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Apr 5, 2017

Pathways Into Darkness for OS X has been updated to Version 1.4

Mark Levin posted on the Story forum outlining the fixes, including:

Fixed crashes involving save slots with very long names.
Endgame sequence should now close itself out properly.
Dragging into nested containers no longer causes inventory loss.
Fixed issue that could derail conversation window.

If you already have PID installed then you will have got an update notification.
If you have not downloaded the game than I would highly recommended it. The
game is so close to the original look and feel from 1993 but on a modern Mac.

Mar 19, 2017

Well here is something I completely missed.

Thanks to xcalibur and Mark Levin on the Story forum for drawing attention to the
mispelling of Where Only Fools Dare Tread in version 2 of Pathways Into Darkness

In version 2 the level is called Where Only Fool Dare Tread. Thanks to Mark Levin for the

In version 1.1 the level is correctly called Where Only Fools Dare Tread. Thanks to xcalibur
for the screenhot

You can also see the mispelling in HB's Pathways Into Darkness Walkthrough which uses version 2.
So obvious when you see it now.

What is odd about this is how the level name got changed between 1.1 and 2.0.
Typically mistakes like this are corrected in later versions of a game not introduced.

Feb 23, 2017

"Data! Data! Data! I can't make bricks without clay."

xcalibur collates a ton of PID data in this Story forum post.
Monster stats, Weapon/Ammo stats, Health stats, Crystal stats, Miscellaneous stats...

And that all important question... what does the Gas Mask do? ;)

Feb 4, 2017

A speed run of Pathways Into Darkness?

Back in 2014, PerseusSpartacus in a Story forum post posed the question...

Has anyone ever considered doing a speed-run of Pathways into Darkness...?

Well as PIDers know... there is no running in PID... but I digress.

Now some 2 and half years on Zach Amador <zach.amador@gmail.com> has posted
a video of his speed run through PID. Finished in a very timely 1:52:56. No cheats used.

Zach goes on to say

This was something of a proof-of-concept so there are lots of obvious places for improvement,

So what is the fastest way through the game to reach any best ending?

xcalibur gives us his thoughts and points out...

Thinking through this, it seems that the designers did a good job of making
PiD very difficult to 'cheese' your way through.

Know a quicker route? That little known shortcut through you know where. Then let us know.

Sergeant Eddings's will thank you. ;)

Jan 26, 2017

xcalibur collates some info on damage values in this Story forum post

Jan 25, 2017

Pathways Into Darkness VR?

Oh yes.

Jan 24, 2017

Mark Levin explains do-not-disturb sectors on Ascension in this Story forum post.
He writes:

This question made me curious, so I checked the original implementation. The internal
constants have different names than Hopper chose, but it looks like the do-not-disturb
sectors have the effect of preventing monsters from activating if the player rests nearby.
Normally resting will trigger any monster within 8 sectors so it can run over and give you
a rude awakening, but monsters placed on a sector of that type will be skipped. The intent
on Ascension is probably to keep the monsters from bunching up around the door if you rest
in the room just before the pipes.