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Sept 4, 2005

Mentioned in a Story forum post... this little humoress tidbit.

The Red Velvet Bag
Posted By: Nova <aingeal_na_gealai@hotmail.com>
Date: 7/29/05 6:49 a.m.

My brother and I have always wondered that, surprisingly, nobody has ever mentioned how the Red Velvet Bag, being:

- red
- able to hold infinite amounts of stuff
- able to make weightless anything put inside

Resembles "suspiciously" to Santa's bag... :)

Check the full thread for some way out theories. Was Santa really at the pyramid. ;-)

Sept 1, 2005

In a Story forum post Forrest Cameranesi <forrest@bungie.org> makes an interesting discovery. Could this be the source of the Headless sounds? Here's the full post:

Source of Headless Sounds
Posted By: Forrest of B.org <forrest@bungie.org>
Date: 8/29/05 10:51 p.m.

I'm sure Bungie probably got the Headless screeches off of some stock sound CD as they did so many Marathon sounds, but I recently discovered entirely by chance what those sounds actually are.

Bird calls.

There's a type of sea bird in my area called the Snowy Plover, that's apparently an endangered species, but you can still go walking on the beach near their nesting grounds. The only other birds around there are brows pelicans and western gulls, and their calls are uninteresting and can be heard all over. But walking down along that beach the past couple of days, I kept hearing Headless screeches (the kind of sound they make when you shoot them). I traced the source of them to see if maybe someone was playing PiD on the beach, but no such luck... it's just bird calls! And since the only non-gull, non-pelican around there are the Snowy Plovers, it's gotta be them. Being endangered would explain why I've never heard them before I moved here.

I think that the Headless screeches may have received a bit of post-processing on top of the regular Plover calls, but they're so damned similar, the same exact pitch-shift for *both* of the headless screeches, that I'm sure the Headless sounds were taken from these Plovers.

May 13, 2005

Section 8 <kevinma@em-os.com> makes an interesting post on the Story forum regarding the similarity between the glass vial containing the essence of an imprisoned demon in Pathways Into Darkness and a Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics) creation from the 1970's. Here's the full post:

Comic-Booky related Evil-Force-In-A-Vial Thing

Posted By: Section 8 <kevinma@em-os.com>
Date: 5/12/05 12:19 a.m.

Seriously doubt this is the source, but, heck, maybe someone read Marvel comics? (Or
someone at Marvel played PiD?) The whole vial and pyramid thing rings a bell.

"Encyclopaedia Olympianna: The Dreaming Celestial" http://www.geocities.com/brenni_au/D.html#Dreamer

"Formerly named Tiamut, this Celestial's true name has been removed from all records.
He has been rumored by some to have created the Deviant Tantalus. He was once
golden in color, until he committed some crime, which resulted in the other members of
the 2nd Host turning "the Weapon" upon him, destroying him. This act was witnessed
by Valkin and Sigmar of the Polar Eternals, and the Celestials allowed them to take
possession of a vial, containing Tiamut's essence. Valkin constructed the Pyramid of the
Winds to contain both the Vial, and "the Weapon, and crafted a security program that
would notify his nephew Ikaris, should the Pyramid ever be breached. Tiamt's body, now
colored black, was placed beneath the mountains of California, unable to move, only
able to dream. He became known as both "the Black Celestial" and "the Dreaming
Celestial". The Deviants came to believe that the Celestial's crime was creating them,
and the priesthood developed an entire system of belief around him. Ghaur hoped to
challenge the might of the Celestials by obtaining the essence from the Vial, but
instead, the Dreamer took over Ghaur's actions, and tried to force him into freeing him
from his vault, but the Eternals and Avengers stopped him, and the essence was
re-sealed into the Vial. He recently began a war with Ashema for control of
Counter-Earth, and was defeated by Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic. In an alternate future,
the Dreamer awakened, and overloaded Galactus' powers so that he would devour the
universe, but the Fantastic Four tricked him into being devoured by Galactus himself.
-Eternals (v.1)#18, What If (v.1)#23, Eternals (v.2)#11-12, Silver Surfer Annual#2,
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Fantastic Four#339-340, Heroes Reborn: Ashema,
Fantastic Four (v.3)#25

Coincidence or... ?

May 7, 2005

The Muller mystery continues...

May 2, 2005

Muller time!... why talking to Muller can be dangerous to your health!

And on the Story forum the Nazis, the occult and the Thule Society and why did Jason Jones say that? The tru7h... is out there!

Apr 30, 2005

Muller's Mission... uncovering the tru7h... one lie at a time.

Apr 28, 2005

Lovecraft's "The Nameless City" and Pathways Into Darkness.

Check also Brent Thompson's submission back in May 20, 1999 about Lovecraft's "The Temple".

Apr 27, 2005

OK following repeated email threats and a large cash pay off we (The Committee) have finally activated the Muller's Mission link. We can't put it all up today due to copyright restrictions but check back... soon(TM).

Apr 25, 2005

The Muller's misson thread on the Story forum has raised some interesting speculation about the origin of the pyramid itself. Who built it? Is it a manifestation of the sleeping god's dream or was it built by the local natives? Vid Boi <sippan@macnytt.com> in a forum post offers this possibility:

Re: Muller's Mission?
Posted By: Vid Boi <sippan@macnytt.com>
Date: 4/24/05 6:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Muller's Mission? (Anger)

: Right so they built the teleporters too? The pyramid also goes two miles
: deep! The whole place reeks of alien conspiracy

Maybe the underground parts were there, created by the Dreaming God, and then
humans built a pyramid on top of that.

The interesting thing about this theory is that all the levels above ground have wooden (man made) ladders. But once you are below ground the ladders are at first crystal, then vine, and finally they become teleporters.

Apr 17, 2005

Well after some 12 years people are finally beginning to ask the question... what was Muller's mission? Nick hoad <nhoad@sunbeach.net> on the Story forum outlines some of the facts we know about Muller's misson to the pyramid. And why has the PID page been so silent on this issue? The last great conspiracy...

Mar 30, 2005

Thanks to DcBob for pointing out that you can download the full version of Pathways Into Darkness (v2.0) from the Macintosh Garden. You can find it listed here. It's a 2MB download.

According to the maintainer of the Macintosh Garden Pathways Into Darkness is is 'Abandonware' that is "commercial software that has been discontinued by the publisher and are not sold or supported anymore". Not sure how legal this is but they do say "If you are the publisher of a certain game on this site, and wish that it is removed, please email me and I will remove the game." Version 2 is the PowerPC version and the copy protection is disabled. The download comes with the manual.

Mar 29, 2005

Added the rare Inside Mac Games article The Making Of: Pathways Into Darkness from December 1993. Learn about the PID editor, the art of Colin Brent, and the events leading up to the Boston Macworld Expo in August 1993. Hey that's nearly 12 years ago!

Mar 28, 2005

Added the transcript of the AOL chat with Alex Seropian held on 27 August 1993. Pathways Into Darkness had just been released earlier that month and the chat offered an opportunity for those on AOL to ask questions about the game. In the transcript Alex is 'BungieSoft' and he doesn't give much away. Just a few tips, including mention of the Easter Egg. One or two of the more interesting questions he doesn't answer concern the PID editor and the origin of the company name.

In the chat you'll come across a remark by Willie 44. Remember this is August 1993.

Mar 27, 2005

Added the Inside Mac Games interview with Jason Jones from October 1993. In this you will find information on Minotaur 3D, rejected plot lines for Pathways Into Darkness, the difficulty issue, the speed issue, Pathways II, the upcoming Mosaic and a game in development called... Marathon. Go relive the nostalgia!

Mar 26, 2005

"I'm enjoying your exciting game and it puzzles my brains"


"Evil, wicked, addictive, nasty game from Hell. Do it again."

Just a few of the comments from the Pathways into Darkness Registration card comments.

Mar 25, 2005

Added Inside Mac Games Review of Pathways Into Darkness from September 1993. More nostalgia.

Mar 24, 2005

Added Inside Mac Games Sneak Peak of Pathways Into Darkness from June 1993. A little nostalgia. More to come. Including some details on the PID editor!

Mar 23, 2005

Because PID-related things seem to be disappearing off the internet at an accelerated rate I've updated the The Archive section over in the Inventory window (on your far right) to include the Pathway Into Darkness demos, Alain Roy's Pathways Into Cheating v1.0.1 and Richard Drysdall's ACE! 1.8.2. What happened to Alain Roy's Pathways Into Cheating v1.0 and why was it removed off the internet so quickly? Well that's a story for another day. ;-)

Mar 22, 2005

Well most of the off-site links are now dead. Most notably David Coufal's Pathways Into Darkness Home Page. This was the oldest PID page around. All gone now. I've deleted all the off-site links in the Inventory window and will add the files locally.

Feb 27, 2005

Back in November 2004 Lt Devon <devon@forerunners.org> posted news about a Pathways into Darkness inspired mod for Doom 3. Entitled Pathways Redux the mod was released on 26 Nov 2004. Doom 3, which is set in the ruins of an ancient Martian civilization, is expected to be released for the Macintosh in mid-March.