From: Loren Petrich <>
Subject: Pathways Into Darkness, XML, etc.
Message-ID: <>
References: <DdXG4.30107$> <Ez6H4.30350$> <>
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 22:10:47 GMT
Organization: @Home Network

In article <>, Loren Petrich
<> wrote:

   In the Pathways into Darkness app, there is a curious resource
called "dpin", which is not a typical MacOS resource, and which has
size 230676 bytes.

   However, there are lots of telltale repeats, such as 14 bytes being
0 followed by 2 bytes being -2 as a short integer. These have enabled
me to conclude that the file has a header with size 2876 bytes,
followed by 25 blocks of data having size 9112.

   However, PID has 25 levels, so it is likely that these are some kind
of level data. The next question is what kind. In "Maps", each of the
sectors has an object ID; this may be a reference to something in the
appropriate block in the dpin resource. 0 could be the first short, 1
could be the next short, etc.

   In other news, I've got the open-source XML parser "expat" working,
though only with a supplied example program. One step closer to a more
portable and extensible Marathon engine.

Loren Petrich
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