Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
The Catacombs, Elevation: -12.6m

General comments:

Lots of interesting stuff to find on this level (see map). But more on that later. First things first... remember to switch on your Flashlight again. No point in wandering around in the dark down here. Check out that purple crystal ladder close to where you came down. It goes back up? Should you take it?

Near the start you'll find the first of five Dead Germans on this level. Let's see what he has to say.

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier (center of map).

Aha we're getting close to the famous MP-41. Remember we've been carrying around an MP-41 magazine since "Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!". Also take note of what the Dead guy says:

Everybody who left after I died had an
MP-41. If you want one, just look for their
bodies. They never came back, so they're
rotting around here somewhere ...

How many people were left?

There are two routes to take on this level. Left or right. Either way contains a bronze doorway which will close after you walk through it. Thus you are sealed in until such time as you find a way to open it. At the top of the map there is a room with the bodies of four Germans. The Official Hints Book refers to this room as the Carnage Room TM. Note that the doors are in fact closed when you arrive. If you search the bodies you'll find only three MP-41 Submachine Guns. Either the fourth is lying around here or somebody took it.

Which way did the Germans go? Left or right? There is a clue. In a room on the left side of the map near the Carnage Room TM there is a discarded MP-41 magazine. This could only have got there if the Germans had gone the left way. Let's go that way. :-)

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier (first on the left, top of map).

This guy sure doesn't want you to open those doors.

Read the Conversation with Friedrich (second on the left, top of map).

Monsters behind doors, glass vial, imprisoned demon, destruction on a massive scale, gold key, gold, strange wooden box... ohhh my head hurts. Friedrich reveals so much about Muller's true mission. But where did Muller get all his information from in the first place?

If you remember Behrens said there were 18 Germans. So far we've found 16 bodies. Friedrich confirms the existence of the remaining two:

They killed us all. The last four members of
the expedition, unless Walter and whoever
went with him survived.

The third body from the door we came in is the infamous Muller.

Read the Conversation with Muller (third on the left, top of map).

Muller lies through his teeth:

That rune painted on the floor will open the
three doors in front of you and open the
treasure room. We killed all the monsters
inside, there's no danger.

Oh yeah sure... you just happen to be lying here resting... right? ;-)

He also has no intention of telling us what his true mission was:

We were sent by a university in Munich on an
archaeological expedition.


We were looking for several lost Mayan

And if you happen to mention the glass vial he gets rather upset:

No one should have told you about the vial!
Who said that? Friedrich? I'll kill him...

He's rather evasive about other items too:

I sent Walter to retrieve something, but it
is a worthless archaeological artifact.
You'd have no interest in it.


People have told you about the cedar box? It
is an art object of great value, but is
otherwise useless.

Another interesting thing about Muller is that his inventory reveals that he was carrying Alien Pipes. Muller brought these from German so we are told by the dead guy on the Ground Floor. If you ask Muller about the words alien or pipes he'll respond:

You probably already know how to use the
pipes. The doors at the base of the pyramid
are almost always sealed and there's no
other way to get down.

So the doors at the base of the pyramid are almost always sealed. How interesting. The importance of this will be revealed later. Note also that Muller will not respond to musical or instruments unlike the dead guy on the Ground Floor. While they both respond to the word pipes only Muller responds to the word alien. So was Muller the only one who knew that the pipes were alien? And how did Muller get the pipes in the first place?

Interesting to note that Muller will respond to the word crystals. He is the first person to do so. However he doesn't know much about them. He's total stumped about the potions though.

Thanks to "Still Thinking" for noting that Muller will respond to the colors Blue, Yellow or Violet but not Orange, Green or Black. So Muller did know something about the crystals.

Read the Conversation with Thomas (first on the right, top of map).

Another guy who doesn't want you to open the doors. Could he be exaggerating about the hundreds of monsters behind the door? Friedrich said there was only twenty. I guess there is only one way to find out! Step on the Green Rune.

Surviving the Carnage Room TM

Tip #1: Never stop moving.

Tip #2: Never stop firing.

It is possible to survive the Carnage Room TM without the aid of Potions or Crystals. Indeed if you've experimented with the potions you'll have none left. Don't let yourself get surrounded. Tackle the monsters at one of the end doors first and then the others.

Inside the room you'll find a Red Cloak, a Thick Brown Potion and two Clear Blue Potions . Would you drink that Thick Brown Potion after examining it?

You need to step on the Yellow Rune to open the doors to get out.

Finding the Easter Egg

At the bottom left-hand corner of the map is a false wall. Behind this is a long corridor leading to the Easter Egg. It's worth two points so well worth having. What does it do? Examining it doesn't really help. Should you eat it? Not yet! There is a specific time and place to do so.

Along the way to the Easter Egg are three teleporters. Take them at your own risk. The first and the third will take you to a small square room on "Don't Get Poisoned" and instant death. Even if you could survive there is no way out. The second (middle) teleporter is more useful. It drops you beside the body of one of your Special Forces team on "A Plague of Demons". Too bad he's dead. If you're not quick you'll end up the same way!

Items to find:

Easter Egg (two points).
Red Cloak (one point).
Thick Brown Potion.
Two Clear Blue Potions.
Alien Pipes (worth 56.0K).
Three MP-41 Submachine Guns (the first gun is worth one point).
Thirteen MP-41 Magazines (two loaded in the guns).
Two Walther P4 Pistols.
Seven Walther P4 Magazines (two loaded in the pistols).
Canvas Bag (containing two MP-41 Magazines).
Nazi Propoganda.

Points to note:

The Official Hints Book makes no reference to the Easter Egg. The secret area is actually shown in the map but never mentioned. All very odd.

If you grab the Easter Egg before you make your way to the Carnage Room TM your points will increase from 14 to 16, this inturn will raise your health units from 12 to 14. Those extra two health units can make all the difference in the firefight to come.

Friedrich has a canvas bag containing two MP-41 Magazines. You don't need to take them out of the canvas bag to use them they load automatically.

Monsters to kill:

Nightmares, Ghouls and Oozes. Lot's of them. ;-)

Decision to make:

You see a crystal ladder going up. Ascending to We Can See In The Dark... Can You?.
You see a crystal ladder going up. Ascending to The Labyrinth.
You see a teleporter. Teleporting to A Plague of Demons.