Conversations with the Dead title

Anonymous German soldier on They May Be Slow... (top center of map)

Dead German Soldier on They May Be Slow...

First meeting remark

What are you? What's happening?


I don't remember my name. I don't
remember my family. All I remember is this
dusty room and those people who have
passed through it since I died.

I don't remember them, I told you, I DON'T


A group of people passed through here years
ago and one of their group walked through
the opposite wall of this room. I don't know
how he did it.

They were speaking Spanish. I couldn't tell
where they were from, specifically.


I'd point to it, if I could, but I'm sort of
dead, sorry. It's opposite the entrance you
came in, if you want to try.


Isn't it obvious? Or didn't you notice that
both my legs are missing? I can still see
that headless thing chewing and clawing at
me ...

I hate them, I HATE THEM. Don't talk about
them. Go away, please go away.


Muller was the leader of our expedition, how
did you know him? Never mind. I don't care.


Hans ran through here, alone, a few hours
after I died. He ran right into two of those
zombies and fled in the direction he came.
He looked badly hurt.

We all hated those zombies. The only way to
stop them from attacking was to shoot them
until they dissolved.

Behrens (or) Joachim (or) Claude

I didn't know him very well.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

You're confusing me. I don't understand.

What are you saying? I can't understand you.


Second meeting remark

Why are you back? Go away. Don't disturb

Additional Notes

According the Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 1/2) there is a Conversation associated with this Dead person that doesn't appear to be triggerable. The text is as follows:

to train Mexican troops for an invasion of Texas and California, but
they were wrong, obviously.

Who were"they"? The Spanish speaking people or his German compatriots?

As with Hans this guy will not respond to the name Gunther. He will respond to the name Claude however. Claude appears later in the game.