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From: (Russ Taylor)
Subject: Pathways point totals (spoilers)
Date: 5 Feb 1994 08:24:04 GMT
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This is a mini-spoiler listing all the points available in the game:

Don't read it if you don't want to know!

item			pts	level
Walther P4 pistol	1	Ground Floor
MP-41 SMG		1	Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
M-79 grenade launcher	1	Need a Light?
AK-47 assault rifle	1	Warning: Earthquake Zone
weapon total		5

yellow crystal		2	Never Stop Firing
blue crystal		2	They May Be Slow...
orange crystal		2	Wrong Way
violet crystal		2	Labyrinth
green crystal		2	Watch Your Step
black crystal		2	Where Only Fools Dare Tread
crystal total		12

alien pipes		3	Ascension
silver key		1	Welcome Tasty Primate
red cloak		1	Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
IR goggles		1	A Plague of Demons
cedar box		1	A Plague of Demons
radio beacon		1	Need a Light?
red bag			1	Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate
nuclear device		1	Watch Your Step
lead box		1	Warning: Earthquake Zone
gold key		1	(?) Where Only Fools Dare Tread

useful item total	12

emerald			1	Lock and Load
silver bowl		1	They May be Slow...
large pearl		1	Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!
gold bar		1	Feel The Power
ruby ring		1	Need a Light?
diamond necklace	1	Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares
sapphire		1	Watch Your Step
amethyst ring		1	Warning: Earthquake Zone (in the lead box)
treasure total		8

Completing the final stage is worth 5 points (in a manner I won't reveal), and
there is also another 2-point item available in a secret door.

The points break down as follows:

pre-endgame: 37 points
endgame:     42 points (yes, out of 41)
w/ special:  44 points (the highest I've gotten)

Known secret doors:

They may be slow...
the standard blue crystal secret door
AND one that lies behind an illusionary pillar (it does not show up on a map)
that leads to but they're hungry (similar type of secret door) via teleporter

Happy, Happy, Carnage, Carnage:
due south along the west side
leads to a nifty treasure

If you have any corrections to this list, please email me with details
(  Most of it I'm fairly certain of, but mistakes
can happen.  


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the poster. They might just be here to piss you off.

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Date: Tue, 08 Feb 1994 09:25:48 PST
Subject: Re: Pathways point totals (spoilers)
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Russ Taylor, writes:

>This is a mini-spoiler listing all the points available in the game:
>Don't read it if you don't want to know!

[Original list deleted]


   The weapons total is 4, not 5.  You must have written 5 because you
   end up with 5 weapons.  But you don't get any points for the knife.

   The Cedar Box is worth 2 points, not 1.

   You have the Ruby Ring and the Amethyst Ring mixed up.  The Ruby
   Ring is in the Lead Box on "Warning: Earthquake Zone".  The Amethyst
   Ring is on "Need a Light?".  BTW: These rings are not mere treasures.
   They also have an effect if you wear them.  (But that's a different

   The 5 points at the end come from picking up the Alien Gemstone.  The
   2-point item hidden in a secret room somewhere is the Easter Egg.  I
   don't think it's any more of a spoiler to name these items than to
   name any of the others.  Especially when you then go ahead and tell
   how to get into the secret rooms.

   You missed two of the secret rooms.  The secret room on "They May be
   "Slow" has another secret room inside it.  That room has another
   teleporter that leads to a secret room on "Evil Undead Phantasms Must 

   As long as you're listing points, you might as well list treasure 
   value, too.

The corrected list is:

pts $$$$$ item                     where
  1       Walther P4 pistol        Ground Floor
  1       MP-41 Submachine Pistol  Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
  1       M-79 Grenade Launcher    Need a Light?
  1       AK-47 Assault Rifle      I'd Rather Be Surfing
--------- weapon subtotal: 4/$0

  2       Yellow Crystal           Never Stop Firing
  2       Blue Crystal             They May Be Slow...
  2       Orange Crystal           Wrong Way
  2       Violet Crystal           Labyrinth
  2       Green Crystal            Watch Your Step
  2       Black Crystal            Where Only Fools Dare Tread
--------- crystal subtotal: 12/$0

  3  56.0 Alien Pipes              Ascension
     56.0 Alien Pipes (Muller's)   Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
  1   9.2 Silver Key               Welcome, Tasty Primate
  1       Red Cloak                Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
  2       Easter Egg               a secret room, somewhere
  1       Infra-red Goggles        A Plague of Demons
  2       Cedar Box                A Plague of Demons
  1       Radio Beacon             Need a Light?
  1  31.0 Amethyst Ring            Need a Light?
  1       Red Velvet Bag           Lasciate Ogne Speranza, ...
  1       Nuclear Device           Watch Your Step
  1       Lead Box                 Warning: Earthquake Zone
  1  38.0 Ruby Ring                Warning: Earthquake Zone
  1   1.1 Gold Key                 Where Only Fools Dare Tread
  5  54.0 Alien Gemstone           Ok, Who Else Wants Some?
--------- useful (or not so useful) item subtotal: 22/$245.3K

  1  11.9 Emerald                  Lock & Load
      0.1 Silver Medal             They May Be Slow...
  1  15.0 Silver Bowl              They May Be Slow..
  1  11.0 Large Pearl              Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die
  1  38.0 Gold Ingot               Feel the Power
  1 120.1 Diamond Necklace         Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares
    418.0 Gold Ingots (x11)        Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares
  1  15.0 Sapphire                 Watch Your Step
     15.0 Sapphire                 Watch Your Step
--------- valuable (but useless) item subtotal: 6/$644.1K

  4         weapons
 12         crystals
 22  $245.3 useful items
  6  $644.1 useless treasure
 44  $889.4 (39/417.4K  before the final battle)
   + $162.0 [But I'm not saying where this comes from!]
 44 $1051.4 (which the game prints as "$1.514M").

You also get bonuses at the end.  My bonuses (which are probably not 
the best achievable) were:

  44  (from above)
  +6  Carnage bonus  (+1 per 250 bodies)    [I had 1676]
  +2  Accuracy bonus (+1 per 10% over 40%)  [I had 62%]
 +10  Treasure bonus (+1 per $100K)         [I had $1051.4K]
 +10  Time bonus     (+1 per 10 hours left) [I got out at 10:18 am Monday]
  +5  Mission bonus  (the bomb goes off in time)
 +10  Survival Bonus (you get out alive)
  87 points total, out of 41 possible!?!?!

-Ron Hunsinger