Conversations with the Dead title

Thomas on Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage (first on right, top of map)

Thomas on Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage

First meeting remark

Don't open those doors, leave now! Leave
while you still can!

There are hundreds of monsters in there, and
they come swarming out and surround you.
There's no way to kill them all!

All kinds of monsters. Those ghastly pale
humanoids, the flying beasts, the slimes. It
was too much. We only killed a few.


My name is Thomas.


Muller stepped on that rune in front of the
center door. It killed us all.

Muller hardly even warned us before he
opened the doors. I think he knew what was
going to happen, which makes him even more


The rune opens all three doors, and even
with one person with a machine pistol
covering each door it was hopeless.

machine (or) pistol
Do you need one? They're all over this room,
but we've used most of the ammunition,

Especially when using the MP-41, you can
run out of ammunition really quick in this

Gunther (or) Claude (or) Joachim (or) Behrens (or) Friedrich

He's dead. They're all dead. Muller should
have turned back long before there were only
four of us left. We all wanted him to.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

Get out here, now! Run!

Hurry, leave now! Stop talking to me.

Additional Notes

No response to the name Hans.

No second meeting remark.