Release Dates

I'm coding this script in the afternoon of
July 22nd, do you think we'll make MacWorld
on August 3rd?

This section is designed to list the release dates for Pathways Into Darkness and other related significant dates. Dates are given correct to the nearest day where known. Supporting evidence (press releases, newsletters, usenet posts, etc.) is also provided where possible.

July 7, 1993      The Pathways into Darkness demo becomes available to download  from America OnLine.

Aug 3, 1993       Bungie begins selling Pathways Into Darkness at Boston Macworld, 350 copies sold out of  500 copies on sale at the show.

Mar 14, 1994     Bungie announces a PowerPC version of Pathways Into Darkness.

Apr 7, 1994       The PowerPC version of the Pathways demo (v2.0) becomes available to download  from America OnLine. The download included a v1.1 to v2.0 updater for the full game.

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