Hints, Tips, & Tricks
Compiled by Sandy Kettenhofen and Tuncer Deniz

Pathways Into Darkness

  • There is an "Easter Egg" on "Happy Happy , Carnage Carnage that teleports you to the last level if you eat it. To get it , go to the southwest corner of "Happy Happy , Carnage Carnage" go along the wall till you go through the wall and when you go through the wall there will be a path go through the path until your in a narrow corridor with 3 teleporters but don't go in the teleporters. At the end of the narrow corridor there will be the "Easter Egg." Double Click it to eat it.

  • Before you eat it here's a tip: Go up to "The Labyrinth." At the southeast corner of that floor there's a ladder that goes down to a level that leads to "I'd Rather be Surfing." Go down the ladder to "I'd Rather Be Surfing." When you go down to the level go forward until you see a Sentinel sitting on the ground. Sentinels are immune to everything except the Green Crystal. Kill the Sentinel with the Green Crystal , then go forward until you see two doors , one on each side. Open those two doors. After you open them then it's alright to eat the "Easter Egg."

  • But after you kill the demon on the last level there will be the "Alien Gemstone." When you pick up the Gemstone it will start to suck your life away. To solve this problem you need the Lead Box. To get the Lead Box go to "Warning: Earthquake Zone." It will be there. But there lies "The Giant Purple Mutant Hellbeast" You can't kill him. Go around him to get the Lead Box. There will be a group of Ghasts (Earthquake causing monsters) but just shoot them. After you get the box then eat the "Easter Egg". Then when you beat the last level and get the Gemstone , just put it in the Lead Box and it won't suck your life away.

  • At the beginning of "Warning: Earthquake Zone" there will be green oozes. You can't kill them. But poison yourself with the Brown Potion. When your poisoned they will avoid you. On your way to "Warning: Earthquake Zone" you will come across a suffocation room with a dead body. To get past it put on the Red Cloak from "Happy Happy , Carnage Carnage" then rest till the doors open. Remember The "Alien Gemstone" is only chance of you getting out.

  • Remember to get the Nuclear Device and the Radio Beacon. The Radio Beacon is on the level "Need a Light?". And some guy named Steven changed the code for the Nuclear Device from "2870334" to "6580334''. - David Knauer via America Online

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