The Pyramid, Elevation: 13.6m

General comments:

A small level (see map) but don't let that fool you. The level is designed as a spiral and as you move towards the centre things get tougher. At the centre are the Alien Pipes. If you examine them the Dialog box reveals:

This bizarre musical instrument reminds you vaguely of a book you once read while you were a child. You can't quite place it.

Is this the same musical instrument Muller brought from Germany? Remember what the Dead German on Ground Floor said:

Muller had some strange musical instrument
he brought from Germany. When he played it
on that rune in the middle of the floor, those
two locked doors opened.

He described it as follows:

I didn't see it for long, but it was bizarre
brass device covered with a green cloth.

The descriptions are similar. Yet the musical instrument on Ascension is described as "alien". If the pipes are the same how did Muller get hold of "alien" pipes before he came to the Pyramid? Who gave them to the Germans back in the '30s? Something odd is going on here!

Perhaps the Dead guy on this level will help us out.

Conversations with the Dead:

Read the Conversation with Joachim (top left of map).

Joachim is one of three people mentioned by Gunther on Lock&Load. Gunther said at the time:

Joachim and I were good friends, I hope he
made it out.

Good friends eh? If you ask Joachim about Gunther he won't acknowledge the name. So much for good friends. I guess this place has that effect on people.

Joachim reveals a little of Muller's mission and also provides the name of Muller's second in command, Friedrich.

But this is weird. Joachim mentions that after almost a day and seven deaths Muller realised he was going the wrong way? Why didn't Muller use the musical instrument when he first arrived. Why did he go all the way up to Ascension before returning to the Ground Floor and opening the doors?

And what happened to the missing body? If you ask Joachim about the seven deaths he replies:

Three of them were Claude, Hans and
Gunther ... I can't remember the other four,
or whether Behrens made it out or not.

Claude, Hans, Gunther and the other four make seven... but Joachim himself makes eight.

Didn't the Dead German on Ground Floor say:

All my friends are dead now. Seven above,
the rest below. Muller killed them all...

So how many died in the upper levels of the pyramid? Seven or eight?

Items to find:

Alien Pipes (three points + 56.0K)
Walther P4 Pistol
Eight Walther P4 Magazines (one loaded in the pistol).
Copy of Mein Kampf.

Points to note:

The monsters regenerate pretty quickly on Ascension so get off fast. Unless you've been very careful with your ammo you'll be running low at this stage.

Three points for the Alien Pipes. That's alot. One more point and you're health will increase by another two points.

There are seven full Walther P4 Magazines on this level. The eighth one has only three rounds left.

Monsters to kill:

Headless, Zombies and Phantasms.

Decisions to make:

You see a ladder going down. Descending to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die!.