A number of sounds from Minotaur were reused in Pathways Into Darkness. Here's a quick comparision table:

Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
1160 2068Drop Item
1190 2068Get Item
1180 8374Player cry 1
1220 7194Player cry 3
1220 5058Spell failure
1220 9834Shatter sound
Pathways Into Darkness
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
10330 2068Item pick up
10330 2068Item pick up
10170 8374Player cry 1
10272 7194Player cry 3
10312 5058Crystal discharges without doing damage
103109834Crystal shatters

Raul Bonilla <> writes concerning an unused sound in Pathways Into Darkness:

I found an unused sound in the PID resource fork. Snd 10660 seems to belong to a monster -maybe the imprisoned demon originally have a voice or it was a creature that never made it to the final release.

Yes Snd 10660 is quite large (Size = 22053) and appears to be an unknown monster death sound... or is it?

Raul Bonilla <> also writes concerning a sound in Pathways Into Darkness that also appears in Marathon:

Snds 10590 is the firing sound of the Plasma gun in M1. There's been a while since I've played PID for the last time, and maybe some crystal made the plasma gun sound.

Yes a number of sounds in Pathways were latter reused in Marathon. Here's a quick comparision table:

Pathways Into Darkness
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
10590 5077Black Crystal Discharge
10180 4682Increase in skill level
10008 4818Empty Walther P4
10610 4634Player hit sound after Pale Violet Potion
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
2160 5077Fusion Pistol shot hitting wall
1170 4682Item pick up
1180 4818Empty M-75
1220 4634Invincibilty power up on lava

Dennis Taylor <> writes:

...on the subject of sounds from PID appearing in other places... the shrill chorus of voices which plays whenever you use the yellow crystal to speak with a corpse also appears in the PC squad combat game "X-Com: UFO Defense", as the "mind control" sound. Lower sound quality, of course, but I'd be willing to bet that they came from the same effects CD.

The voice of the Jjaro? Scott Jaeger <> makes this interesting find:

A few years ago.. I sent you details on the origin of 2 sounds in PID. I'm able to record them now.. here's the info!

They are snd resources 10250 and 10040.

10250 is the Alien Pipes in the game.
10040 is the 'error' sound.

These came from a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard. The Pipe sound is the Human Voice preset (the owner's manual says "if you listen closely, the voice is actually saying 'hello.'") The Error sound serves the same function on the SK-1.. although the SK1 they used was probably really out of tune (as you can see in the attached mp3, the real tone is lower.)

See a picture of the unit at

I don't own a SK-5 so I don't know if any other PID sounds come from it (it does have laser, dog barking and lion presets.)

The SK-1 was marketed to home consumers in 1986. It was an extremely cheap keyboard with the ability to sample and transpose across the keyboard. Using one is laughter inducing.. as you can see from the beats in the beginning of the mp3. However.. they've reached cult status... they go for up to $70 on eBay.. and it's what got me into music. I collect these things.

You can grab Scott's MP3 file here or as a .sit file here. Some might find it appropriate that the sound the alien pipes make to open the doors at the base of the pyramid is the word "hello".

Dustin Westphal <> writes:

I went to the PID sounds file and tried to identify as many of the sounds as I could. I was able to identify these additional sounds:

10060 sounds almost like a higher pitched version of the body falling sound in Moo.

10080 is the same as the body exploding sound in Moo.

10130 is a longer version of the flamethrower.

10520 is used in Ambrosia Software's game Swoop. In swoop it's snd 10006 which is the extra weapon sound.

James Klauder <> writes:

The story page has mentioned a couple times that the chapter screens in Ambrosia's "Ferazel's Wand" bear some strong similarities to Craig Mullins's M2 artwork. Well, there are some other similarities. I just got the demo off the April MacAddict, and several of the sound effects come straight from Pathways and M1. Particularly, Ferazel snd resource 478 matches PiD snd 10220, the phantasm roar. There are a few others, I think, but I haven't confirmed any. Also, in the course of "Ferazel's Wand," the player must traverse the _seven_ lands of Taraknorn.

Thomas Resnick <> writes:

I've found a few other programs where sounds from PiD are heard. I've written them as thusly:

Listed first by the name/number listed in Pathways, then the program I found the same sound in, then the name of the sound in the other game:

10100 - Avernum "lightning bolt"
10150 - Avernum "thrown miss," Blades of Exile "thrown miss(14)," Exile III "thrown miss(14)"
10250 - Realmz "Horn"
10520 - Swoop "Extra Weapon," BOOM "P2Ouch"
10540 - Blades of Exile "enter dungeon," Exile III "enter dungeon(95) c"
10580 - Avernum "slime hit," Exile III "slime hit(88)"

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