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June 29, 2001

The mystery of the PID box... continues. When Bungie released a second (Game Hall of Fame) version of the their PID box some six months after the initial release they replaced one of the screenshots on the back. It was an infra-red view pic. It has been suggested that the use of this screenshot was "poor judgement" necessitating its replacement. Oddly when Bungie decided to release a CD version of the game what screenshot did they choose for the back cover of the CD envelope? An infra-red view. This one in fact. YRMWIKY ;-)

Got a comment? Then express it here.

Mark Levin writes on the Forum:

I don't think this is an infrared shot... The player's screen is just tinted red from the Greater Nightmare's death explosion.

Good point. You need to be fast to capture it but the screen does go red when the Greater Nightmare explodes. MLKMA. :-)

June 28, 2001

On the subject of the creature on the front of the original Pathways box and the fact that it was covered over on the second version you can still see it on the cover of the PID manual. Bungie's Support Page now make this available for download on the their downloads section. You can also get on the PID page here (345K).

June 27, 2001

Crack the Shapes code! Loren Petrich <petrich@panix.com> is looking for help in cracking the elusive PID Shapes file code. Was it really encrypted? What's hidden inside? Loren has uploaded some of his code for the maps, initial data, and savegames at


If you'd like to help out please contact Loren Petrich <petrich@panix.com> or use the Story Forum.

Raul Bonilla <lassonde@sinfo.net> writes concerning my sucky box scans:

The contrast of both shots needed a little fix, so I retouched them. The result takes more time to download (I reexported the images without compression), but colors are brilliant now and there was no lost over the details of the image.

Thanks Raul. You can see them here (front) (515K) and here (back) (524K). If anyone wants to scan in some better (higher quality) shots of the PID boxes please let me know. Thanks.

June 26, 2001

Hmmm... what nice claws you have.. The front of the PID Box '93 edition (181K) and a piece of early Halo concept art (180K) by Craig Mullins. The Halo pic was originally sent to HBO and can be seen here.

June 25, 2001

Back in Apr 16, 2001 an early version (1993) of Pathways Into Darkness appeared on eBay. The eBay box shots looked different from later versions of the game. Now you can see these box shots in greater detail:

Front of PID Box '93 (181K)
Back of PID Box '93 (223K)

Compare these with the box that appeared in early 1994:

Front of PID Box '94 (156K)
Back of PID Box '94 (224K)

This later box contains a Macworld Game Hall of Fame 1993 award sticker (circa Jan' 94) and the cover pic is cut-off top and and bottom. But the really odd thing is the back of the box. One of the screenshots was replaced. Why change this one shot? Note the screenshots all show no ceiling and floor textures so this is still version 1.X of the game (not v2.0). Odd that Bungie would bother to make these rather odd changes to the box in early '94.

June 23, 2001

"Still Thinking" on the Story Forum made an interesting discovery while taking to Muller on "Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage". It is generally believed that the Germans knew nothing about the crystals in the pyramid. If you ask Muller about the "Crystals" he'll reply:

I know nothing about the crystals.

However "Still Thinking" noted that if you use the words "Blue", "Yellow" or "Violet" you'll also get the response:

I know nothing about the crystals.

So it would appear that Muller DID know something about the crystals. Well that's Muller for you.

May 17, 2001

Another early version of Pathways Into Darkness shows up on eBay. The box shot shows the original full cover artwork so it's likely to be v1.1 (I doubt it's the very rare v1.0). Here's what you get:

(3) 800k disks
(1) Manual
(1) Manual Addendum and Release Notes

Want a piece of Pathways memorabilia? Just three days left in the auction.

May 15, 2001

As noted on the Forum by Alexander Strange <AlexJLS@aol.com> Ben Semmler's Torch (PID Map editor) page is down. I've added a copy of Torch 0.9.1 to PID page here (551K).

May 12, 2001

The Marathon's Story page has a forum which is also for Pathways Into Darkness. Got a question, an interesting tidbit, a theory... then post away.

Apr 19, 2001

Added a section about the Pathways Into Darkness Demo v2.0 including the recently discovered secret area.

Apr 18, 2001

Interesting to note that Pathways Into Darkness was mentioned in a Gamecenter feature on "our nuclear gaming obsession". Here's the text:

Pathways Into Darkness (Bungie Software)
Nukes for the Mac! Instead of hovering above Earth, this time the aliens have dug down deep, encasing themselves underground in order to hatch their evil little plot. But they weren't counting on you. The first first-person shooter for any platform, Pathways looks primitive by Quake standards, but still packs some punch. This classic Mac game has you infiltrating the alien anthill and leaving an explosive little present for our not-so-nice visitors. Now that's a party! (System 7.0)

I don't know about you but what would you expect to see on a page called "666.html"? Well check it out at http://computerunderground.mycomputer.com/files/Mac/666.html.

Apr 17, 2001

Dustin Westphal <bachus@killerrobots.com> and Johnathan Telin <telinj4615@clarkstate.cc.oh.us> both write concerning the Official Screenshots.

David Curry <CirclMastr@aol.com> writes:

In the description of the Copy of Mein Kampf, it says the player has a "lack of any knowledge of German whatsoever". With this in mind, how is it that we are able to talk to any of the dead German soldiers? It is possible that we can speak to the Cuban(?) soldiers since they were a later expedition and we might know Spanish, but what are the chances of German Nazis from the 1930's speaking fluent English?

Ah the benefits of the multpurpose Yellow Crystal. Not only does it allow us to talk to the dead but it also translates for us as well. To bad it can't read. ;-)

Apr 16, 2001

Going... going... gone! Andrew Nagy <removed0@hotmail.com> writes:

PID 1.0 on eBay!!


You lucky dawgs - if only I wasn't saving for a new PowerBook, I wouldn't even bother telling you about this!

Could this be a copy of the very rare Pathways Into Darkness v1.0? If you check the box shots on eBay you'll note that the back of the box is different from the standard box. One of the screenshots is different. The front of the box is also different. The full image of the marine in the jungle is displayed on the front. So Bungie must have changed the box design early on which is odd since they never changed the box design when v2.0 was released. The v2.0 box still displays the old screenshots without floor and ceiling textures.

Bidding on eBay began at $3 and ended at $20.50 so someone snapped up a rare piece of Pathways memorabilia. :-)

Apr 14, 2001

Mark Levin <haveblue@mac.com> notes eight inconsistencies with one of the Official Screenshots. But Wait!- That's Not All!

Apr 13, 2001

Some 14 days ago I asked the following questions.

On Bungie's new Pathways Into Darkness products page there are eight screenshots. Yet on their previous Pathways Into Darkness page they had nine screenshots.

Which screenshot was dropped?

What was odd about this missing screenshot?

Check the new Official Screenshots section for the answer to the first part. Now the second part shouldn't be too hard for Pathways afficionados. ;-)

Apr 7, 2001

Dustin Westphal <bachus@intersurf.com> makes this interesting observation:

Ever notice how the time increment for resting in the demo v1.0 was 10 minutes, but was changed to 7 minutes in the full game?

Ok so Bungie made the full game easier by dropping the resting time... but seven minutes!!! Coincidence or...? ;-)

Note that this only occurs in the demo v1.0 and not in the demo v2.0.

Apr 6, 2001

No right answers to the Pathways über-knowledge quiz yet. However Dustin Westphal <bachus@intersurf.com> makes an interesting observation about one of the current screenshots on Bungie's Pathways Into Darkness products page:

Slide 7 is called "witnesstotalcarnage.gif". As everyone should know, "Witness Total Carnage" was a level name from the demo. However, that is not a screenshot from that level. It's from one of the last levels in the full game, most likely "Don't Get Poisoned" or "Please Excuse Our Dust" based off the level architecture.

Yes indeed. And does anyone notice anything odd about some of the other screenshots on Bungie's Pathways Into Darkness products page? We'll be uncovering the tru7h about some of these official shots, the recently dropped shot, and some very old screenshots... soon. :-)

Activated a number of the links in the Inventory window (keep watching that space for more). Also added three new pieces:

IMG's Hints, Tips, & Tricks: Pathways Into Darkness (Oct '93)
IMG's Strategy & Tactics: Pathways Into Darkness (Nov '93)
IMG's Hints, Tips, & Tricks: Pathways Into Darkness (Sept '94)

These little gems are now preserved for posterity. Go relive the nostalgia. :-)

Mar 30, 2001

Test your Pathways über-knowledge. On Bungie's new Pathways Into Darkness products page there are eight screenshots. Yet on their previous Pathways Into Darkness page they had nine screenshots.

Which screenshot was dropped?

What was odd about this missing screenshot?

<Cue X-files music>

Bungie appear to have dropped their tech support page for Pathways Into Darkness. Never fear we've added it here.

Want to read the original press release for Pathways Into Darkness dating from 1993? You'll find it here. I bet Bungie don't even have this anymore. ;-)

Mar 29, 2001

I came across this interesting Pathways Into Darkness post from Ron Hunsinger on alt.games.marathon. Thought I'd reprint it here for posterity:

From: Ron Hunsinger (hnsngr@sirius.com)
Subject: Re: Some questions. 
Newsgroups: alt.games.marathon
Date: 2001-03-23 18:33:13 PST 

In article <3AB768E2.CB79377C@mac.com>, haveblue@mac.com wrote:

> Johannes Rydh wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > - I'm in the planning stage of a scenario where the player will often
> > return to previously visited levels.  Does the engine save info about
> > items/monsters etc on old levels, ie. will corpses remain or will all
> > monsters regenerate?  Even more importantly, will all items respawn?  If
> > information from earlier levels is stored, is it also stored in saved
> > games?
> No.
> > - Is it possible with the current or future versions of Aleph One, using
> > MML, Pfhortran or whatever it takes, to have some sort of tags or
> > variables global for the whole scenario, so that actions in one level
> > may have effects on another?  If not, that's a feature I would love to
> > see.
> Technically, anything is possible in the future, but in the present this
> is not possible.

It was also possible in the past. Have we already forgotten that Pathways
Into Darkness worked exactly this way?

Some of the pros:

    You could (and they did) develop a meaningful storyline that
    took into account the fact that you could revisit already
    explored levels. In fact, the story *required* that you revisit
    already explored levels.

    You can have a much more interesting monster/ammo balance. One
    of the things I enjoyed most about PiD was running out of ammo
    in the upper layers of the pyramid. You had all the Nazi soldiers
    telling you to conserve ammo, yet the game gave you more than you
    needed. Or at least appeared to. It was having to re-traverse levels
    that you had already stripped all the ammo from that made you suddenly
    wish you had been a little more fruga. (Why did I enjoy that? That's
    a topic for another thread.)

    The game can be much less linear. There are two paths through
    "Evil Undead Phantasms must die", not converging again until several
    levels later (when you find that your return path has to be along
    the other branch). Do you go the "Wrong Way" first, or though
    "Feel the Power". It can take a lot of exploring to figure out
    which is the correct path. Go the wrong way (i.e., not through
    "Wrong Way") like I did, and you may end up like I did - frantically
    replicating 6-bullet clips of P4 ammo (because I was down to 6 bullets
    before I found the Cedar Box) to fight off Nightmares and Shocking
    Spheres - before you finally acknowledge that you must have made a
    wrong turn somewhere.

    You can do something on one level (find a silver key) that changes
    the nature of a different level, so that revisited levels are
    different, even though they're the same as when you left them.

But the cons:

    A savefile has to save ALL of the levels you've visited, not just
    the one you saved on, making savefiles much larger. 20-40 times as
    large, depending on number of levels.

    Unless you do what PiD did, and save multiple positions in a single
    file. Levels that you haven't visited between two saves can't have
    changed, so they can share the same saved info. But the cost was that
    you could only have eight saved positions. You could expand that
    number, or even allow the user to save into a new file with empty
    savegame slots, at the cost of wasting disk space.

It was possible, and could be again, but there is a price. Still, disk is
cheap now. It might be worth re-examining this tradeoff.

-Ron Hunsinger

Mar 3, 2001

Matt Soell (Bungie Studios) clarifies what the term "Banshee" refers to in Halo. A flyer or hover bike? Matt replied:

The Banshee is the one that flies...the ones that stay low to the ground are Ghosts.

Feb 24, 2001

Matt Soell (Bungie Studios) posted his Halo update to HBO this week. In it Matt remarks:

The Banshee is back in the game.

A Pathways Into Darkness reference no doubt. :-)

Feb 3, 2001

I found another PID related stuff on the web. You're gonna love this one.

It's on the lego mindstroms site (http://mindstorms.lego.com/), on the "missions" section you can play among other things a PC-only web game: Robohunter: Temple of the Serpent. Here's the description:

Enter the Next Level of Web Games in this Amazing 3D Adventure!

You are part of Team Robohunter, a group of operatives trained in using robotics to accomplish missions where human agents have failed. Your new assignment: drop into the Yucatan jungle, infiltrate an ancient temple, and find a priceless treasure. Your only equipment: LEGO MINDSTORMS. Program special robots to solve puzzles and explore rich 3D environments in real time.

I don't have access to a PC (I use Mac on both my job and my home) but many other Bungie fans do. You should ask them to play this game to see how much it was influenced by Pathways.

Jan 30, 2001

The Bungie Store is back online... though the range of items on sale is presently limited. You can pick up copies of M2 and Infinity but not Marathon and more surprisingly no Marathon Trilogy Box Set. Looks like the TBS is set to become a rare collectors item. Got your Box Set? No copies of Pathways Into Darkness either... but in fairness this and the Marathon series are available on the Action Sack.

Jan 16, 2001

Graham Cull <gscull@swbell.net> writes concerning the blank strings in the PID resource fork:

I was looking through the PiD resources, and I noticed some strings had been left blank. This seemed inconsistent, because in some places, the blanks looked like separators, while in other cases, there were none and separate categories of items ran together. Here's the list (plus another oddity that nobody's seemed to notice...):

One string blank between the gas mask and the canvas bag.

Hold it. a LAW rocket? Sounds powerful enough to kill the purple burping barney...

Between the Lead Box and the vial: one string blank

One string blank between the vial and the Red Cloak

Another blank string between the Cloak and the nuke.

One string blank between the Sapphire and the Emerald.

Two blank strings between the Large Pearl and the (mysterious) Gold Mask.

One string is blank between the Orange and Violet crystals.

All the death dialogues are there, but there are blank strings between the item names in the same places as the blanks in their descriptions...

Two strings are blank in the monster names, between the Shocking Sphere and the Skitter, as well as one more between the Ghast and the Stalker.

There's also a blank string after the M-79 Grenade Launcher in the weapon list.

What also about Str# 2014 'That is incorrect, try again. / right. / left." ? It seems to serve no purpose in the game...

Jan 7, 2001

Andrew Nagy <removed0@hotmail.com> points out that there are in fact two copies of Pathways Into Darkness for sale on eBay. One can be found here and the other here. Interesting to note that Pathways Into Darkness is described as a "retro-classic".

Jan 5, 2001

Andrew Nagy <removed0@hotmail.com> writes:

There's a single boxed copy of Pathways into Darkness selling on eBay right now.

If you want a boxed copy as a collector's item now's you chance. :-)