What's New
April 29, 2000

What's behind that gold door on Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares?

April 28, 2000

The Gold Mystery unearthed! Thanks to Dustin Westphal <bachus@rdc-cybersign.com> for bring this issue to light.

April 27, 2000

Oops missed a Conversation with the Dead! Thanks to Dustin Westphal <bachus@rdc-cybersign.com> for pointing out that Muller on Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage will respond to the external triggers gold or key. How does Muller respond well you better check the Conversation with Muller.

Dustin, a seasoned pyramid explorer, also uncovers... The Mystery of the Gold. A new section coming tomorrow!

John Zero <jzero@fastlane.net> gets technical with the level name Lock&Load. See the What's in a Name section.

April 26, 2000

Added the Undocumented Features sections to Facts and Puzzling Things About...

Matt Heath <PoetOTR@aol.com> writes:

Here's a filled-up PID Saved Games file that has different games set to especially fun, challenging places in the PID levels. I just finished the last level in it yesterday. The titles are self-explanatory. Try it out and have at it!

You can get Matt's saved game file here (241K). This may start something of a trend. You can also use the Control CARNAGE undocumented feature on Matt's games to see how good he is. Hehehe... sorry Matt! ;-)

April 25, 2000

Dustin Westphal <bachus@rdc-cybersign.com> writes concerning the Sounds in Pathways Into Darkness.

Activated the link to Micah Anderson's Pathways Into Darkness "Howto" cheat file and added a link to Freek Dijkstra's Pathways Into Darkness cheats page.

April 22, 2000

Happy Easter! It's Easter Egg time. Today we reveal not only the ultimate nightmare - Triple Barnies! - but also the tru7h behind the mysterious Easter Egg.

April 21, 2000

Ok so you survived the twelve waves, sent the Demon packing, grabbed the Alien Gemstone and survived, armed the nuclear device with the seven digit code, but are you ready to face the Ultimate Nightmare? Then proceed...

Two interesting posts from Loren Petrich concerning the odd 'dpin' resource in the Pathways application. The first is dated April 8th and the other April 17th. If anyone can help Loren please contact him at <petrich@netcom.com>. Thanks.

April 18, 2000

Charlie Olson <olson2@gorge.net> provides a possible explanation for how Carlos and Javier got down so far. See The Cuban Conundrum page for details.

April 15, 2000

Torch 0.9.1 (Pathways Map Editor) now available. Ben Semmler <ben@torquerod.com> writes:

Torch has been updated. I fixed a lot of the file handling, so it should act more like a Mac program, along with the memory problems. Also, it can edit the newly discovered information. The Torch page has the details:


April 14, 2000

To kill a Demon folded in black clouds... on Ok, Who Else Wants Some?

April 12, 2000

The Cuban Conundrum continues... How did Javier and Carlos get down so far? Tough hombres or something more?

April 10, 2000

Loren Petrich <petrich@netcom.com> updates his Shapes file indentification list.

April 8, 2000

Loren Petrich <petrich@netcom.com> has updated his PID documents which comprise:

PIDMapReader.h -- C++ header file for reading in the map file. It contains the level format as the object PID_Level and its subobjects.

PIDMapReader.cp -- Code for reading in the level.

SimpleVec.h -- a utility class for arrays with automatic deallocation.

sector_types_sqr.gif -- map of all the levels, showing their sector types.

Based on the Read Me file this is what has been updated:

Update (April 5, 2000):


Corrected wall/corner types.

Added Ben Semmler's monster identifications and identification of Unknown2, corrected for monster-name/death-message order in PID app.

Identified Unknown1's last 16 bytes as a set of 8 shorts for texture ID's.

You can get the updated version here (51k).

Loren has also posted a list of some identifications of ".256" resources in the PID shapes file. You can read it here.

April 7, 2000

Matt Heath <PoetOTR@aol.com> writes:

Since you didn't (yet?) give the solution on your site to the shortest way out of the teleporter maze after leaving Where Only Fool Dare Tread, you might want to inform your audience that the player can skip the teleporter maze entirely by simply eating the Easter Egg (that is, by double-clicking on it). Doing so sends the player directly to the first room in the Who Else Wants Some? level.

Good point. We'll be discussing the Easter Egg soon but as Matt points out if you eat the Egg you can bypass the teleporter maze altogether. Might be useful if you can't find one of the two shortcuts through the maze.

April 4, 2000

Think you're big time? Then check out the twelve waves on Ok, Who Else Wants Some?

April 2, 2000

Have editor, will edit. Ben Semmler <ben@torquerod.com> writes:

After replaying Pathways recently, I whipped up a little editor for the map file. Just thought you might be interested.

You can find it at: http://www.torquerod.com/ben/torch09.sit

Very interested! Thanks Ben. :-)

April 1, 2000

The waves... the waves... on... Ok, Who Else Wants Some?

Mar 31, 2000

Finishing up on Where Only Fools Dare Tread might just finish you. ;-)

Mar 24, 2000

The Black Crystal on Where Only Fools Dare Tread and that teleporter to...

James Klauder <JKlauder@excite.com> writes:

The story page has mentioned a couple times that the chapter screens in Ambrosia's "Ferazel's Wand" bear some strong similarities to Craig Mullins's M2 artwork. Well, there are some other similarities. I just got the demo off the April MacAddict, and several of the sound effects come straight from Pathways and M1. Particularly, Ferazel snd resource 478 matches PiD snd 10220, the phantasm roar. There are a few others, I think, but I haven't confirmed any. Also, in the course of "Ferazel's Wand," the player must traverse the _seven_ lands of Taraknorn.

Mar 20, 2000

The mystery deepens on Where Only Fools Dare Tread. Who killed the Greater Nightmares?

Mar 18, 2000

Carlos can't speak yet he holds a secret. Find out more on Where Only Fools Dare Tread.

Mar 16, 2000

The Cuban Conundrum... continued.

Mar 15, 2000

Revealed! The Cuban Conundrum.

Mar 13, 2000

Talk to Javier on Where Only Fools Dare Tread and learn about the alien gemstone.

Mar 11, 2000

Finally we encounter the infamous Glass Vial on Where Only Fools Dare Tread... and it's empty?!!!

Mar 9, 2000

The trouble with elevation is the ups and downs. We continue our journey on But Wait!- That's Not All!

Mar 7, 2000

Follow the white rabbit... or was it the left wall? Learn why following the left wall can be useful on But Wait!- That's Not All!

Mar 4, 2000

We continue our journey on Please Excuse Our Dust.

Mar 2, 2000

Perrin Haley <phaley@cats.ucsc.edu> writes concerning the level name concerning the level name Lock&Load. Another Stanley Kubrick reference in a Bungie game. :-)

On the subject of the M-72 Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) and the unused string:

This LAW can penetrate five inches if tank armor. Be sure not to fire it in an enclosed space.

Apart from the typo it is interesting to note that the above string only ever appears in version 2.0 of the game. It's not present in version 1.0 (or v1.1). Indeed the Pathways 1.1->2.0 Updater (PPC) actually puts the string into the resource fork when it updates your older version of the Pathways application. This might suggest that the LAW was intended as an additional weapon for version 2.0 yet it never appears.

Feb 28, 2000

The ring of seven dead Ghasts revealed on... Please Excuse Our Dust.

Feb 28, 2000

Follow our intrepid Special Forces guy as he explores... Please Excuse Our Dust.

Feb 27, 2000

James Klauder <jklauder@excite.com> writes concerning the LAW:

The M-72 LAW rocket was (and maybe still is) a common antitank weapon used by the US and western European nations. It seems a bit odd that anyone would bring it into the Pyramid for a couple of reasons. First, the M-72 LAW and the M-80 British equivalent, are a disposable launchers, which means they can be fired once, and then thrown out; they cannot be reloaded. Secondly, it is enormously powerful, in such confined spaces as found in PiD, this weapon would be lethal even to the user. With these limitations in mind, it is also relatively bulky, compared to, say, grenade launchers, which would be much more effective under these circumstances. Perhaps this is why Bungie never implemented the weapon. Another possibility is that it could not be made to look convincing in the PiD engine (recall that there are no projectile impact sprites, even with the grenade launcher). Also, if the LAW were to be used with a specific target in mind, e.g., the manifestation of the dreaming god at the end, it would be very easy for the player to misuse it elsewhere and waste the weapons only rocket.

Who would have brought it into the Pyramid? Probably the Americans. The Germans would not have one, and my guess is the Cubans wouldn't either. Here's why: the Cubans are using AK-47s, which are still the most popular infantry weapon in the world, but in the USSR and Cuba, most soldiers (particularly special forces) were using more advanced weapons by the early 60s. My guess is the Cubans came in before then, and before there were LAW rockets.

More info about the M-72 Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) can be found at http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m72.htm

This site also carries some info on the M79 Grenade Launcher and the M16.

Feb 26, 2000

Finishing up on Don't Get Poisoned we head onwards to... Please Excuse Our Dust.

Chris Harvey <masternightfall@searchtheweb.com> speculates about the LAW, a weapon that could penetrate five inches of tank armor:

Who would have brought the LAW with them to the pyramid? Certainly not the Germans, all they had were Walther Pistols and MP-41's and the technology to create a hand-held gun like that did not exist then (during WW2). We know that the Americans did not bring it, otherwise you would think that it would be mentioned in the briefing or hear about it from one of the other members of our team. The Cubans only had AK-47's. They even tell us thats all they had. So what does this mean then? Was there was another group in the pyramid at one point? If so... who? Maybe alien? If the Jjaro had concerns maybe they sent someone else... as well!

Ever get that eerie feeling that there was someone else in the pyramid?

Feb 23, 2000

Chris Harvey <masternightfall@searchtheweb.com> writes:

While browsing around in ResEdit last night I discovered a reference to a weapon in a string of code. The string reads:
 The String  This LAW can penetrate five
             inches of tank armor.  Be sure
             not to fire it in an enclosed

             Double-click on the LAW to ready
             it for combat.

My question is what is the LAW and what does it do? I suspect it was at one time a weapon you needed to take out the dreaming god, demon, or whatever. Since you indeed shoot the god at the end to obtain the Alien Gemstone maybe at first no weapon would work but the LAW.

My God! Who told you about the LAW? And where's your overcoat? ;-)

Arvid Nordenskjöld <h97arn@student.ki.se> writes concerning the The Red Velvet Bag and items you can drop on a level. See the The Red Velvet Bag section for details.

Feb 21, 2000

Potions galore on Don't Get Poisoned. The only trouble is you might need them all to stay alive

Feb 19, 2000

Meet the Greater Nightmare and Venomous Skitter on Don't Get Poisoned.

Feb 18, 2000

Take that express elevator to... Don't Get Poisoned.

Feb 17, 2000

The Red Velvet Bag more than just a pretty accessory?

Feb 15, 2000

The Gas Mask Myth! Does it have a function? Now you can learn the tru7h!

Feb 14, 2000

Meet Barney and his friends on Warning: Earthquake Zone. Try on the Ruby Ring... go on it's you! Then take the express elevator to... hell!

Feb 13, 2000

Learn how to avoid the Green Oozes on Warning: Earthquake Zone.

Feb 12, 2000

The mystery deepens as we explore Warning: Earthquake Zone.

Feb 10, 2000

Out of the frying pan into the fire... solving the Suffocation Room puzzle might sound hard but wait till you get a load of the "Yuck Monsters". The adventure continues... are you ready?

Matt Heath <PoetOTR@aol.com> writes:

Mike Sutton was right about HE grenades being able to take out Greater Nightmares with single shots. It works on my copy of PID as well, and I have the single version from floppy disks, not the bundle pack on the CD-ROM.

How interesting. The Pathways Into Darkness Official Hint Book has this to say about the Greater Nightmare:

... it is armored. It can only be harmed using armor-piercing shells (M-79 Projectile Cartridges or SABOT rounds for the AK-47).

Matt Heath also put together a comprehensive list of the names mentioned by other people in the game. It's appropriately called Pathways Into Darkness - Namedroppers. Check out who is Mr. Popular amongst the dead and who was ostracized.

Feb 8, 2000

The voice of the Jjaro? Scott Jaeger <pablo@izzy.net> makes this interesting discovery:

A few years ago.. I sent you details on the origin of 2 sounds in PID. I'm able to record them now.. here's the info!

They are snd resources 10250 and 10040.

10250 is the Alien Pipes in the game.
10040 is the 'error' sound.

These came from a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard. The Pipe sound is the Human Voice preset (the owner's manual says "if you listen closely, the voice is actually saying 'hello.'") The Error sound serves the same function on the SK-1.. although the SK1 they used was probably really out of tune (as you can see in the attached mp3, the real tone is lower.)

See a picture of the unit at http://home.pns.net/~meatlog/ni/equip/CASIO2.JPG.

I don't own a SK-5 so I don't know if any other PID sounds come from it (it does have laser, dog barking and lion presets.)

The SK-1 was marketed to home consumers in 1986. It was an extremely cheap keyboard with the ability to sample and transpose across the keyboard. Using one is laughter inducing.. as you can see from the beats in the beginning of the mp3. However.. they've reached cult status... they go for up to $70 on eBay.. and it's what got me into music. I collect these things.

You can grab Scott's MP3 file here or as a .sit file here (246K). Some might find it appropriate that the sound the alien pipes make to open the doors at the base of the pyramid is the word "hello".

While you're waiting in the suffocation room why not stop and chat with Pedro.

Feb 7, 2000

Traps galore on I'd Rather Be Surfing and what's behind that seventh pillar?

Feb 5, 2000

The journey continues from "Watch Your Step" back up to Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate: Reprise.

Bradley Attfield <nospam_iku-turso@home.com> writes:

Was reading through the PiD page and noticed that the description of the empty M-16 magazines on A Plague of Demons says, "This is a magazine of 7.62mm rounds for the M-16." There is just one problem with this, the American M-16 fires 5.56mm ammunition, not 7.62mm.

A quick search of the web reveals the following info on the M-16 Assault Rifle:

Type: Assault Rifle
Caliber: .223in (5.56mm)
Length: .99m
Weight (Including 30-rnd Magazine): 3.72kg

Mike Sutton <littlemrhappy@yahoo.com> writes

bout pathways, dunno if its come up yet, but you can waste a greater nightmare with a single he cartrige. dont even need the projectile cartriges or the sabot rounds for the ak-47. not sure if it works on the origional version, since i dont have it installed at the moment, but it does work on the version of pathways that came with the trilogy. i keep returning to it....pathways is the worlds greatest game.

use the knowledge wisely,

Anyone else find this?

Feb 4, 2000

Dennis Taylor <dennis@funkplanet.com> writes:

...on the subject of sounds from PID appearing in other places... the shrill chorus of voices which plays whenever you use the yellow crystal to speak with a corpse also appears in the PC squad combat game "X-Com: UFO Defense", as the "mind control" sound. Lower sound quality, of course, but I'd be willing to bet that they came from the same effects CD.

Concerning the seemingly odd first meeting remark by Greg on "Watch Your Step" namely the line:

I was wondering why you weren't around when I showed up.

Matt Boyd <boyd@wam.umd.edu> makes the following astute observation:

The phrase seems to refer to the afterlife. Greg is apparently now realising why you weren't there when his soul entered the great beyond.

Of course, it still doesn't make any sense. The dead in this game seem to be quite alone. (They don't know about each other's status, Greg can't just ask one of his buddies the code, etc.) So back to square one.

Ah!... perhaps Greg went to heaven and all his buddies went to hell... oh wait... maybe it's the other way around? ;-)

Matt Heath <PoetOTR@aol.com> writes concerning the Green Crystal:

Why does the player get hurt when a Ghast causes an earthquake, but doesn't get hurt when starting quakes himself with the Green Crystal? Not too consistent, is it?

Feb 3, 2000

Concerning the time at which the Dreaming God awakens Question 7 of Bungie's Pathways Into Darkness FAQ reveals the following:

7. I just got an error dialog that says "The Dreaming God has awakened." What's that mean, and how do I get around it?

Well, the whole purpose of this game is to eliminate this Dreaming God. The pyramid you're exploring, and all the monsters therein, are a physical manifestation of this God's dreams. If he wakes up, you're toast, and so is the rest of the planet.

How to avoid this? Very simple: finish the game before time runs out. One of the windows shows you the date and time. You have until 5 PM on Friday to set the bomb and get out of there.

Of course this is different from the manual. If you set the bomb at 5 PM Friday that leaves you with 73 minutes before the Dreaming God awakes. Since you need to allow ten minutes for pickup, and another ten minutes to reach minimum safe distance after signalling the extraction team you actually have 53 minutes to get from "Ok, Who Else Wants Some?" to the exit on "Ground Floor". How fast can you make it... assuming you stop off at "Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares" to find out what's behind that Gold Door?

Added links (see Inventory list) to the following Pathways files:

PID Basic Survival Guide (v.1.1)
Pathways into Darkness FAQ Sheet/Walkthrough

Added links (see Inventory list) to the following Pathways web pages:

David Coufal's Pathways Into Darkness Home Page and mirror page
Bungie's Pathways Into Darkness Tech Support page
Alain Roy's Pathways Into Cheating app. page
Pou Lee's Pathway Into Darkness Basic Survival Guide page

Feb 2, 2000

Meet Greg on Watch Your Step, discover where he hid the bomb and ponder on what happened to the third Radio Beacon.

Feb 1, 2000

Green Crystal, Sapphires and dead Sentinels. What more could a Special Forces guy ask for? Our journey continues on Watch Your Step.

Lies, damn lies and the...

Matt Heath <MHHeath@aol.com> reveals that we were given misleading information by the Jjaro diplomat Ryu'Toth. Check The Dreaming God section for details.

Jan 29, 2000

Our intrepid Special Forces guy discovers more bizarre secrets on Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate and takes a vine down to Watch Your Step. Ugh... Flying Reptiles... They're Everywhere!.

Jan 17, 2000

Raul Bonilla <lassonde@hotmail.com> writes concerning an unused sound in Pathways Into Darkness:

I found an unused sound in the PID resource fork. Snd 10660 seems to belong to a monster -maybe the imprisoned demon originally have a voice or it was a creature that never made it to the final release.

Yes Snd 10660 is quite large (Size = 22053) and appears to be an unknown monster death sound... or is it?

Raul Bonilla <lassonde@hotmail.com> also writes concerning a sound in Pathways Into Darkness that also appears in Marathon:

Snds 10590 is the firing sound of the Plasma gun in M1. There's been a while since I've played PID for the last time, and maybe some crystal made the plasma gun sound.

Yes a number of sounds in Pathways were latter reused in Marathon. Here's a quick comparision table:

Pathways Into Darkness
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
10590 5077Black Crystal Discharge
10180 4682Increase in skill level
10008 4818Empty Walther P4
10610 4634Player hit sound after Pale Violet Potion
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
2160 5077Fusion Pistol shot hitting wall
1170 4682Item pick up
1180 4818Empty M-75
1220 4634Invincibilty power up on lava

Similarly a number of sounds from Minotaur were reused in Pathways Into Darkness. Here's a quick comparision table:

Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
1160 2068Drop Item
1190 2068Get Item
1180 8374Player cry 1
1220 7194Player cry 3
1220 5058Spell failure
1220 9834Shatter sound
Pathways Into Darkness
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
10330 2068Item pick up
10330 2068Item pick up
10170 8374Player cry 1
10272 7194Player cry 3
10312 5058Crystal discharges without doing damage
103109834Crystal shatters