Ground Floor: Reprise II
The Pyramid, Elevation: 0m

General comments:

Back down on "Ground Floor" again but this time you have the alien pipes. If you remember what the dead German told you on this level you should have no trouble in opening two of the lock doors (see map).

Muller had some strange musical instrument
he brought from Germany. When he played it
on that rune in the middle of the floor, those
two locked doors opened.

Warning though you are about to meet the Ghouls!

Although fast these guys are particularly easy to take out with the knife. Just as well since you may be running low on ammo at this point.

Conversations with the Dead:

You can always try out those new word triggers on the anonymous German soldier.

Items to find:

Nothing useful in the rooms you open.

Points to note:

You have two ladders to choose from. One goes down to a level called "Wrong Way!", the other to "Feel The Power". Should you take heed of the title "Wrong Way!" and go the other way? If you look at the map you'll notice that the dead German who was shot in the back by Muller is lying closer to one of the doors. The door leading down to "Wrong Way!". Could this be a clue? Remember what he said about his death:

Muller shot me in the back because I
wouldn't follow him through this door- but
he didn't come back. He got what he

So it looks like the Germans went down to "Wrong Way!". Might be a good idea to follow them and pick up any additional weapons and ammo they left.

Monsters to kill:

Zombies and Ghouls

Decision to make:

You see a ladder going down. Descending to Wrong Way!.
You see a ladder going down. Descending to Feel The Power. However, if you take this route you will make life very difficult for yourself.