it out with your finger and eat it.</string>
    <string index="21">This vial contains a violet liquid which smells like a type of flowers you can’t quite place.

Double-click on the potion to drink it.</string>
    <string index="22">This is one of the original copies of Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”  Given the gravity of the task at hand and your lack of any knowledge of German whatsoever, it probably wouldn’t make very good reading at the moment.</string>
    <string index="23">This is a small pamphlet written entirely in German.  The words “Hitler” and “Deutschland” recur frequently.</string>
    <string index="24">Although you don’t have any formal schooling in the morphology of bird’s eggs, you get the distinct impression that this is someone’s bad idea of a joke.

Double-click on the egg to eat it.</string>
    <string index="25">The muzzle of this M-16 is bent just enough to render it useless.</string>
    <string index="26">This AK-47 was exposed to very high temperatures or a large electric field.  Either way, its moving parts are all fused and the weapon is useless.</string>
    <string index="27">The trigger, among other things, has rusted off this MP-41 submachine gun.  It is useless.</string>
    <string index="28">The trigger, among other things, has rusted off this Walther P4.  It is useless.</string>
    <string index="29">You don’t notice anything particularly interesting about this valuable ring.

Double-click on the ring to put it on or take it off.</string>
    <string index="30">You don’t notice anything particularly interesting about this valuable ring.

Double-click on the ring to put it on or take it off.</string>
    <string index="31">Besides the almost unbelievable size of the six diamonds in this necklace, there isn’t much to say about it.

Double-click on the necklace to put it on (come on, “it’s you!”) or take it off.</string>
    <string index="32">This strange stone glows slightly and is warm to the touch.</string>
    <string index="33">This bizarre musical instrument reminds you vaguely of a book you once read while you were a child.  You can’t quite place it.

Double-click on the pipes to blow into the hole which looks most like the mouthpiece.</string>
    <string index="34">This heavy key is made from solid silver.</string>
    <string index="35">There is nothing particularly interesting about the silver bowl.</string>
    <string index="36">This very heavy key is made from solid gold.  There is writing all over the key in a symbolic language you don’t understand.</string>
    <string index="37">This gold ingot is extremely heavy, but must be worth plenty of money.</string>
    <string index="38">You don’t notice anything interesting about the sapphire.</string>
    <string index="39"></string>
    <string index="40">You don’t notice anything interesting about the emerald.</string>
    <string index="41">You don’t notice anything interesting about the large pearl.</string>
    <string index="42"></string>
    <string index="43"></string>
    <string index="44">This ornate gold mask depicts a vaguely human face in great pain.

Double-click on the mask to put it on or take it off.</string>
    <string index="45">Double-click on the survival knife to ready it for combat.</string>
    <string index="46">The Walther P4 was the most common sidearm of the German army during the Second World War.  It’s magazines hold eight 9mm Parabellum rounds.

Double-click on the Walther P4 to ready it for combat.  New magazines will be loaded automatically.</string>
    <string index="47">This is a Colt .45 pistol.

You can’t use the Colt .45 right now because you don’t have any ammunition for it.</string>
    <string index="48">The Schmeisser MP-41 was a German submachine gun from the Second World War.  It’s magazines hold 32 9mm Parabellum rounds, fired at 500 rounds per minute.

Double-click on the MP-41 to ready it for combat.  Magazines will be loaded automatically.</string>
    <string index="49">The AK-47 is a Soviet-built assault rifle.  Its magazines hold 30 7.62mm rounds, fired at 600 rounds per minute.  It hits nearly twice as hard as the German MP-41.

Double-click on the AK-47 to ready it for combat.  Magazines will be loaded automatically.</string>
    <string index="50">The M-79 is an American-made grenade launcher.  It is a single-shot weapon used to fire grenades at high velocities.

Double-click on the M-79 to ready it for combat.  New cartridges will be loaded automatically.</string>
    <string index="51">This is a magazine of 9mm Parabellum rounds for the Walther P4.</string>
    <string index="52">This is a magazine of 9mm Parabellum rounds for the Schmeisser MP-41.</string>
    <string index="53">This is a magazine of 7.62mm rounds for the AK-47.</string>
    <string index="54">This is a magazine of HE (high-explosive) 7.62mm rounds for the AK-47.</string>
    <string index="55">This is a magazine of SABOT (armor-piercing) 7.62mm rounds for the AK-47.</string>
    <string index="56">This is a magazine of 7.62mm rounds for the M-16.</string>
    <string index="57">This is a magazine for your Colt pistol.</string>
    <string index="58">This is a HE (high-explosive) grenade cartridge for the M-79.</string>
    <string index="59">This is a fragmentation grenade cartridge for the M-79</string>
    <string index="60">This is a projectile (slug) cartridge for the M-79.</string>
    <string index="61">This silver military medal is obviously of German origin.</string>
    <string index="62">Welcome to the Pathways Into Darkness Demo.  For ordering information, call Bungie Software at 312/563-6200.  Check the “READ ME!” file for documentation.  Good luck!</string>
    <string index="63">Congratulations, you’ve finished the Pathways Into Darkness Demo!  The complete game has over 25 levels, more monsters, more weapons and MORE CARNAGE!  See your favorite software retailer or call Bungie at 312/563-6200 for more information.</string>
    <string index="64">The yellow crystal seems to hum in your hand.

To begin charging the yellow crystal, double-click on it.  Discharge it by pressing TAB while standing over a dead person to talk to them.</string>
    <string index="65">The blue crystal is very cold, and almost transparent.

To begin charging the blue crystal, double-click on it.  Discharge it by pressing TAB to freeze monsters.</string>
    <string index="66">The orange crystal is hot to the touch.  Strange shadows flicker in and out of view inside it.

To begin charging the orange crystal, double-click on it.  Discharge it by pressing TAB to burn monsters.</string>
    <string index="67"></string>
    <string index="68">This glowing crystal is continually giving you static shocks, and your hair stands on end when you hold it.

To begin charging the violet crystal, double-click on it.  Discharge it by pressing TAB.</string>
    <string index="69">The green crystal is very rough in texture, and vibrates slightly in your hands.

To begin charging the green crystal, double-click on it.  Discharge it by pressing TAB.</string>
    <string index="70">It is very painful to handle this crystal, as if were covered with tiny needles.

To begin charging the black crystal, double-click on it.  Discharge it by pressing TAB.</string>
  <stringset index="1002">
    <string index="0">There is a long iron chain here, hanging from a hole in the ceiling.  Do you want to pull it?</string>
    <string index="1">You have a strange and inexplicable feeling that it wouldn’t be very sly to try and rest right now.</string>
    <string index="2">Your health is already at maximum, and resting will only pass time.  Do you want to rest anyway?</string>
    <string index="3">Sorry, you can’t get quality rest while you are poisoned.  Find a cure or wait for the poison to wear off.</string>
    <string index="4">Be sure your external speakers (or headphones) are connected properly and that you have enabled Stereo Output from the Sound Control Panel.</string>
    <string index="5">Be careful: you have disabled Pathways ability to warn you when background processes are slowing down your game.</string>
    <string index="6">Sorry, you can’t save your game here.  Look for a circular red rune on the ground and try again there.</string>
    <string index="7">You don’t seem to be able to find your map.  You must have dropped it somewhere.</string>
    <string index="8">Your mission is to arm the bomb as low in the catacombs as possible, and you don’t think this is the lowest you will be able to descend.</string>
    <string index="9">The detonation delay you entered is invalid.  What are you trying to do, confuse a nuclear bomb? Try again.</string>
    <string index="10">Sorry, the code you have entered is incorrect.  The rest of your team must have changed it since your briefing last week.</string>
    <string index="11">You feel extremely weak, but are unable to rest and restore your health.  Something is very wrong.</string>
    <string index="12">Somehow you don’t think it would be a very good idea to rest right now, with these strange creatures flying around your head.</string>
    <string index="13">Once the Nuclear Device has been armed, the countdown cannot be stopped.  Drop it and get out!</string>
    <string index="14">You could use the radio beacon now, but it wouldn’t do any good because you’re inside or underground.  Wait until you exit the pyramid.</string>
    <string index="15">It appears that the Alien Gemstone would fit perfectly in the pedastal.  Do you want to place it there?</string>
    <string index="16">Are you sure you want to permanently delete the saved game “^1” ?</string>
  <stringset index="1003">
    <string index="0">You have been cooked by a Nightmare.  Don’t worry, it happens to everyone a few times.</string>
    <string index="1">You have died a horrible and nasty death.  Wipe off that green goo and try again.</string>
    <string index="2">You have died.  Those Banshees are really annoying, aren’t they?</string>
    <string index="3">Sorry, you have died.  Those Ghouls really have a mean fastball.</string>
    <string index="4">You’ve just been killed by a Zombie.  They’re pretty good with those bones, aren’t they?</string>
    <string index="5">Oozes.  They’re everywhere.  Can’t stand ’em.</string>
    <string index="6">You have been killed by a Wraith.  I hope you got a good look at it before you died.</string>
    <string index="7">You have been grilled by one of those annoying electrical spheres.  Get used to it.</string>
    <string index="8">Well, if you needed a light, I guess you got one.</string>
    <string index="9">That was fun, what’s your next plan?</string>
    <string index="10">You’ve been caught in the sticky strands of a Skitter’s web and devoured.  Tasty.</string>
    <string index="11">Seven men in overcoats jump from the shadows and carry you away.  You are never heard from again.</string>
    <string index="12">You have died in an earthquake.  I hate it when that happens.</string>
    <string index="13">Those green guys just don’t give up, do they?  Hmmm...</string>
    <string index="14">You wake up weeks, perhaps months later, staring at the stars and wondering “Where the hell’s my roof?”</string>
    <string index="15">You’ve been killed by a Greater Nightmare (and yes, those projectiles are guided).</string>
    <string index="16">You’ve been killed by a Venemous Skitter.  Try shooting it before it shoots you.</string>
    <string index="17">The Alien Gemstone has fully drained your vitality and you collapse to the ground, helpless.</string>
    <string index="18">As the air gets more and more stale, you finally pass out.  You have died of suffocation.</string>
    <string index="19">The poison has slowly done it’s work, and you fall lifeless to the ground.</string>
    <string index="20">Ouch.  Maybe next time you won’t walk over one of those pods when your vitality is so low.</string>
    <string index="21">You were standing too close to that Nightmare when it died.  Wipe off the goo and try again.</string>
    <string index="22">Those circling, squeaking rat-things finally gnawed you to death.</string>
    <string index="23">These flying reptiles aren’t as easy to get rid of as the flying rats, are they?</string>
    <string index="24">Well, the good news is that you successfully detonated the nuclear device.  Pyrrhus would be proud.</string>
    <string index="25">The dreaming god has awakened; you hardly even remember dying.</string>
  <stringset index="1004">
    <string index="0">You have escaped the pyramid!  Unfortunately you forgot to arm the nuclear device and the world will soon be destroyed, despite all your heriocs under the pyramid.</string>
    <string index="1">You have escaped the pyramid!  Unfortunately you set the bomb to detonate after the god had already awakened.  Ooops.  The world will soon be destroyed.</string>
    <string index="2">You have escaped the pyramid!  Unfortunately you don’t have a radio beacon, and the bomb goes off before you are able to reach a safe distance on foot.  You have died (but look on the bright side, at least you saved the planet).</string>
    <string index="3">You have escaped the pyramid!  Unfortunately you don’t have a radio beacon and you are forced to escape on foot.  It takes you eight hours, but you finally reach the extraction team and safety.  You have won!</string>
    <string index="4">You have escaped the pyramid!  Unfortunately the bomb goes off before the extraction team is able to retrieve and carry you to safety.  You have died (at least everyone else in the world won’t suffer the same fate).</string>
    <string index="5">You have escaped the pyramid!  The extraction team picks you up and carries you to safety.  Right on schedule, the bomb detonates and buries the dreaming god.  You have won!</string>
  <stringset index="2000">
    <string index="0">Map</string>
    <string index="1">Digital Watch</string>
    <string index="2">Flashlight</string>
    <string index="3">Infra-Red Goggles</string>
    <string index="4">Gas Mask</string>
    <string index="5"></string>
    <string index="6">Canvas Bag</string>
    <string index="7"></string>
    <string index="8">Cedar Box</string>
    <string index="9">Red Velvet Bag</string>
    <string index="10">Lead Box</string>
    <string index="11"></string>
    <string index="12">Ornate Glass Vial</string>
    <string index="13"></string>
    <string index="14">Red Cloak</string>
    <string index="15"></string>
    <string index="16">Nuclear Device</string>
    <string index="17">Radio Beacon</string>
    <string index="18">Clear Blue Potion</string>
    <string index="19">Bubbling Red Potion</string>
    <string index="20">Thick Brown Potion</string>
    <string index="21">Pale Violet Potion</string>
    <string index="22">Copy of Mein Kampf</string>
    <string index="23">Nazi Propaganda</string>
    <string index="24">Easter Egg</string>
    <string index="25">Broken M-16</string>
    <string index="26">Melted AK-47</string>
    <string index="27">Rusted MP-41</string>
    <string index="28">Rusted Walther P4</string>
    <string index="29">Ruby Ring</string>
    <string index="30">Amethyst Ring</string>
    <string index="31">Diamond Necklace</string>
    <string index="32">Alien Gemstone</string>
    <string index="33">Alien Pipes</string>
    <string index="34">Silver Key</string>
    <string index="35">Silver Bowl</string>
    <string index="36">Gold Key</string>
    <string index="37">Gold Ingot</string>
    <string index="38">Sapphire</string>
    <string index="39"></string>
    <string index="40">Emerald</string>
    <string index="41">Large Pearl</string>
    <string index="42"></string>
    <string index="43"></string>
    <string index="44"></string>
    <string index="45">Survival Knife</string>
    <string index="46">Walther P4 Pistol</string>
    <string index="47">Colt .45 Pistol</string>
    <string index="48">MP-41 Submachine Gun</string>
    <string index="49">AK-47 Assault Rifle</string>
    <string index="50">M-79 Grenade Launcher</string>
    <string index="51">Walther P4 Magazine</string>
    <string index="52">MP-41 Magazine</string>
    <string index="53">AK-47 Magazine</string>
    <string index="54">AK-47 HE Magazine</string>
    <string index="55">AK-47 SABOT Magazine</string>
    <string index="56">M-16 Magazine</string>
    <string index="57">Colt .45 Magazine</string>
    <string index="58">40mm HE Cartridge</string>
    <string index="59">40mm Fragmentation Cartridge</string>
    <string index="60">40mm Projectile Cartridge</string>
    <string index="61">Silver Medal</string>
    <string index="62">Note</string>
    <string index="63">Bungie Propaganda</string>
    <string index="64">Yellow Crystal</string>
    <string index="65">Blue Crystal</string>
    <string index="66">Orange Crystal</string>
    <string index="67"></string>
    <string index="68">Violet Crystal</string>
    <string index="69">Green Crystal</string>
    <string index="70">Black Crystal</string>
  <stringset index="2001">
    <string index="0">Nightmare</string>
    <string index="1">Headless</string>
    <string index="2">Phantasm</string>
    <string index="3">Ghoul</string>
    <string index="4">Zombie</string>
    <string index="5">Ooze</string>
    <string index="6">Invisible Wraith</string>
    <string index="7">Shocking Sphere</string>
    <string index="8"></string>
    <string index="9"></string>
    <string index="10">Skitter</string>
    <string index="11">Sentinel</string>
    <string index="12">Ghast</string>
    <string index="13"></string>
    <string index="14">Stalker</string>
    <string index="15">Greater Nightmare</string>
    <string index="16">Venemous Skitter</string>
  <stringset index="2002">
    <string index="0">You see a strange rune.</string>
    <string index="1">You see a dead German soldier.</string>
    <string index="2">You see a dead German solider.</string>
    <string index="3">You see a ladder going up.</string>
    <string index="4">You see a ladder going down.</string>
    <string index="5">You see a heavy iron chain.</string>
    <string index="6">You see a strange blue rune.</string>
    <string index="7">You see a dead American soldier.</string>
    <string index="8">You see a crystal ladder going down.</string>
    <string index="9">You see a crystal ladder going up.</string>
    <string index="10">You see a crystal ladder going down.</string>
    <string index="11">You see a crystal ladder going up.</string>
    <string index="12">You see a circle of green arrows.</string>
    <string index="13">You see a circle of yellow arrows.</string>
    <string index="14">You see a dead person.</string>
    <string index="15">You see a ruptured pod.</string>
    <string index="16">You see a vine ladder leading up.</string>
    <string index="17">You see a vine ladder leading down.</string>
  <stringset index="2003">
    <string index="0">Body</string>
    <string index="1">Save Rune</string>
    <string index="2">Doors</string>
    <string index="3">Ladders</string>
    <string index="4">You Are Here</string>
  <stringset index="2004">
    <string index="0">Maps</string>
    <string index="1">Shapes</string>
    <string index="2">Sounds</string>
    <string index="3">Saved Games</string>
    <string index="4">Pathways Preferences</string>
  <stringset index="2005">
    <string index="0">There seems to be nothing of interest here.</string>
    <string index="1">Mmmm... That was good.</string>
    <string index="2">You feel extremely lightheaded</string>
    <string index="3">Yuk!  That tasted awful!</string>
    <string index="4">You quickly lose all sensation in your skin.</string>
    <string index="5">You have become more experienced with your weapon.</string>
    <string index="6">The chain clanks, and you hear a faint noise in the distance.</string>
    <string index="7">Uh oh.</string>
    <string index="8">You see the Nuclear Device.</string>
    <string index="9">The violet pod explodes!</string>
    <string index="10">The crystal shattered!</string>
    <string index="11">The crystal discharged, but nothing happened!</string>
    <string index="12">You see a dead %s.</string>
    <string index="13">%s dropped.</string>
    <string index="14">%s taken.</string>
    <string index="15">Ascending to “%P”.</string>
    <string index="16">Descending to “%P”.</string>
    <string index="17">Teleporting to “%P”.</string>
    <string index="18">Restoring game on “%P”.</string>
    <string index="19">Reverting to “%P”.</string>
  <stringset index="2006">
    <string index="0">Melee Combat</string>
    <string index="1">Colt .45 Pistol</string>
    <string index="2">Walther P4 Pistol</string>
    <string index="3">MP-41 Submachine Gun</string>
    <string index="4">M-16 Rifle</string>
    <string index="5">AK-47 Assault Rifle</string>
    <string index="6">M-79 Grenade Launcher</string>
    <string index="7"></string>
  <stringset index="2007">
    <string index="0">Beginner</string>
    <string index="1">Novice</string>
    <string index="2">Expert</string>
  <stringset index="2008">
    <string index="0"> (empty)</string>
    <string index="1"> (on)</string>
    <string index="2"> (in hand)</string>
    <string index="3"> (ready)</string>
    <string index="4"> (worn)</string>
    <string index="5"> (on wrist)</string>
  <stringset index="2009">
    <string index="0">Sunday</string>
    <string index="1">Monday</string>
    <string index="2">Tuesday</string>
    <string index="3">Wednesday</string>
    <string index="4">Thursday</string>
    <string index="5">Friday</string>
    <string index="6">Saturday</string>
  <stringset index="2010">
    <string index="0">REST</string>
    <string index="1">SEARCH</string>
    <string index="2">MAP</string>
  <stringset index="2011">
    <string index="0">EXAMINE</string>
    <string index="1">DROP</string>
  <stringset index="2012">
    <string index="0">Inventory</string>
    <string index="1">Messages</string>
    <string index="2">Pathways Into Darkness</string>
    <string index="3">Untitled Game</string>
  <stringset index="2013">
    <string index="0">Health</string>
    <string index="1">Power</string>
    <string index="2">Progress</string>
    <string index="3">Weapon Proficiencies</string>
    <string index="4">You are %d.%dm above ground.  You have scored %d of %d points and recovered $%d.%d%s in treasure.</string>
    <string index="5">You are %d.%dm below ground.  You have scored %d of %d points and recovered $%d.%d%s in treasure.</string>
  <stringset index="2014">
    <string index="0">That is incorrect, try again.</string>
    <string index="1">right</string>
    <string index="2">left</string>
  <stringset index="2015">
    <string index="0"> ready.</string>
    <string index="1"> put away.</string>
    <string index="2"> turned on.</string>
    <string index="3"> turned off.</string>
    <string index="4"> worn.</string>
    <string index="5"> removed.</string>
  <stringset index="2016">
    <string index="0">Total Weight: %3.2f kg.</string>
    <string index="1">Weight: %3.2f kg.</string>
  <stringset index="2017">
    <string index="0">Damage Inflicted
Damage Taken
    <string index="1">
Damage Ratio
    <string index="2">Carnage Bonus (+1 per 250 bodies)
Accuracy Bonus (+1 per 10%% over 40%%)
    <string index="3">Treasure Bonus (+1 per $100K)
Time Bonus (+1 per 10 hours left)
Mission Bonus
    <string index="4">Survival Bonus
    <string index="5">
Total Score</string>
    <string index="6">
Body Count
    <string index="7">
Overall Accuracy
  <stringset index="2018">
    <string index="0">Ground Floor</string>
    <string index="1">Never Stop Firing</string>
    <string index="2">Lock&Load</string>
    <string index="3">They May Be Slow...</string>
    <string index="4">...But They’re Hungry</string>
    <string index="5">Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!</string>
    <string index="6">Ascension</string>
    <string index="7">Wrong Way!</string>
    <string index="8">Welcome, Tasty Primate</string>
    <string index="9">We Can See In The Dark... Can You?</string>
    <string index="10">Feel The Power</string>
    <string index="11">A Plague of Demons</string>
    <string index="12">Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares</string>
    <string index="13">The Labyrinth</string>
    <string index="14">Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage</string>
    <string index="15">Need A Light?</string>
    <string index="16">Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch’Intrate</string>
    <string index="17">Watch Your Step</string>
    <string index="18">I’d Rather Be Surfing</string>
    <string index="19">Warning: Earthquake Zone</string>
    <string index="20">Don’t Get Poisoned</string>
    <string index="21">Please Excuse Our Dust</string>
    <string index="22">But Wait!— That’s Not All!</string>
    <string index="23">Where Only Fool Dare Tread</string>
    <string index="24">Ok, Who Else Wants Some?</string>
    <string index="25">Entrance To Hell</string>
    <string index="26">Search Me!</string>
    <string index="27">Carnage From Above</string>
  <stringset index="2019">
    <string index="0">Floor&Ceiling Textures</string>
    <string index="1">Plain Floors&Ceilings</string>
  <stringset index="2020">
    <string index="0">Demo Maps</string>
    <string index="1">Demo Shapes</string>
    <string index="2">Demo Sounds</string>
    <string index="3">Demo Saved Games</string>
    <string index="4">Pathways Demo Preferences</string>
  <stringset index="2021">
    <string index="0">Ground Floor</string>
    <string index="1">Charon Doesn’t Make Change</string>
    <string index="2">Come And Take Your Medicine</string>