Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares: Reprise
The Catacombs, Elevation: -7.5m

General comments:

Back on Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares. Since you've got the Gold Key you can now open that locked Gold Door. What's could be inside? Walter gave us a clue on Feel The Power:

Somewhere a few ladders down there's a
huge gold door Muller gave us the key for.
There are eleven more ingots down there,
don't take mine! Get your own!

Inside you'll find more than the gold ingots... there's the body of another German soldier. Creepy!

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier (bottom of map)

This is the 18th member of Muller's team and the guy who went with Walter to find the gold and a "strange wooden box". Friedrich told us this on Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage

They killed us all. The last four members of
the expedition, unless Walter and whoever
went with him survived.


Muller gave Walter a gold key and sent him
to recover a large amount of gold and a
strange wooden box.

Given the circumstances it's not surprising that Walter never mentions his companion. Walter shot the poor fellow and then sealed his body inside the gold room. Walter's little secret. But then again he did offer us a clue to his way of thinking earlier on:

Muller was just greedy. He was probably
planning to kill us all and take the gold for
himself. I would have.

You can see why this isn't exactly a family game. ;-)

Like Javier this dead guy tells us the function of the Alien Gemstone. Of course if you don't have it at this stage it's probably to late. The only way to go back and get it is to eat the Easter Egg. Not a fun prospect I can assure you.

Picking up the eleven gold ingots will boost your total treasure by $418K (11 x $38K). Very handy particularly since you get a treasure bonus score of +1 per $100K at the end of the game.

While the Official Hint Book mentions the eleven ingots it makes no reference to the dead German and indeed the accompanying map of this level is incomplete since it doesn't show the inside of gold room. Persumably the writer didn't have the key or forgot to open the door. ;-)

Items to find:

Eleven Gold Ingots (worth $418K)
Rusted Walther P4 (with 3x clip)
Nazi Propaganda

Monsters to kill:

The odd Ghoul, Nightmare and Ooze.

Decision to make:

You see a crystal ladder going up. Ascending to A Plague of Demons.