From: (Micah Anderson)
Subject: PathWays Into Darkness Cheat file v.310
Date: 25 Sep 1993 00:43:34 GMT
Organization: University of Washington
Lines: 983
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Summary: Here is the newest version
Keywords: PID,Pathways Into Darkness,cheat,hack,slayer

                        Pathways Into Darkness
                        item cheat file v.3.10


I and anyone else involved in this file  are not in the least
bit responsible for any damage brought apon by careless modification. 
I wrote this file, it is your responsibility if you decide to use it, 
NOT ours. For all I know you could attempt to modify your character 
and screwup your entire hardrive. Backup your character (not saying that 
that would save your hardrive) and realize what you do is what YOU do, 
and not us. So there.


With pretty much all of the credit going to Pou Lee  (ST2C9@Jetson.UH.EDU) who
put together this list and many of the discriptions... I just cleaned
the thing up and added on and sent it out to you.

Also thanks to Gabriele Callari ( for the time


This file describes how to edit your game, be it giving your character
255 shots in your Walther-P4, changing your hitpoints to be 4000 or
even changing your location within the dungeon. It is a quite simple
process, although it CAN be dangerous so I recommend you make a copy of
your Saved Games file and keep it in a spare place (yea, yea, you've
heard it before... but it REALLY sucks to lose your file when you've
gotten all the way to the suffocation chamber or something.)


*How to change the time in your game.
*Pou Lee's Survival Guide (1.1)

Watcha need:

You have to have some sort of sector editor, I've been using Norton
Utilites (you can get to it by loading up Norton and then in the
Utilities menu its the item which says, Norton Disk Editor.) You need
your Pathways Into Darkness Saved Games file, and you need a backup of
this file. 

Editing Items:

Open up your Saved Games file, or the copy of the same thing.
Go to sector 6 (within the file, NOT 6 absolute sectors - that would
probably take you into your boot block or something nasty), this is
where all the inventory items are kept (for the FIRST game in your
list, I haven't figured out where the others are located yet, I
haven't the need for it yet. If you figure it out, let me know)

Each item in your inventory is 8 bytes long. A byte consists of a hex
"number" so FF is a byte, so is 33 and 2A, etc. You can see (at least
within Norton) that there are two sets of 8 on each line. It may be a
little confusing as there are four sections on each line. Each one of
those sections has 8 single digits in it, in other words four bytes.
So you take the left half of the line and there are two sections of
four bytes, those left two sections consist of one inventory item. It
may take a second for this to sink in, but look at it for a little
while, it'll make sense.

The second byte is the item hex code number (the list is below as to
which each hex code corresponds to). It is benifical to change a
couple copies of Mien Kampf into a clip of ammo, or a potion or
something. To do this, just change this byte to the hex number in the
list below.

The fourth byte is the condition of the item (either worn or wielded,
or just held) hex number. I believe that 00 means you are holding the
item (just in your inventory), 01 and 02 either mean word/wielded or
held (as in a crystal sense). I haven't botherd to figure out what
these actually are as it is just as easy to do that garbage within the
game. Modifying this byte is just worthless and is increasing your
chance of screwing something up.

The sixth byte is the quantity in hex. This is a handy one if you seem to
be running out of ammo (yea, like that would EVER happen in this
game... I would often just give myself a couple clips of 255 shots for
my Walther, that way I wouldnt think I was cheating - not like giving
yourself a violet potion and a ceder box right away, you have to find
those!). Compute the hex value with a calculator (I would recommend
PCalc) and put it in here... the max is FF (which in decimal is 255).
Clips that normally come in x8 (Walther) or x32 (P-41) can be set to
x255 without any problems.... Its handy to have a large clip, as
reloading takes time.

The Eight byte is the inventory catalog hex number. This is where in
your list of items this item lies. I wouldn't recommend modifying this
one either, just change it in the game.

Exceptions: When an item is stored in a container (like ammo in a gun
or the pearl in a sack...) some bytes are turned into FFFF; the last
inventory item does not seem to have a hex catalog number but FFFF in
the last two bytes.

To sum up: the safest way of editing in items is simply to change a 
useless item like Nazi propaganda to the item you desire. To add items
to the inventory is possible, but extra care and precaution must be
used. It may seem confusing and items may not conform to the
descriptions above, but generally I have found that you can easily
identify a clip of ammo or a piece of Nazi junk and just change that
into what you desire, most everything else just falls into place.


As far as your location, your health points, time and the weapon proficiency
ratings (together with killed monster points) these are stored in the
4th sector of the file (remember all the items were in the 6th sector).

The X,Y coordinates are stored in the 1868 and 1872 offsets respectivly.
Setting these can be dangerous (it would not be good to set yourself in
the middle of a wall, or somewhere unescapable)

The level of the dungeon is stored in offset 1875. Remember the modification
of the position of the character can potentially send one's character to
Virtual Nirvanna (in the middle of nowhere) which could inflict Bad Craziness.
It might be worth your while, however, if you have only a minute left in
the game and you are on the bottom level of the dungeon to set your level
to the top one in order to escape (assuming the top level is where you escape!)

Your character's hitpoints (current hit points, not max) are stored
in offset 1877, and the maximum hitpoints are stored in offset 1879. Hitpoints
have a limit, 4000. Setting this too high will put you at negitive (first
hit you die). Or if you set it too high and get something that would increase
your max hitpoints it will go negitive.

Time can be found in offset 1786-1789; these bytes are the hexidecimal
number which represents the time passed from the beginning (=00000000) in
60ths of a second. So if you want to go back (or forth) one minute,
subtract (or add) to this number E10 (3600 in decimal), for an hour use
34BC0 (21600 decimal), and so on.

Weapon proficiency rating (0-3...0 meaning none, 1 being novice...3 expert)
for the six weapon categories are in offsets: 1863, 1895, 1901, 1907 1913, and
1919. Your proficiency goes up when the monsters killed with that weapon 
reaches a certain point, the amount of monsters that have been killed with
each weapon is stored in: 1879, 11891, 1897, 1903, 1909, 1915.

Item List:

Here is the list of items and their corresponding hex code. 

code# item name
00   Map
01   Digital Watch
02   Flash light
03   IR goggles
04   Cuban gas mask
06   Canvas sack
08   Aromatic box
09   Velvet red bag
0A   Lead box
0C   Empty elaborate vial
0E   Red cloak (Time Accelerating)
10   Nuclear device
11   Radio beacon
12   Blue liquid vial (Healing)
13   Red liquid vial (Time Slow)
14   Brown liquid vial (Poison)
15   Violet liquid vial (Temporary Invulnerability)
16   Main Kampf
17   Small pamphlet
18   BirdUs Egg
19   Bad M-16
1A   Bad AK-47
1B   Bad MP-41
1C   Bad Walther P4
1D   Ruby Ring
1E   Amethyst Ring
1F   Diamond Necklace
20   Opal Bracelet
21   Alien Pipes
22   Silver Key
23   Silver Bowl
24   Gold Key
25   Gold Ingot
26   Sapphire
28   Emerald
29   Large Pearl
2C   (Ceremonial Mask?)
2D   Survival Knife
2E   Walther P4
2F   Colt .45
30   Schmeisser MP-41
31   AK-47
32   M-79 Grenade Launcher
33   Walther P4 Ammo (8 rounds)
34   MP-41 Ammo (32 rounds)
35   AK-47 Ammo (30 rounds)
36   AK-47 HE Ammo (30 rounds?)
37   AK-47 SABOT Ammo (30 rounds)
38   M-16 Ammo
39   Colt .45 Ammo
3A   40 mm HE Cartridge
3B   40 mm Fragmentation Cartridge
3C   40 mm Projectile Cartridge
3D   Silver Medal
3E   Note
3F   Bungie Propoganda
40   Yellow Crystal (Talk)
41   Blue Crystal (Freeze)
42   Orange Crystal (Burn)
44   Mottled Crystal (Lightening?)
45   Green Cyrstal (Earthquake)
46   Black Crystal (Stone?)

This file is a cursory survival guide for PID, intending to offer basic 
information for completion of the game. Please send me 
( any correction or better tips/solutions. 

This file is version 1.1, dated September 22, 1993.

What's New:
More playing tips for players with normal characters and several error 
corrections concerning saving zones.
General Playing Tips

Save constantly. This is especially true is the lower (physically) 
levels where heavy-damage-inflicting monsters roam. IMHO, this game is 
most enjoyable if one plays it mission-oriented style: before playing, 
set up an objective like the killing of ten monsters or the procurement 
of a certain object, before saving again. Use the saving zones as 
mission bases. Whenever heavy damage has been sustained, revert. Each 
resting will cost 7 minutes of time. In other words, every hit sustained 
is time lost.

This game IMHO is very heavy on resource management. Most important 
resources are time and ammunitions. Ammunition will cease to be of 
extreme concern once the Ammo Duplication Cedar Box is obtained. Time 
will always be of extreme concern. Each resting takes 7 minutes and will 
allow one to recover about 1/7 of total health points. Ammo is 
duplicated in a minutely base.

Incremental resting is recommended once the Ammo Cedar Box is obtained: 
might as well produce ammo in resting, even though it is inefficient 
since ammo can be produced every minute while one meaningful resting 
period is 7 minutes.

Command key sideward dodging is essential in minimizing hits in the 
easier levels. 

Recommended tactics for normal characters at easier level is Tango style 
movement with ambush style firing: run forward several steps before 
retreating all those steps back and be ready to side step behind walls 
to induce bad guys advancing into ambushes.

Recommended tactics for normal characters at harder level is Waltz style 
movement with assasin style firing: run forward several steps before 
retreating necessary number of steps back around a defensable corner, 
turn body around until the gun is pointing at most 45 degree from the 
anticipated advancing path of the approaching monsters. Commence firing 
once any part of the monsters is seen.

If a monster (particulary those like Skitters (& Ghast) that can shoot 
straight and fast travelling ammo) is known to be approaching, hide 
around the corner at most 45 degree to its approach. Commence firing 
upon sighting any part of it in the gun sight. Once hit, it will stop 
and try to return fire but can not do so because it can not shoot at an 

Weapons should be fired at point blank range whenever possible to ensure 
maximum damage while conserving ammunition until one procures the Cedar 
Box for ammo duplication. The only exception is with fragmentation 
grenades in the case when they are plenty: fire them as far as possible 
to allow for reloading, thus a second shot.

Weapon accuracy is included in consideration for performance evaluation 
at the end of the game.

Number 1 priority is to obtain the Cedar box for ammo duplication.

Usage of crystals and potions should be extremely judicious or else one 
may have a hard, if not impossible, time overcoming certain situations 
in the game.

Learn to aim and shoot straight first. Then learn to shoot at an angle 
hidding around the corner, ambushing incoming monsters at or nearly at 
point-blank range.

Never slug it out with monsters face to face. Always try to draw them 
into ambushes in which they can not shoot back. Be efficiently patient 
whenever possible: saving 1 minute of waiting by going out rushing 
around looking for monsters is definitely not worth the while if one has 
to spend 5 minute recuperating from the wounds thus sustained.   

Try to recover as many artifacts as possible since this process improves 
one's health points.

Try to visit every square of any level to recover ammo clips in the 
early game. Later on, like after the level Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi 
Ch'Intrate, one may not wish or in fact, recommended not to do so if one 
has the Cedar Box and knows where all the goodies like potions and 
artifacts are. 

The program takes around 4 to 5 second to reload the Grenade Launcher. 
To reload the M-79 in less than 2 seconds, allow it to break open right 
after firing before immediately command-2 to shift to inventory window. 
Double-click on the M-79 to unwield it before double-click it to wield 
it again. It will be reloaded and ready to be fired again. Command-1 to 
shift back to game window to continue firing.

Before quaking down the Sentinels' shields, wait a little standing a 
little to the right of the center of the path to attract Skitters to 
apprach on the other side of the shields. Their rolling web spindles 
will be stopped by the shields if the Sentinels sit in the way. Blast 
the Skitters with Fragmentation grenades. HE or Projectile grenades will 
be stopped by the shields but not Fragmentation ones.

Remember to set the bomb before leaving Who Else Wants Some?


About Monsters

Name              Recom kill Weapon   Other weapons
Headless          knife               guns
Zombie            guns
Banshee           blue/orange crystal(s)
Ghouls            knife               guns
Ooz               guns
Invisible Demon   guns
Nightmare         guns
Electric Orb      guns
Skitter           guns
Sentinel          green crystal
Flamethrower      guns
Ghast             guns
Venomous skiter   guns
Greater Nightmare guns (amour piercing)
Purple Monster    none
Green Ooz         none (get poisoned)

One Possible/recommended Route

Ground Floor -> Never Firing -> Lock&Load -> They May Be Slow -> But 
They're Hungry -> Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!! -> Ascension -> Wrong 
Way! -> Welcome, Tasty Primate! -> (need a lot of Walther P4 ammo and 
the orange crystal, if one has not been conserving ammo, ie. killing 
almost all Headless and Ghouls with the knife, this route is not 
recommended!) Feel the Power -> A Plague of Demons -> We Can See in the 
Dark, Can You? -> Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage -> The Labyrinth -> 
Beware of Low-flying Nightmares! -> Need a light? -> Lasciate Ogne 
Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate -> Watch Your Steps -> I'd Rather Be Surfing -> 
Warning: Earthquake Zone! -> Don't Get Poisoned! -> Please Excuse Our 
Dust -> But Wait!-That's Not All! -> Where Only Fools Dare Tread -> Who 
Else Wants Some?


Clear Blue: healing
Bubbling Red: time slowing
Pale violet: temporary invulnerable/iron skin
Thick Brown: poison -> to get by the Green Ooz

(Judicious usage of crystals is strongly recommended; i.e., don't use 
them unless it's absolutely necessary)

Yellow: Communication with dead soldiers
Blue: Freeze
Orange: Burn
Green: Earthquake (area damage)
Violet: Lightening (area damage)
Black: Stoning (not many uses)

Ground Floor

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Ghouls (knife, guns); Zombie (guns)

Saving Zone(s):
Initially only 2: NW and NE corners.
After unlocking gates, 2 more: SW and SE corners.

NW: up to Lock&Load
NE: up to Never Stop Firing
SW: down to Wrong Way!
SE: Feel the Power

Objective(s): pick up the Walther P4 pistol and talk to the Dead German 

Problem(s): the 2 locked gates near the central region.
Solution(s): Alien Pipe.
Never Stop Firing

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Zombie (guns)

Saving Zone(s): S center.

Ladder(s): S center down to Ground Floor

Objective(s): pick up the Yellow crystal behind the locked door in the 

Problem(s): the locked gate in the N.
Solution(s): Pull both chains that are located in the NW and NE corners.

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Zombie (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 3
Near SE corner.
Near NW corner.
NE corner.

Ladder(s): 2
SW corner: down to Ground Floor
NE corner: up to They May Be Slow

Objectives: Emerald in the room by the SE Saving Zone.
Dead German Soldier near the SE corner.
Dead German Soldier in the NW corner.

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None
They May Be Slow

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Zombie (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 2
NW corner.
NE corner.

Ladder(s): 3
NW, NE corners: up to But They're Hungry
S center: down to Lock&Load

Dead German Soldier (Hans) between center and S.
Small Ammo dump in a room full of bones near center.
Dead German Soldier in a room near N center.
Blue Crystal behind a secret/hidden wall section in the room of the 
above Dead German Soldier.
Silver Bowl in a room near the Blue Crystal room.

Problem(s): Blue Crystal behind a secret/hidden wall section.
Solution(s): Walk through the wall.
But They're Hungry

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Zombie (guns); Banshee (Blue 

Saving Zone(s): 2
Near NE corner.
Near SW corner/the ladder leading up to Evil Undead Phantasms Must 

Ladder(s): 4
Near SE corner: down to They May Be Slow
SW corner: down to They May Be Slow
Near NE corner: up to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!!
Near NW corner: up to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!!

Dead German Soldier near NE corner.

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None
Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!!

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Zombie (guns); Banshee (Blue 

Saving Zone(s): 2
East of the Center.
Near SW corner.

Ladder(s): 3
Near NE corner: down to But They Are Hungry!
Near SW corner: down to But They Are Hungry!
Near Center: up to Ascension

Large Pearl near (N) the East of the Center Saving Zone.
Dead German Soldier at the W side (toward NW corner).

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None

Monster(s): Headless (knife, guns); Zombie (guns); Banshee (Blue 

Saving Zone(s): 1
E/SE side.

Ladder(s): 1
SW corner: down to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!!

Dead German Soldier near NW corner.
Alien Pipe around center.

Problem(s): None.
Solution(s): None.
Wrong Way!

Monster(s): Zombie (guns); Ghouls (knife, guns); Nightmare (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 2
Near NE corner
Near SW corner

Ladder(s): 7
Five near center: 4 down to Welcome, Tasty Primate!; 1 up to Ground 
1 NW ladder: down to Welcome, Tasty Primate!
1 SE ladder: down to Welcome, Tasty Primate!

Orange Crystal: S locked room right by the central lounge
Clear Blue Healing Potion: W corridor/locked room of the central lounge

Problem(s): Locked Silver doors.
Solution(s): The Silver Key in the level below
Welcome, Tasty Primate!

Monster(s): Zombie (guns); Ghouls (knife, guns); Nightmare (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 2
1 near center.
1 near SW corner.

Ladder(s): 7
4 ladders near center: up to Wrong Way!
1 ladder at SE corner: up to Wrong Way!
1 ladder at NW corner: up to Wrong Way!
1 ladder near N center: down to We Can See in the Dark, Can You?

The Silver Key at the NE corner.
Dead German Soldier near S center.

Problem(s): Locked Silver Doors
Solution(s): The Silver Key
Feel the Power

Monster(s): Ooz (guns); Ghouls (knife, guns)

Saving Zone(s): 1
Around NW corner.

Ladder(s): 2
SW corner: up to Ground Floor
NW corner: down to A Plague of Demons

Around NE corner: Clear Blue Healing Potion
Dead German Soldier: center
Gold ingot: by Dead German Soldier

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None
A Plague of Demons

Monster(s): Ghouls (knife, guns); IR Demon (guns); Banshee (Blue 
crystal); Ooz (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 
NE corner
NW (on the other side, go S first) of central ladder

Around NW corner: down to Beware of Low-flying Nightmares!
center: up to Feel the Power!

Silver Door: near SE corner
Cedar Box: behind Silver Door
Dead American Soldier: N of central ladder
IR goggles: with the Dead American Soldier

Problem(s): Invisible Demons
Solution(s): IR goggles
We Can See in the Dark, Can You?

Monster(s): Ghouls (knife, guns); Nightmare (guns); Ooze (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 2
1 close to SE corner.
1 close to N center.

Ladder(s): 2
1 near the SW corner: up to Welcome, Tasty Primate!
1 near the NE corner: down to Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage

Bubbling Red Potion: NW corner
Dead German Soldier: close to (NE) the ladder up to Welcome, Tasty 

Problem(s): Frenzy rats
Solution(s): turn off flashlight
Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage

Monster(s): Ghouls (knife, guns); Nightmare (guns); Ooze (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 1
S of the 2 ladders

Ladder(s): 2
2 near the center: right up to Labyrinth; left up to We Can See in the 
Dark, Can You?

Dead German Soldier: near the Saving Zone
Dead German Soldiers(MP-41): N center, before the Beige Locked-Door Room 
with the Yellow Arrows
Alien Pipe: with one of the Dead German Soldiers
Red Cloak: in the Beige Locked-Door Room with the Yellow Arrows
Clear Blue (Healing) Potions & Thick Brown (Poison) Potions: in the 
Beige Locked-Door Room with the Yellow Arrows

Problem(s): Hordes of miscellaneous monster after Beige Door
Solution(s): Bubbling Red Potion of Time Slow or 
Corner defense tactics with Orange crystal: Step on the Green Arrows 
while facing 90 degree from the doors; run back straight toward one of 
the corner as soon as one steps on the Green Arrows; commencing shooting 
at the sides of targets as they rush out of the door; pay attention to 
hit points/drink Healing Potion when necessary; after the slaughter of 
the initial onrush/wave of the horde, more will wait on the other side 
of doors; change facing now in order to be able to peep into the door at 
some monsters in order to fry them with the orange crystal/ get ready to 
retreat back right after the zapping; eventually all monsters will rush 
out to meet their fate.
Beware of Low-flying Nightmares!

Monster(s): Ghouls (knife, guns); Nightmare (guns); Ooze (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 2
near NE corner.
S center.

Ladder(s): 2
NE corner
S center

Diamond Necklace: center of the NW corner/N center/W center/center area
Gold Door: near SE corner
Gold ingots: behind Gold Door
(Dead German Soldier: behind Gold Door)

Problem(s): Gold Door
Solution(s): Gold Key
The Labyrinth

Monster(s): Electric Zapping Orbs

Saving Zone(s): 0

Ladder(s): 4
NW corner: up to Happy Happy! Carnage Carnage!
NE corner: up to Beware of the Low-flying Nightmares!
SW corner: down to Need a light?
SE corner: down to Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate

Around center: Violet crystal

Problem(s): the paths change every time one enters.
Solution(s): none.
Need a light?

Monster(s): Ghouls (knife, guns); Nightmare (guns); Ooze (guns); 
Flamethrower Monster (guns)

Saving Zone(s): 1
N of center.

Ladder(s): 1
center: up to the Labyrinth

Dead American Soldier: SE corner of the inner square
Dead American Soldiers (Radio beacon, new half of bomb code 287->658, IR 
goggles): 4 in the SW corner room.
Amyst Ring, Bubbling Red Potion, Thick Brown Potion, Clear Blue Healing 
Potion: the end of the SW corner room/corridor

Problem(s): Flamethrower Monster
Solution(s): Violet crystal(?); expenditure of much ammo (with usage of 
crystals, not strongly recommended). One approach is once one has 
entered the room, salvage all usable equipment's from dead soldiers 
ASAP, run toward the end. The Flamethrower monster starts walking from 
the end. Try to beat it to the first corner nearest to the end of the 
corridor. Position oneself halfway on the corner facing it as it walks 
up. Freeze or burn it motionless when there is room besides the monster 
so that one may squeeze through as it stops. Run toward the end of the 
corridor past the door to pick up all the goodies at the end as the 
monster starts to rumble back. By the time it almost reaches the end, 
other monsters should have come in behind it and start shooting at it in 
trying to shoot at one's character. Pump all but one Projectile grenades 
into it. Pump MP-41/ Walther ammo into it. Use blue/orange crystals with 
good timing to prevent it from throwing flames while one pumps ammo into 
it. Eventually (60 to 100 rounds of AK-47 SABOT ammo) it will 
disintegrate. Use a fragmentation grenade if more than one is available 
to take out the other small monsters if one has run out of resources. 
Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate

Monster(s): Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Sentinel (Green Crystal)

Saving Zone(s): 4
S of N center
N of center
Near SW corner
N of W center

Ladder(s): 4
N center: up to the Labyrinth
2 around S center: down to Watch Your Steps
1 NE corner: down to I'd Rather Be Surfing

Red Velvet Bag (Healing Potion): SW (on the other side of the wall) of 
the Saving Zone
Clear Blue Healing Potion: SE of the N Saving Zone

Problem(s): Sentinel
Solution(s): Green Crystal
Watch Your Steps

Monster(s): Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Sentinel (Green Crystal)

Saving Zone(s): 1
NW corner

Ladder(s): 2
near W center: up to Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate
SE corner: up to Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate

Green Crystal: S center
2 Sapphires: 1 at N of the center, 1 around the center
Dead American Soldier (Greg): NE corner
The Nuclear Device: (S of Greg) E center.

Problem(s): Jumping Insects
Solution(s): Exploding Pods
I'd Rather Be Surfing

Monster(s): Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Sentinel (Green Crystal)

Saving Zone(s): 2
Close to N center

Ladder(s): 2
SW of NE corner: down to Warning: Earthquake Zone!
Between W center and Center: up to Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi 

Clear Blue Healing Potion: NE of the S center
Dead Cuban Soldier(AK-47): Suffocation Chamber/near NE corner

Problem(s): Suffocation Chamber
Solution(s): Red Cloak & Patience (3 hours) (Remember to remove it 
Time to mass produce ammunitoins!
Warning: Earthquake Zone!

Monster(s): Ghast (guns); Green Ooze (None); Purple Burping Monster 

Saving Zone(s): 2
N center
Center of the center/W center/SW center/S center

Ladder(s): 2
NW corner: up to I'd Rather Be Surfing
W center: (teleporter) to Don't Get Poisoned

Dead Cuban Soldier: near NE corner
Lead Box: between W center and center
Violet Potion: SW of the N center Saving Zone

Problem(s): Green Ooze
Solution(s): Get poisoned.
Problem(s): Purple Burping Monster
Solution(s): Wear Gas Mask and run around
Don't Get Poisoned!

Monster(s): Venomous Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Greater Nightmare 
(armor-piercing gun ammo, projectile grenades)

Saving Zone(s): 
One's arrival square/first room/area.

Three in the first room: S one to N teleporter of another small 
room/area of 3 teleporters; W one to the center teleport (N side) in the 
fourth area; E one to the center teleport (S side) in the fourth area; 
the 2 teleporters in the fourth area are back to back.
Three in second small room/are: N one to the S teleporter of the first 
room/area; E one to W teleporter of a third area; W one to E teleporter 
of a third area (with the exit/advancing teleporter at the S room)
Three in third medium size area: the one in the Southern room leads to 
Please Excuse Our Dust; the other two back to second room/area.
Two in fourth area: back to first room.

Violet Invulnerability(temporary) Potion in the N center of the third 
area with the exit/advancing teleporter.
Blue Clear Healing Potion at the center of the third area.
Blue Clear Healing Potion at the SE corner of the fourth area.
Blue Clear Healing Potion near (E) the SW corner of the fourth area.

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None
Please Excuse Our Dust

Monster(s): Venomous Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Greater Nightmare 
(armor-piercing gun ammo, projectile grenades)

Saving Zone(s): 
1 by the arrival room/first room.

Arrival room/first room:
SE corner: back to Don't Get Poisoned
S center: E teleporter in the second small room/area.
NW corner: W teleporter in the second small room/area.
Second room/small area:
N: S T in third room; W: NW corner T in first room; E: S center T in 
first room.
Third room/small area:
S: N T in second room; W: SE corner T in fourth room; E: N center T in 
fourth room
Fourth room: N center T to E T in 3rd room; SE corner T to W T in 3rd 
room; SW corner T to next level, But Wait!-That's Not All!

Arrival room/first room
Blue Clear Healing Potion near the NE corner.
Blue Clear Healing Potion S of the W center.
Fourth room
Blue Clear Healing Potion between center and NE corner.
Bubbling Red Potion near the SW corner.
Blue Clear Healing Potion NE of the SW corner.

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None
But Wait!-That's Not All!

Monster(s): Venomous Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Greater Nightmare 
(armor-piercing gun ammo, projectile grenades)

Saving Zone(s): 1
Before arrival square.

Arrival area
The teleporting room with 4 T's:
S: to N T in the same room; N: to S T in the same room; N side T: to 
around NE corner; S side T to center. After all four have been used, the 
N side T leads to 2nd area.
Second area
The teleporting room with 4 T's:
S: to N T in the same room; N: to S T in the same room; N side T: to NE 
corner; S side T to arriving square of the 2nd area.
Center: to next level, Where Only Fools Dare Tread

Arrival area
Bubbling Red Potion at the SE corner room.
Violet Potion at the NE corner room.
Second area
Bubbling Red Potion at the center.
Clear Blue Potion at SW corner room
Clear Blue Potion around SE corner, before the 4 Teleport room entrance.

Problem(s): None
Solution(s): None
Where Only Fools Dare Tread

Monster(s): Venomous Skiter (guns); Ghast (guns); Greater Nightmare 
(armor-piercing gun ammo, projectile grenades)

Saving Zone(s): 3
N of S center.
Near SE corner.
N of center.

Between the two Southern Saving zones: back to But Wait!-That's Not All!
by the center Saving Zone
By the central Saving Zone: W T in the 2nd Four-T room

Clear Blue Potion SW of center/NW of the between S/center Saving Zone
Dead Cuban Soldiers: SW corner
Gold key: with one of the Dead Cuban Soldier
Black Crystal: around N center

Problem(s): Several Four/Three-T rooms
Solution(s): Wear Red Cloak and try all T's (remember to remove it once 
one is teleported to the final showdown)
Who Else Wants Some?

Monster(s): Roomfuls of all regular types of monsters one type after 

Saving Zone(s): 0

Ladder(s): After elimination of each roomful/type of monsters, a 
teleporter will appear (make sure rest up fully before stepping in)

convert/kill the Spirit of the Alien being into the Alien Gemstone after 
the elimination of the last roomful of monsters

Problem(s): roomfuls of monsters
Solution(s): fragmentation grenades, bubbling red potions, clear blue 
healing potions, violet potions
Sunset in one land is sunrise in another. (Our Daily Bread saying)
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
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End Notes:

Have fun playing the game, but dont ruin it for yourself! 

If you have corrections, additions or other comments, please mail them
to me and I will attempt to distribute another updated copy.
Somethings that I would like to add: how to edit a character elsewhere 
in your saved game file, etc.

Micah Anderson -