Use these updaters only if you are planning to run Pathways on a Power Macintosh

If you have updated your Pathways to version 1.3, you must reinstall from the original 1.1 disks before using the updater. If you are one of the 350 people who bought Pathways 1.0 at MacWorld Boston last year and never received the version 1.1 updater, you will need to use that before you can run this updater.

The "Pathways 1.1->2.0 Updater (PPC)" will update your Pathways v1.1 into a 'fat binary' which will run on both 68k and PowerPC based Macintoshes. The "Shapes 1.x->2.0 Updater (PPC)" will add ceiling and floor textures to Pathways (Power Macintosh only). Be sure to run both of them! You should notice a drastic speed improvement.

After running the shapes updater you may have a file called "New Shapes" (unless you told the updater to name it something else). Rename this file to be called "Shapes" or Pathways will not find the new ceiling and floor textures!