Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate
The Pit, Elevation: -12.8m

General comments:

As soon as you arrive you'll be greeted by a pair of Skitters. While these spider-like creatures are easy to kill their shots are fast and low on the ground. This level not only has a weird name but it also looks weird. Check out the seven different hieroglyphic wall sections found down here. They look Egyptian. Remember that the pyramid is claimed to be "neither Aztec nor Mayan".

You'll meet a new type of Zombie on this level, called a Ghast. Joachim told you about this creature on "Ascension":

We met one zombie wearing blue, instead of
the usual red, and it raised it's arms and
made the ground shake like an earthquake.
Muller and Friedrich killed it quickly.

Nasty buggers since they can shake and bake you before you even spot them. It might seem odd that you are warned about Ghasts on "Ascension" yet you have to wait until you get down to this level before you meet any. Were Ghasts originally planned to appear earlier in the game but then removed?

You can't access all parts of this level (see map) at this stage since some of the corridors are blocked by these guys. They throw up a forcefield preventing access to the areas behind them. Note that while the forcefield makes alot of noise it is harmless. The seated guys are immune to all the weapons and crystals you presently have so you're going to have to find something else to deal with them. You also won't find out what they are called until you actually kill one.

Near the middle of the level you'll find a Red Velvet Bag. It's worth one point. Inside you'll find a Clear Blue Potion (not mentioned in the Official Hint Book). Take it out least you forget about it later on. What does the bag do? Examining it doesn't appear to help... or does it? The Official Hint Book says that the Red Velvet Bag "Holds huge amounts of stuff". Which is correct but only half the answer. Was the author unaware of the true purpose of the Red Velvet Bag?

Can't find the exit ladders? Then check your map. The exit ladders are now vines and easily overlooked the first time you encounter them.

Items to find:

Red Velvet Bag (one point)
Clear Blue Potion (inside Red Velvet Bag)

Monsters to kill:

Skitters and Ghasts

Decision to make:

You see two vine ladders going down. Descending to Watch Your Step.