Conversations with the Dead title

Joachim on Ascension (top left of map)

Joachim on Ascension

First meeting remark

What a miserable place to spend eternity.
Death is far worse than you can imagine.


My name is Joachim.


I crawled into this dead end after I was
wounded. While the others were fighting a
group of zombies, a headless creature found
me. After that, Muller turned back and left.

I let one of those phantasms get too close to
me. That was nearly the end.

Those invincible phantasms are finally what
convinced Muller we should turn back, I
think. There are at least three on this level,
you should turn back, too.


We met one zombie wearing blue, instead of
the usual red, and it raised it's arms and
made the ground shake like an earthquake.
Muller and Friedrich killed it quickly.

Friedrich was Muller's second. He survived
this far.


They're blind, weak monsters, but I couldn't
fight it off because I was hurt.


Muller only brought the expedition this far,
and then turned back. It took him almost a
day, with seven deaths, to realize we were
going the wrong way.

Muller was looking for something to help
Germany in the war, I don't know what it
was- he never told us anything.

Germany (or) war
Sometimes I wonder if the war even started,
or how it is going, or whether it's over.
Most of the time I don't care.


Three of them were Claude, Hans and
Gunther ... I can't remember the other four,
or whether Behrens made it out or not.

Claude (or) Hans
He died on a lower level.


I think Behrens made it out when the group
retreated, but I'm not sure.

wrong (or) way

Muller was an idiot. Even I could tell this
was the wrong way.


If only we'd had some grenades left ...

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

I don't understand.

Say that again?

Second meeting remark

Why are you back? Leave! get out before
they come back ...

Additional Notes

Joachim won't respond to the name Gunther? What's wrong with Gunther?

A blue Zombie that makes the ground shake like an earthquake? Nasty. But not on this level. Where did it go?

Sounds to me like the Germans used up all their grenades. Bummer! Interesting to note that the word grenades is the only external trigger here.