Hints, Tips, & Tricks
Compiled by Sandy Kettenhofen and Tuncer Deniz

Pathways Into Darkness
Tip: MOST important, probably easiest hint in the game: DODGE!!! It helps tremendously. Just keep dodging, and shooting. You don't get hit as often, don't have to rest, etc.

Hint: Use the knife against the headless and ghouls in the beginning of the game or whenever you encounter them. Try to preserve as much ammo as possible.

Tip: Bigger nightmares need SABOT AK-47 rounds.

Hint: Run backwards when possible. More times than not, if you're being chased by a lot of monsters, a lot of them will stop, so it's easier to deal with the few who follow.

Hint: Frag grenades are great, especially for killing ghasts. Just shoot somewhere near the middle when they're about medium distance from you. All die. Babak Gohari

Tip: Conserve your potions and crystals until you really need them (e.g., use your blue crystal on phantasms ONLY).

Hint: Monsters like skitters and ghasts will stop firing when you shoot them, so if you are surrounded, shoot each one once to prevent them from firing and repeat until they're dead.

Tip: When you're low on energy, retreat before you rest so that monsters coming from the unexplored regions ahead of you can't attack you while you're asleep.

Tip: You'll notice that resting goes in spurts; every 7 minutes you will get x amount of hit points back. So if you're getting 2 hit points back every 7 minutes you will have to rest 7 minutes even if you are down only 1 hit point. To save time, rest only when you are about to die (which can be risky), or just click the Stop button to stop resting before you are fully healed. Jeremy Condit via AOL

Hint: After you've found Muller, go back up to the main level and down through the other side. You won't have enough ammo to survive the labyrinth without going down the other side first.

Tip: Save your potions! On the lower levels, potions become very important. Test potions out after you've saved a game.

Hint: After you've gone down through "Feel the power" you'll wind up back in the labryinth. Make sure you explore BOTH down ladders first. Don't go down the ladder that looks like a spiral nerve cell in one of the down areas until you've cleaned out both sides first. You can't win if you do. You'll understand why in "Need a Light."

Hint: Explore the entire labryinth.

Hint: The red cloak has a single purpose. Hint: watch how fast time goes by. Don't wear it until the right moment comes (like in Muller's room).

Hint: The key to the last room is to move around, fire off the violet crystal and keep firing. If you run low on hit points, stop the action (~ key) and drink a blue potion. Make a lot of ammo a head of time. Use the grenade launcher on the tough groups of monsters. Again, stop the game to rest and figure a strategy out. Use AK-47 HE rounds on the monsters until the greater nightmares. Switch for the greater nightmares.

Tip: In the final room use one red potion on the phantasms and the greater nightmares to slow them down enough to recharge the violet crystal. Use violet on the oozes, venomous spiders, and greater nightmares.

Hint: If you don't have any blue potions left you're in trouble. DavidB367 via AOL

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