We Can See In The Dark... Can You?
The Catacombs, Elevation: -7.0m

General comments:

A real maze like level full of dead ends (see map) made all the more difficult by the lack of your Flashlight. Sure you can leave it on but you'll have to put up with those flying rats? The death dialog associated with these creatures calls them "rat-things". In the Official Hints Book they are referred to as "Stoopid-Rat-Things". ;-)

To know how to stop the attack of the "rat-things" you must talk to the Dead German on this level.

Near the centre of the level you'll find an Ooze. A lumbering mass which soaks up damage and dishes it out with relish if you happen to meet one... DODGE!

Conversations with the Dead:

There are two Conversations associated with the dead German. The first occurs when you meet with your Flashlight on the second when it's off. He's more talkative when it's off. I wonder why? ;-)

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier with your Flashlight (on).

Read the Conversation with the anonymous German soldier with your Flashlight (off).

The Flashlight "off" Conversation contains the following interesting dialog:

We never even knew why we were here. I
thought we were sent to plan an invasion of
the southern United States from Mexico, but
then we ended up in the damn jungle ...

This is similar to the presently untriggerable piece of text associated with the anonymous German soldier on "They May Be Slow..."

to train Mexican troops for an invasion of Texas and California, but
they were wrong, obviously.

Items to find:

Bubbling Red Potion.
Walther P4 Pistol
18 Walther P4 Magazines (one loaded in the pistol).
Canvas Bag containing five Walther P4 Magazines (thanks to Andrew Malcovsky <wackyslav@hotmail.com> for spotting it at this location).

Points to note:

Oddly the map of this level in the Official Hints Book doesn't reveal the location of the Dead German. The area surrounding the body is unmapped. Rushed job?

In an Inside Mac Games magazine interview dating from Oct '93 Jason Jones said:

"If you want to move faster, drink the red potion."

This is an interesting way of describing the effect of the Bubbling Red Potion. The Red Potion does not in fact increase your speed in the game but rather slows down the speed of the monsters. So while you move across the ground at the same speed the monsters and their attacks are slowed down. From the monsters perspective we have speeded up but from our own perspective we move at the same speed and the monsters appear in slow motion.

Every tried using the Bubbling Red Potion with the Control turbo feature?

The easily overlooked (it's dark down here remember) Canvas Bag containing the five Walther P4 Magazines is not mentioned in the Official Hint Book nor in any third party spoiler guide.

Mr. Bleach writes:

One extra note for the conversations with the dead with the Anonymous German soldier on We Can See in the Dark . . . Can You?

In addition to asking him "family" and getting the response "I think my mother was dead. My father was in the party.", you can also say "Poopy Pants" to the solider and get the same response.

"Poopy Pants" ?!!!

President People on the Story forum was able to replicate this. He went on to point out that:

"Pants" alone gets the same response as the full phrase, though (whereas "poopy" does not)!

So 'pants' is the actual word trigger.

But why on earth would anyone think to use the phrase "Poopy Pants" in a conversation with a dead German soldier?

Mr. Bleach explains:

My kids are watching me play, and they've been loving to throw out ridiculous things to say to the dead folks to see if anything works. Nothing ever has, of course, until one of them threw out "Poopy Pants" (uggghh, really?!?) but surprisingly the German responded! We couldn't believe it, so we left the level, came back, and tried it again and it still worked.

So credit to this find goes to Connor and Isabelle. Nice one. :)

From now on the Anonymous German soldier on this level will be known as 'Mr Poopy Pants'. ;)

Monsters to kill:

Nightmares, Ghouls, Rat-Things and an Ooze.

Decision to make:

You see a crystal ladder going down. Descending to Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage.