Conversations with the Dead title

Friedrich on Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage (second on the left, top of map)

Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage

First meeting remark

Be careful, don't step on those arrows
painted on the floor. You don't want to find
out what's behind those doors.

painted (or) arrows (or) doors
Somehow stepping on the rune caused the
three doors on the far wall to open.


My name is Friedrich.


Muller, our commander, opened those doors
by stepping on that painted rune. At least
twenty monsters came pouring out.

I was Muller's first officer on this
expedition. He revealed few of his plans to
me, however.

expedition (or) plans
We were searching the pyramid and it's
dungeons for what Muller described to me as
"a small glass vial of immense power."

pyramid (or) dungeons
Who would have thought there was
someplace on Earth like this...

glass (or) vial (or) immense (or) power
He wouldn't want me to tell you this, but he
was convinced that it contained the essence
of an imprisoned demon.

imprisoned (or) demon
If it was ever released, it would cause
destruction on a massive scale. Muller
wanted to use it for the war, of course. It
was all nonsense.

destruction (or) war
Muller was always thinking about the war,
and about the glory he would win for the

Germany, of course. Sometimes I wonder
what happened after the war was started. It
was 1938 when we came to Mexico.

1938 (or) Mexico
It was 1938 when we came to Mexico.

They killed us all. The last four members of
the expedition, unless Walter and whoever
went with him survived.

Muller gave Walter a gold key and sent him
to recover a large amount of gold and a
strange wooden box.

gold (or) key
Muller maintained that there was some
reason we needed the gold- other than his
greed- but I never quite believed him.

wooden (or) box
The box was made of cedar. Muller didn't
tell me what it was supposed to do, or what
it had to do with the gold.

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Sorry, I didn't understand you.


Additional Notes

This Conversation contains an extremely long thread, starting with death and finishes with 1938 or Mexico. In it Muller's true mission is revealed.

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Take note of the mention of the "wooden box" and the "gold key".

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