From: Chuck Gray 
Subject: PiD Dead Scripts Description
Date: 29 Jan 1994 07:43:10 GMT
Organization: The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
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Pathways into Darkness - Conversations with the Dead

If you've ever wondered if you missed some clue in PiD
when talking to the dead soldiers, this is your chance
to find out. A two-part post follows that contains all
of the scripts used by PiD in the conversations.
     The scripts were extracted from the 'scri' resources
of the game application. Each of these resources starts
with a four bytes which tell how long the resource is,
followed by the encrypted text. The encryption scheme
is simple: the first byte is XOR'd with 0, the second
is XOR'd with 1, the next with 2, and so on up until
255 is reached; then the XOR values starts again with 0.
     Anyway, the scripts are a bit rough; I haven't
tried to pretty them up much.

Chuck Gray