Wrong Way!: Reprise II
The Catacombs, Elevation: -2.4m

General comments:

Third time lucky. With the Silver Key you can open all the locked doors on this level. (see map). Watch out though... Nightmares! They're Everywhere!

Don't forget to pick up the Orange Crystal and the Clear Blue Potion.

Conversations with the Dead:

You can always talk to Behrens again.

Items to find:

Orange Crystal (2 points).
Clear Blue Potion.
Six Walther P4 Magazines.

Points to note:

This is the first time you find a Potion. The manual doesn't tell you anything about potions. An oversight? These are essential items for completing the game. So why not mention them in the manual? Where they added to the game after the manual was written?

So what does the Clear Blue Potion do? If you examine it you get this dialog box. Not much help really. If you drink it with full health its function will not be apparent to you. :-(

Odd why the Orange Crystal is called orange when it is in fact red. If you use the crystal to burn monsters they also turn red. So why is it called orange?

Monsters to kill:

Nightmares, Ghouls and Zombies.

Decision to make:

You see a crystal ladder going down. Descending to Welcome, Tasty Primate.