Ground Floor
The Pyramid, Elevation: 0m

General comments:

Welcome to the Ground Floor of the Pyramid (see map). You'll be returning to this level several times and on most occasions you'll be able to do something different. But for now look around. You'll find a Walther P4 Pistol and seven Walther P4 Magazines on this level giving you a total of 52 9mm Parabellum rounds. You'll need them later so don't waste any on the single Headless here. Use your knife.

There's a dead German soldier on this level. You'll remember that the manual mentions a German expedition to the pyramid in the late 1930s. Here's the quote:

The CIA has provided intelligence of a German expedition in the late 1930's. Apparently the Nazis were looking for a "secret weapon", but none of them ever returned from the pyramid. If only there were a way to talk to them...

Unfortunately you can't speak to this dead guy yet since you don't have the Yellow Crystal. Where could it be?

At the top left and right of the map are ladders going up. Which should you take? Left or right? The left ladder takes you to a level called "Lock & Load', the right ladder to 'Never Stop Firing'. If you take the wrong one you'll eventually die horribly and continue to do so until you realise that you should have taken the right one! So start out by taking the right ladder. ;-)

Items to find:

Walther P4 Pistol (you get 1 point for this).
Seven Walther P4 Magazines (one loaded in the pistol).
Copy of Mein Kampf.

Points to note:

The Official Hint Book talks about an obscured Walther P4 Magazine in the top left hand ladder room. Nothing really odd about obscured ammo in the game except this one happens to be in plain view.

Odd how a Walther P4 Magazine weighs the same full as it does empty (0.25kg).

Odd also is the fact that your Colt .45 Pistol contains an empty Colt .45 Magazine. The Manual does say:

The muzzle of your M-16 is bent just enough to render it useless, and the bag holding the spare clips for your Colt .45 is lost in the deep jungle underbrush. About the only things which didn't break were your flashlight and survival knife.

Ok so you lost your bag of spare Colt .45 clips but surely you would of had a full clip loaded in your Colt .45? Yet the clip is empty! So much for being prepared. Do you get the feeling that something is not quite right with this mission?

Monsters to kill:

Headless (only one... but don't worry they'll be more... lots more. ;-)

Decision to make:

You see a ladder going up. Ascending to Never Stop Firing.
You see a ladder going up. Ascending to Lock&Load. Hey! Didn't I tell you to take the 'right' ladder... sheesh.