Undocumented Features

Features not documented in the Pathways Into Darkness manual.

In Pathways Into Darkness v1.0 and v1.1

Holding down the shift and hyphen (-) keys will bring up the status screen (player stats). This is normally only seen once at the end of the game. The status screen provides information about Body Count, Damage Inflicted and Taken, Weapon Accuracy and Score. The end game status screen provides additional score details not seen during the game. This undocumented feature was mentioned on page 7 of the Official Hint Book (Aug '93) and also by Jason Jones in this comp.sys.mac.games post from January 1994.

In Pathways Into Darkness v2.0

Hold down the Control key and type TURBO. The game's speed is increased. Player and monsters all move faster and sounds play faster. This undocumented feature was actually mentioned by Bungie in their Pathways Updater 1.1 - 2.0 PPC Dialog Box.

Hold down the Control key and type CARNAGE. The status screen is displayed. Freek Dijkstra's Pathways Into Darkness cheats page claims that this code increases game difficulty. However I've not experienced this.

Hold down the Control key and type RESET. The game's elapsed time is reset to the starting time of Sunday 0613 (6.13AM). The RESET feature was mentioned on Bungie's online Tech Support page. It also had this to say about those that used it... Used only by girly-men.

Here are two undocumented features that appear to have been lost over time and certainly don't feature in any of the cheat pages or FAQs. When you start the game your character is right handed. In Pathways Into Darkness v2.0

Hold down the Control key and type LEFT. The player becomes left-handed.

Hold down the Control key and type RIGHT. The player returns to being right-handed.

The hand changes are only visible with the Survival Knife, the Walther P4 Pistol and the M-79 Grenade Launcher. As far as I can make out this was first documented by Thomas Phillips <philli34@student.msu.edu> in a comp.sys.mac.games post in June 1994 and then totally forgotten. Admittedly you can do the above using Alain Roy's Pathways Into Cheating program but you must work on a saved game and changing back involves applying the cheater again. Using the above keys you can make the changes on the fly.


Hopper <hopper@whpress.com> points out that if you hold down the Control key and type ANYWHERE you can "save when you're not on a save rune.". How is it that this feature hasn't been documented before? Well actually it has. Back in Sept '95, Alain Roy posted a series of cheats for Pathways Into Darkness. Here's the list:

To cheat in Pathways into Darkness, hold down the control key, and type
one of the following:

CARNAGE     - display stats dialog
TURBO       - increase speed (player speed, and sound speed, for humor)
RESET       - reset the elapsed game time.
ANYWHERE    - allows you to save the game anywhere. (this is a toggle)
LEFT        - make your character left handed (look at pistol)
RIGHT       - make your character right handed

I believe it's case insensitive, but I'm not sure.

These cheats will only work in Pathways v2.0.

It is interesting to note that in the Pathways Demo vA1 you could save anywhere you liked. In the release version (v1.0 and v1.1) you could only save at a 'saved game' Rune. Jason Jones gave these reasons for why he changed the saved game system for Pathways between the demo and the release version.

In Pathways v2.0 he obviously had a chnage of heart and added it as an undocumented feature. However you really don't need it and ideally you should play the game as Jason Jones originally intended it to be played.

Found an undocumented feature? Then send it in.

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