Multiple Endings

The End

"...keep in mind that if you wish to survive,
you must escape to the surface and signal the
extraction team with a radio beacon. Allow ten
minutes for pickup, and another ten minutes to
reach minimum safe distance."

This is the end.

But which one?

Pathways Into Darkness has multiple endings. Here are the main six.

You have escaped the pyramid! Unfortunately you
forgot to arm the nuclear device and the world will
soon be destroyed, despite all your heriocs under the

You have escaped the pyramid! Unfortunately you set
the bomb to detonate after the god had already
awakened. Ooops. The world will soon be destroyed.

You have escaped the pyramid! Unfortunately you
don't have a radio beacon, and the bomb goes off
before you are able to reach a safe distance on foot.
You have died (but look on the bright side, at least you
saved the planet).

You have escaped the pyramid! Unfortunately the
bomb goes off before the extraction team is able to
retrieve and carry you to safety. You have died (at
least everyone else in the world won't suffer the same

You have escaped the pyramid! Unfortunately you
don't have a radio beacon and you are forced to
escape on foot. It takes you eight hours, but you
finally reach the extraction team and safety. You
have won!

You have escaped the pyramid! The extraction team
picks you up and carries you to safety. Right on
schedule, the bomb detonates and buries the dreaming
god. You have won!

Only the last two are totally successful endings. The last being perfect. Both will elicit the final pyramid destruction scene.

In addition to the above six endings there are two "endings" that can occur while still inside the pyramid. Technically these are not 'end game' endings since no final player stats window appears and you are offered the opportunity to restore your game. Fail to get out of the pyramid before the sleeping God awakes and you're toast!

The dreaming god has awakened; you hardly even
remember dying.
Fail to get out of the pyramid before the bomb goes off and you're "burnt" toast! ;-)
Well the good news is that you successfully detonated
the nuclear device. Pyrrhus would be proud.
The reference to Pyrrhus comes from ancient history. Pyrrhus (peer' uhs) c.318-272 B.C was king of the Hellenistic kingdom of Epirus (northwestern Greece). He fought at Ipsus in Asia Minor in the service of Demetrius Poliorcetes (later Demetrius I) of Macedon, and by the aid of Ptolemy I he became (297 B.C.) joint king of Epirus with Neoptolemus. He removed Neoptolemus from the throne, but before his kingdom was consolidated he went to war with Demetrius; Pyrrhus obtained half of Macedonia and Thessaly but was driven back (c.286) by Lysimachus. He then went to Italy with a large force to aid the Tarentines and defeated the Romans at Heraclea. In the same year Pyrrhus' peace proposals were rejected by the Romans. In 279 he again defeated the Romans at Asculum in Apulia. His heavy losses caused him to declare, "one more such victory and I am lost," thus the origin of the term "Pyrrhic victory."

A victory won at excessive cost is referred to as a Pyrrhic victory.

Winston Churchill <> writes concerning the mysterious seventh ending:

What about if you set the bomb to detonate just after the extraction team comes in to pick you up. The manual says it takes them ten minutes to get there and ten minutes to reach minimum safe distance, so maybe the seventh ending would have said something like "the team picked you up, but the bomb went off before you were far enough away."

HB's Pathways Into Darkness Walkthrough has this to say about the ending in which you have no radio beacon and must escape on foot.

You see the same pyramid image, but the helicopter sound effect doesn't play. Also the wording of the congratulations alert box is different and you're given an 8-hour penalty in the "time remaining" stat.

"The End" animation
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