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Subject: PiD Dead Scripts (Part 1/2)
Date: 29 Jan 1994 07:44:23 GMT
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Pathways into Darkness - Conversations with the Dead
Extracted from the 'scri' resource numbers 128 through 156.

-----scri 128-----
Who are you?  Am I dead?  I remember now ...

I don!t understand, what do you mean?
What are you saying?

All my friends are dead now.  Seven above, the rest below.  Muller
killed them all...

shaving in the jungle this morning, before we broke camp and came
here! but I don!t remember my name.

Muller, that bastard, never told us what our mission here was! just
that we would be in the jungle for a few months.  This jungle is a
humid, sticky hell. I remember Cologne...

away.  That was my last night outside.

door! but he didn!t come back. He got what he deserved...

When he played it on that rune in the middle of the floor, those two
locked doors opened.
brass device covered with a green cloth.

WHAT!S HAPPENING?  Who are you?! WHAT ARE YOU?  Am I dead?  Where am

to our country.  A real bastard.  He shot me twice in the back.

Yes, this has happened before.  This same weird, speechless,
disembodied sort of conversation.  I don!t remember more, sorry...

Cologne ... God, I!ll never see it again.  Are you sure I!m dead?  How
can you KNOW?  How could I be talking to you, if I were dead?

That strange drawing on the floor, where the four corridors meet.

I!m cold, so cold ...

-----scri 130 "Gunther"-----
Hello again.  I hope your P4 is still working well.  If it!s not, take


so much time alone to think ...
deprived of nearly all your senses like this.  I wonder how long it
will last ...

long-tongued monsters.  Hans and Behrens ran, and I died trying to
give Joachim time to escape! he was wounded.
carrying most of our ammunition, because he couldn!t shoot straight. 
He wasn!t with the group when they came back, so if you can find him
ask him what he did with all of it.
well, he mostly kept to himself.
hope he made it out.

Nobody liked Muller.  I was no exception.  He didn!t even tell us why
we were here.  I hardly even know where I am.

while that we started killing them with our knives, to conserve
ammunition.  The zombies were a different story ...
stop those zombies is to shoot them until they dissolve.

It!s obvious from the way you talk that you!re not from Germany, or
even Europe.  You must be from the States.

-----scri 131-----
What are you?  What!s happening?
disturb me.

What are you saying?  I can!t understand you.
me.  I don!t understand.

mind.  I don!t care.
family.  All I remember is this dusty room and those people who have
passed through it since I died.
and one of their group walked through the opposite wall of this room. 
I don!t know how he did it.
of dead, sorry.  It!s opposite the entrance you came in, if you want
to try.
from, specifically.

Isn!t it obvious?  Or didn!t you notice that both my legs are missing?
 I can still see that headless thing chewing and clawing at me ...
hate them, I HATE THEM.  Don!t talk about them.  Go away, please go

to train Mexican troops for an invasion of Texas and California, but
they were wrong, obviously.

into two of those zombies and fled in the direction he came.  He
looked badly hurt.
them from attacking was to shoot them until they dissolved.
know him very well.

-----scri 132 "Hans"-----
Why are you back?  Leave!  Get out before they come back !

phantasms!  Watch out, they!re everywhere.

Leave, please.

damn him.  This is all his fault.  I!m sure he!s dead, somewhere ...
didn!t know him very well, sorry.  I was a new recruit.
first missions I could have been sent on, I had to come to this
seemed to hurt it! bullets, knives, grenades.  I ran as far as I
could, wounded, but I finally died here.
the headless creatures, and we saved bullets by killing them that way,
but blades didn!t hurt the specters.
headless creatures, but we only had about thirty of them and we used
them too fast.
chilling moment when they scream and your vision flickers and you
wonder if you!re going to die.  We never found a way to kill
them shades because you can see through them, like they!re just
shadows.  They have two, glowing red eyes.  Run as fast as you can, if
you see one.
the way here.  Somewhere on the way I hid most of my spare clips in a
room full of bones, stuffed in a skull.  Search there if you need

-----scri 133-----
Watch out for the specters, they!re everywhere.

running from a specter when I met three of those ghastly zombie
creatures.  They surrounded me and clubbed me with their bones.
those translucent things.  Run from them, it!s all you can do.
preferred the headless things, which stopped spitting at you when you
shot them.  The only way to stop a zombie is to kill it.
covered with their green goo by the time we got this far.  It smelled
space to move around.  I was trapped.

-----scri 134-----
Don!t take my gun, please.  Go away.  They!re following you.  Don!t
you see them?

I don!t understand.

Claude is dead now.  He wants you to leave.

that brought us to this place.  I hope he died here.  None of us liked
thinking that it looked empty and abandoned.

seen me yet.
specter got so close to me I could hardly see.  It was cold and dark,
just like now.  I was already wounded ...
it.  It!s one of the few things I do remember, and it was horrible.
got hurt badly a few minutes before the specter got me.  We were
ambushed by headless creatures, and three of them surrounded me ...

Why are you back?  Leave!  Get out before they come back !
miserable place to spend eternity.  Death is far worse than you can

 While the others were fighting a group of zombies, a headless
creature found me.  After that, Muller turned back and left.
one zombie wearing blue, instead of the usual red, and it raised it!s
arms and made the ground shake like an earthquake.  Muller and
Friedrich killed it quickly.
couldn!t fight it off because I was hurt.
get too close to me.  That was nearly the end.
expedition this far, and then turned back.  It took him almost a day,
with seven deaths, to realize we were going the wrong way.
an idiot.  Even I could tell this was the wrong way.
Muller!s second.  He survived this far.
something to help Germany in the war, I don!t know what it was! he
never told us anything.
retreated, but I!m not sure.

Sometimes I wonder if the war even started, or how it is going, or
whether it!s over.  Most of the time I don!t care.

Those invincible phantasms are finally what convinced Muller we should
turn back, I think.  There are at least three on this level, you
should turn back, too.

Three of them were Claude, Hans and Gunther ... I can!t remember the
other four, or whether Behrens made it out or not.

-----scri 136 "Behrens"-----

monsters.  They still bother me, even now.

headless creatures, I might still be alive now.

all this time.
only truly dead when you!ve forgotten everything! when you remember
nothing of your former self.

tough to kill, but they sure hit hard.  I saw Muller killed two with
his knife.
entire clip from his machine pistol into a group of those monsters,
and then kill the last two with his knife.
several of them.  The group took mine when they left.
eighteen of us, I think, and I doubt anyone left alive.  I never saw
anyone come back this way.

-----scri 137-----


No, not twelve! hundreds.  Sixteen Sundays, even.  I!ve been counting.
 I can tell you haven!t.

I!m not dead, I!ve only settled down to rest for a moment.  Go along,
I!ll catch up with you soon.

Nayours.  I!ll never tell him, don!t
worry.  I know better.
tides, master of all things small and insignificant.
fool!  Don!t you understand?

-----scri 138-----
Get that light away from me!  Get it away!  No lights!  They!re

They!re attracted to your light.  Fool!  Get away from me!
things, those things!  They!re all around, they hide in the corners
until they see light ...
lights, do you?  Stay away ...

name ... for some reason I don!t think I liked Muller, whoever he
don!t even remember my family, or my home.
 My father was in the party.
selected to go on this expedition.
here.  I thought we were sent to plan an invasion of the southern
United States from Mexico, but then we ended up in the damn jungle

I don!t know, I can!t remember anything.  Nothing.  Why do you keep
asking questions?  Why can!t you leave me alone?
frustrating, being like this.

Those things, those rats with wings, haven!t you seen them?  They
swarmed my torch before I could put it out ...
down the ladder, and suddenly I was surrounded by these shrieking
things.  I ran, but they followed me ...
come down to get here.
biting and scratching anything in sight.

There was a lot of speculation about what we would do in Mexico, but
we were all wrong! and still don!t know the real answer.

-----scri 139 "Walter"-----
Who are you?  You want my gold, don!t you?  Don!t take my gold!

any sense.

ingots.  I hate Muller.

of three.  I ran as fast as I could, but they got me ...
it, it!s mine!  It!s all I have left, all I have to look at.  There!s
plenty more ...
Muller gave us the key for.  There are eleven more ingots down there,
don!t take mine!  Get your own!
wooden box, he said they were extremely important.  I was leaving
though, there was no way I was going back down to try to find
duplicate things which were placed inside it so we should only get
one.  We found the box ...
wouldn!t fit inside it.  I dropped it when I was attacked by the
invisible demons, it was useless.  But I kept the ingot.
just greedy.  He was probably planning to kill us all and take the
gold for himself.  I would have.
A group of people passed by, speaking Spanish, and their leader took
was expecting to find the key.
only one way to go.  There are invisible demons on the level below
this one, watch out.  I escaped them.  I ran.
better than our machine pistols.  I couldn!t understand what they were
things.  I wish we!d had weapons like that.
way down, but they were everywhere when I came back.  It was like
everything was asleep and we slowly woke it up.
awoke behind his, trapping us down here.
corner in front of me while I was running from a ghoul.  I ran into
him before I knew it ...

Everything.  The slimes, those flying fish, the demons.  They woke up
behind us and waited for me to return.
down here, alone.
stay down here if I could help it ...

-----scri 140-----
All this gold surrounding me, and I!ve got no use for it.  Take it
all, get it out of my sight.

about that.
Everything is slipping away.

It!s frightening.

Walter shot me.  You should have seen his eyes when he saw the gold. 
I knew he would try to leave without us, I just didn!t think he!d kill
himself.  I hope the creatures got him on the way out.  He couldn!t
leave without the gemstone, anyway.

group passes through, but then they stay awake for years.

I overheard Muller speaking of a strange gemstone which would open the
door that locked us inside the pyramid.
ground floor.

inside it.

I overheard Muller saying that he wouldn!t let us leave unless we were
each carrying our weight in gold.
all Muller!s fault.  I hate him.

-----scri 141-----
They never came back.  Muller never brought any of them back.  They!re
all dead, even Muller.

You don!t make any sense.

flying gas-filled monsters hit me from behind.
pushed my MP-41 into it!s squishy forehead and fired until it
exploded.  The concussion killed me.

I never had a name.

Muller thought he knew everything about this damned place, but I guess
he was wrong.  I guess he died for it, too.
the people I came down here with.  We all wanted to leave, a long time
before we reached this spot, but Muller dragged us on.
left after I died had an MP-41.  If you want one, just look for their
bodies.  They never came back, so they!re rotting around here
somewhere ...

-----scri 142-----
No, no!! NO!   Keep them away from me.  Please!

Don!t let them get me again, it was horrible.  Please!
out, please, PLEASE!  Promise me you won!t let them out!  You!re going
to let them out, I can tell ...
this corner when Muller died.  This was all his fault.

Chuck Gray