Strategy & Tactics: Pathways Into Darkness
by Tuncer Deniz

Spoiler Alert! The following information gives detailed hints and a walkthrough of Pathways Into Darkness. You know the rest . . . .

Top Ten Ways to Stay Alive in PID

1. Learn to dodge. You'll never win if you don't learn this fundamental technique.

2. Learn to shoot accurately. Try not to waste any ammo. The rule of thumb is to use your knife as much as possible, especially in the first levels of the game.

3. You can usually tell when you've fired your gun if you've hit or missed your target. Listen carefully to hear the hit sounds.

4. Monsters in PID shoot at different rates. Learn each of their individual firing patterns. After you learn each monster, you'll know when and how to dodge an incoming shot.

5. Learn how to "dodge and close." After a monster fires, dodge and close in, and then shoot. The closer you are to a monster, the less bullets you'll need.

6. Find the cedar box as soon as possible. Once you put ammo in the box, it will multiply your ammo.

7. Look under every object for hidden magazines. You'll be surprised where those Germans hid them. And talk to all the dead dudes. Ask them how they died, about Muller, and anything else that might give you clues.

8. Have the correct crystal charged and ready before entering certain areas. In the higher levels, you'll know which ones to use. Don't use crystals on the headless and other easy monsters.

9. If you're going down a long, narrow hallway and a monster attacks, try to back up and dodge left or right to miss the incoming shot.

10. If you hear a shot - MOVE! You can usually dodge the shot even though you don't know where it came from.

A Walk Through Pathways Into Darkness

The Pyramid

Ground Level
Pick up all the guns and ammo you can find. You have a choice of going to the Lock & Load or Never Stop Firing levels. Go through Never Stop Firing first, as here's where you'll find the very necessary Yellow Crystal.

Never Stop Firing
The objective on this level is to get the yellow crystal. To do this, you need to pull chains found on the top left and top right of the maze. This will open a door in the north-middle end of the maze, where you'll find the yellow crystal. Don't forget to pull both chains and don't use any of your ammo; use your knife.

Lock & Load
This level is pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Use your knife as much as possible.

They May Be Slow
On this level, you'll need to get the Blue Crystal. Talking to one of the dead German guys will reveal a hidden door where this crystal can be found. Try the word "people." The German guy will tell you tell you that the hidden door is in that room, to the right. Oh, and don't forget to get the ammo in the room with all the bones.

But They're Hungry
Having a hard time with the Phantasms? Try the Blue Crystal that you hopefully found on They May Be Slow to kill them. Using the Blue Crystal twice will get rid of the Phantasm. The rest is pretty much straightforward (that's what you think!).

Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!
Beginning with this level, things start to get a little tricky, especially when you go up the ladder. The best method to get by the evil dudes is to climb the ladder, kill as many bad guys as you can, and then go back down the ladder to rest. Do this until you've killed most of the nasties in the area.

This is the level you've saved up all your ammo for. The last part of this level is the really tough. Don't worry about the closing doors that close behind you. Once you've killed all the nasties, get the Alien Pipes and go back to the ground floor.

The Catacombs

Ground Floor (revisited)
Double-clicking on the Alien Pipes sounds the pipes and two doors open. You have two choices, to either go to Feel the Power or Wrong Way! Don't go to Feel the Power yet! Go west, kill the bad guys, and down to Wrong Way!

Wrong Way! & Welcome Tasty Primate
If you're having a hard time with the Ghouls in the room and have run out of ammo, try using your knife. As your health goes down, go back up the ladder in the middle of the room to ground floor and rest.

To open the silver doors, you'll need to find the silver key, which is on the next level, Welcome Tasty Primate. Once you find the silver key, get the Orange crystal in the center-south door. Check the center-west for other goodies.

We Can See In The Dark . . . Can You?
Can't get by those damn rats? Turn something in your inventory off. Don't forget to get the Bubbling Red Potion!

Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage
This is a tough one! Once you get to the room with all the dead Germans, nab their machines guns and ammo. When you step on the green ruin, the doors open up and a TON of monsters come out. To get by these guys, drink the red potion to slow them down before stepping on the ruin. Once you step on the ruin start shooting like crazy, use the orange crystal, and dodge left and right to avoid the incoming shots for the bad guys. After you get through that, pick up all objects.

By the way, there is a hidden room on this level that no one until now knows about. It's on the north wall, look for it!

The Labyrinth
Once you've finished Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage you'll probably be dangerously low on ammo. Your best bet is to go back down to the Ground Floor to Feel the Power, A Plague of Demons, and Beware of Low Flying Nightmares to get the Cedar Box. Now off you go, to Feel The Power.

Feel The Power
The best strategy here is to kill some bad buys, go up the ladder to Ground Floor and rest, then go back down and start killing again (boy, that didn't sound too nice, did it?). Try to save some of your ammo by using your knife.

A Plague Of Demons
When you start this level, you'll be attacked by invisible bad dudes. Run to the left to the dead man and take his Infrared Goggles and put them on. Now you'll be able to see the unseeable. Try to use your knife on the Wraiths.

Be careful when opening the only door on that level. A lot of Wraiths will come out, so be ready. After finishing off these bad guys, you'll find a room with the Cedar Box. Put ammo in the box to multiply your ammo. Wait a while for the magic to happen.

Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares
Can't open the gold door? Well, you can find it on Where Only Fools Dare Tread. Don't worry about it too much; it's not important. Find the ladder and go up to the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth (Revisited)
There are four exits in the labyrinth in the four corners of the maze. They are Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares (which you came from), Happy Carnage, Need A Light? and Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'intrate. Don't forget to get the violet crystal on this level.

Need a Light?
The best strategy in the wide hallways is to dodge left and right and shoot. Since the hallway is so wide, you'll have plenty of room to move back and forth to kill the bad guys without getting hurt. Once you've found the two American soldiers, get the radio beacons and ask them what the code is (the first three digits were changed to 658). Also, ask the second dead American about "Pathways." Little hidden joke from the author of the game.

Getting past the Big Blue monster is really tough. Use the Blue Crystal often, use your machine guns (HE cartridges if you have any), and back up while he moves forward. Try to dodge any of his incoming projectiles. Good luck!

Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'intrate
Can't get by the buddha dude? Go get the green crystal on Watch Your Step.

Watch Your Step
After you get the green crystal, kill the buddha guys. Don't forget to ask Greg about the bomb.

I'd Rather Be Surfing
In the suffocation room put on the Red Cloak. This will speed things up. Stand by the door and go to sleep. Wait and listen for the door to open.

Warning: Earthquake Zone
You can't kill the Green Oozes, but they'll avoid you if you drink a brown potion. This will poison yourself. After you get by these guys, use a blue potion to heal. Use the Violet Crystal and Frag Cartridges on the Ghasts. Don't forget to get the lead box!

Don't Get Poisoned!
To kill Greater Nightmares use armor piercing AK-47 SABOT rounds against them, the HE rounds won't hurt them. Get any blue potions and pale violet potions. SAVE THOSE BLUE POTIONS!

Please Excuse Our Dust
Use Ak-47 SABOT rounds on the Greater Nightmares.

Where Only Fools Dare Tread
In the teleporter maze, go to the left, then straight, then right, then backwards. Get ready to fire!

OK, Who Else Wants Some?
Start shooting like crazy! Use the green crystal on the Headlesses, Zombies, Ghouls and Oozes. Use the Violet crystal on the Phantasms. Finally, use the black crystal for the Greater Nightmares.

After you've killed the Greater Nightmares, kill the demon. Get the gemstone and put it in the lead box. After that set the bomb. Now what? Get the hell out!

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