Watch Your Step
The Pit, Elevation: -15.3m

General comments:

As the level name suggests watch where you step. Those purple pod things explode when you pass over them. They don't do much damage but if you're low on health you might see this.

Shortly after you arrive you'll encounter annoying Flying Reptiles. Unlike the Flying Rats on We Can See In The Dark... Can You? simply switching off your flashlight won't work. Indeed these aerobatic creatures stick to you like glue even if you retreat back up to "Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate". The death dialog associated with these creatures is quite apt. You'll probably find the solution pretty quick since in your panic you'll undoubtedly tread over a purple pod. The resulting explosion while causing you damage also kills the Flying Reptiles.

At the bottom of the map you'll find the Green Crytal (worth 2 points). It's well guarded so watch out. It's quite easy to get surrounded by Skitters on this level and the Ghasts and Flying Reptiles have an annoying habit of turning up just when your health is low. Try to avoid using the Clear Blue Potions if at all possible. Obviously this can't be avoided if those Flying Reptiles are eating away your last health units and you have to step on a Pod.

In the middle of the level you'll find two Sapphires. The first Sapphire you pick up will gain you one point and $15k in treasure. There are no points for the second Sapphire but it is worth $15k. Note that when you pick up the Sapphire your total points will increase to 32 and you'll gain another 2 health units (total health units = 22). The more health units you have at this stage of the game the better.

At the top of the map there are two corridors blocked again by those weird seated guys. Watch out for the Skitters waiting behind. You can kill the Skitters behind the forcefield if you shoot to the side rather than straight on. Try using the Green Crystal on one of the seated guys. Oh now look what you've done! As you pass over the prone body you'll find out that it was called a Sentinel. The Official Hint Book also refers to them as "Skinny Buddha Dudes".

At the top right hand corner of the map you'll find the seventh member of your team... Greg.

Read the Conversation with Greg.

Greg tells you he hid the bomb (nuclear device) in a Pod south of his position. You'll have to step on it to find it. Note that you can't arm the bomb at this stage.

Oddly Greg doesn't have the third Radio Beacon. Ed said the group had three yet you could only find two on "Need A Light?". Logic suggests that Greg would of had the third beacon yet he says:

I don't have a beacon. I got cut off from the
rest of the group two levels ago, and they
had all three. I hope you found one, you'll
need it.

So what happened to the third Radio Beacon?

Items to find:

Green Crytal (two points)
Two Sapphires (one point for the first Sapphire plus $15.0K each in treasure, total $30.0K)
Nuclear Device (one point)
Broken M-16 (with empty clip)
Colt .45 Pistol (with empty clip)

Monsters to kill:

Skitters, Ghasts, Flying Reptiles, and Sentinels

Decision to make:

You see a vine ladder going up. Ascending to Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate.