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Aug 23, 2000

Raul Bonilla <biomeca@hotmail.com> writes:

Now where have we seen this before? Hmmm....

Herbert Cull <gscull@swbell.net> makes this interesting observation about the dead Germans in the Pathways Into Darkness demo v2.0:

The odd thing is that there is no yellow crystal, so the dead Germans (on Ground Floor and Charon Doesn't Make Change) can't talk.

Of course, the prize is the "Bungie Propaganda". After you kill the critters guarding it.

If you check the 'scri' resource for the demo you'll find encoded conversations. What do they say? And how can we get the dead in the demo to talk... we need a Yellow Crystal right? But how do we get a Yellow Crystal? All will be revealed after the summer break... unless you already know the answer. ;-)

topsnark <TopSnark@aol.com> writes:

I have the distinction of playing through PID without wasting a single clip of ammo (only that duplicated in the box), which proves both difficult and pointless, to a normal person anyway. However, I did discover that there is a limit (about 40, I forget now) of items per level, bagged or otherwise, as well as a limit of inventory items-- a lot easier to reach if you don't use any walther ammo. This is connected to the strings on the page about the velvet bag.

topsnark continues:

Furthur comments: Lock and Load: this is indeed a common military term, but searching for it online found conflicting results (here's one: http://www.vietvet.org/glossary.htm

July 17, 2000

James Klauder <jklauder@excite.com> writes concerning the level name "Lock&Load. See the What's in a Name section.

July 15, 2000

Ben Riley <Benhotep@aol.com> writes concerning the level name "I'd Rather Be Surfing". See the What's in a Name section.

Muhsin Miski <mmiski@mac-addict.com> makes an interesting comparison between an unknown alien in Halo and a Nightmare:

Looks like another similarity:


The top portion of this monster looks similar to a nightmare from PID. To me it looks like a mix between a wight (from Myth 2) and a nightmare. Could it be a suicidal nightmare that explodes?!

June 24, 2000

mizark316 (full name pending) <mizark316@earthlink.net> writes concerning an unused melted AK-47 text string:

STR# 1001/String #8 (Melted AK-47) This AK-47 was exposed to very high temperatures or a large electric field. Either way, its moving parts are all fused and the weapon is useless.

This may have supposedly meant that originally some of the Cubans died Labyrinth (large electrical field - electrical orbs) or on Need a Light (very high temperatures - Blue Meanie).

June 17, 2000

Added some clarification about the level names in the Pathways Into Darkness Demo v2.0. See the Original Level Names for details.

June 16, 2000

Andrew Nagy <removed0@hotmail.com> makes some interesting observations about the original level names. See the Original Level Names for details.

Andrew also writes:

Seems to me that knowing enough about Pathways to make your death associated somehow with a Sentinel would make you a prime target for silencing by Bungie's goon squad.

June 15, 2000

Max Etchemendy <mxetch@yahoo.com> makes an interesting observation about the level name "Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares" and the Marathon 2 level "Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks". See the Original Level Names for details.

June 14, 2000

Tim Branin <Sonofhydra@aol.com> writes concerning the Monk reference in the Pathways manual. See The Sentinel for details.

June 13, 2000

Sentinel... Buddha... Monk? What secret does the Sentinel hold? See the newly activated The Sentinel section for the tru7h!

June 12, 2000

mizark316 (full name pending) <mizark316@earthlink.net> spots an error in Russ Taylor's Pathways point totals spoiler. This is a good time to make the 41 or 42? section live. Just how many points can you accumulate in the game?

Sherlock Holmes reference in Pathways? Douglas Black <douglas.black@usa.net> thinks so. See the Death Messages section for details.

June 11, 2000

Mauro Braunstein <EllBrau@aol.com> writes concerning the strange unseen death message:

Seven men in overcoats jump from the shadows and
carry you away. You are never heard from again.

See the Death Messages section for details.

June 8, 2000

What's in a Name? Alot... particularly when you've got four. Phantasms, Specters, Shades... Banshees? See the Banshees section for details.

Interesting to note that according to a Halo preview in the July 2000 edition of PC Gamer UK the Covenants' hover-craft are catchily referred to as Banshees.

June 3, 2000

John Van <squabblysquabble@yahoo.com> writes:

I was browsing through the PID archives and poking around with the pathways demo (all i have!) when i saw on the "Death Messages" page that this appears:

Two of these death messages never appear in the full game, namely:

Seven men in overcoats jump from the shadows and carry you away. You are never heard from again.


You wake up weeks, perhaps months later, staring at the stars and wondering "Where the Hell's my roof?"

well, i dont know about the first one, but i'm almost positive i've got the second one! it was in the demo (of course, see above!) and one of those brown lumpy things, which in the textscrolling whatver window called a stalker (i killed it one time), but looks like this: http://pid.bungie.org/ooze.html had killed me. the message didn't make a bit of sense, but it appeared.

i can't really remember where this thing was, i think it was on "Come and take your medicine" somewhere around one of the phantasms things.

Nice one! Not many people are aware of this. Check out The Stalker section for full details. :-)

June 2, 2000

Today is a good day to die! But which way? There are 28 ways to do die in Pathways plus two mysterious ways! Find out on the new Death Messages section.

Some books on the Maya and the Yucatan for your perusal... 1, 2, and 3

May 29, 2000

Added the little known Epilogue to the Facts and Puzzling Things About... section along with some comments from Jason Jones. Yup new insights! :-)

May 20, 2000

A number of people have written about the endings in Pathways Into Darkness. There's more than six right? Well... best check the Multiple Endings section for the tru7h!

May 10, 2000

Check out those six possible endings to the game.

May 8, 2000

One year and 3 days on we finally get to the exit on Ground Floor. Been a long trip but the real trip isn't over yet!

May 5, 2000

Ryan Hunt <quakegod@ignmail.com> writes concerning the Special Forces figure on box cover artwork seen recently in The Pyramid section.

Matt Heath <PoetOTR@aol.com> also writes concerning the same Special Forces figure. See The Pyramid section for full details.

Tim Branin <Sonofhydra@aol.com> also writes about the Pyramid. See The Pyramid section for full details.

May 3, 2000

Raul Bonilla <biomeca@hotmail.com> writes concerning the Pathways Into Darkness box cover. See The Pyramid section for full details.

May 2, 2000

Walter's little secret has been locked away for nearly sixty. Find out what it was on Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares.